Thursday, July 5, 2007

Raquel Welch Sold House to Dr. 90210

SELLER: Raquel Welch
BUYERS: Robert and Hayley Rey
LOCATION: Hutton Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: around $4,500,000
SIZE: 6,217 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Today we have a special house to discuss which is located way up in the wilds of Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills. What makes this house special you might ask? Well, the property was both sold and purchased by folks who qualify as a certain type of celebrity. Back in 2005, Dr. 90210, Robert Rey, and his wife Hayley purchased this home from aging sex bomb Raquel Welch. Now babies, we know 2005 was a very long time ago, but we're going to discuss the house anyway. So if you don't want to read old news, go read something else.

Miz Raquel Welch rose to fame in the 1960s wearing a fur bikini, and then solidified her place in the lexicon of sex pot celebrity by having her photo snapped wearing revealing bathing suits, teeny bikinis, and, of course, her ability to twist herself into a pretzel.

Miz Welch, who in her youth won beauty pageant titles such as Miss Contour and Miss Fairest of the Fair, has spent the latter part of her career appearing on various television programs including 8 Simple Rules and Central Park West. The auburn tressed sex symbol also earns big bucks hawking wigs. BIG bucks.

Back in 1997, Miz Welch purchased this house from redneck comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Unfortunately the property records we are able to access do not indicate what Ms. Welch paid for the 6,217 square foot, 5 bedroom, and 5 bathroom house.

What is clear is that in mid 2005 Miz Welch put the house back on the market for $4,900,000. Then along came Dr. Robert Rey and his whiny wifey Hayley who purchased the property in October of 2005. Again, we can't confirm the exact price, but it appears they couple paid around $4,500,000 (Mister Big Time, can you help us with that?).

All you reality television fans know exactly who the good doctor and wifey Hayley are. What the rest of you should know is that Doctor Rey is a Brazilian born, publicity hungry Beverly Hills plastic surgeon with very thick arms who cuts people open and shoves saline bags into women's chest all in the service of building female self esteem. Yikes. Despite the perfectly round melons on her chest, stay at home mommy/wife Hayley is so skinny she makes pin thin Nicole Richie look downright fat.

The photos above show the house as it looked when Miz Welch had it on the market. Does it surprise anyone that the decor was high drama? There are really so many issues we could discuss with this house and decor, but in the interest of time and space, we're going to just choose two.

1. The umbrellas in the living room. Did the roof leak Raquel hunny? Were those to protect the beige sofas from water dripping on them? Didn't anyone every tell you that it's bad luck to open umbrellas indoors? Not to mention that it just looks silly.

2. The recliner in the master bedroom. We are quite sure the not so young Miz Welch needs a nice comfortable place to rest her weary bones, but a beige recliner? Seriously Miz Welch. We can live with the leopard print carpeting in the bedroom (and the living room), but we can not abide a beige recliner. Because it does not matter how weary your bones or significant your need for comfort, a beige recliner is never, ever acceptable. Ever.

We'll let the children take over and pick this place apart because Your Mama is plum tuckered out.


Anonymous said...

Golden Girls palace of interior design atrocities. That said. The kitchen doesn't need much to improve it. The rest, well, goes along with what I think of that t.v. plastic surgeon.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Dr. Rey's 'new' home used to belong to Raquel. Interesting. Those umbrellas are a hoot :)

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Dr Rey until today (and I think I'm okay with that). Ditto on the kitchen, the umbrellas, etc.

Some other points of interest...

1. $4.something million for a house with a dining room with no windows, except in adjacent rooms?

2. The front exterior looks like a mcmansion from Orange County. I thought Benedict Canyon had more personality. No trees in a canyon?

Anonymous said...

The umbrellas are used to diffuse
light...softening to the aging complexion of SOME folks.

Anonymous said...

You'd think Ms. Welch could afford something a little more high tech to diffuse her lighting than a living room only Mary Poppins would like.

Anonymous said...

1 million dollars kitchen? Yah right! Delinquent payments and eminent foreclosure is a future for Dr. Rey. DR. Rey had money to buy this house and no money for furniture. After 2 years all he could afford was just few pieces of furniture. Dr. Rey is obnoxious, phony, insolent and a clown. His Versace or whatever suits are second-hand and don’t match the Flea Market $1.00 necklaces he wears. His suits are too colorful and don’t fit well on him because he is very short in stature. About his suits been a cultural think, trust me, in Brazil even gays would be ashamed to dress like that. What’s up with that annoying scissor-spinning, highlighted hair plastered with AquaNet and ridiculous scrubs? His needs to be extremely enthusiastic about complementing women are a cover-up for his obviously gayness. His obsession with martial arts is explained by the fact that he has sex with his poor wife while fantasying about the guys he rubs his skin against on the martial arts performances. Hayley used to be more beautiful and had more meat on her body when they first met, now he suffers from anorexia, she is so unhappy all the time and she only cooks NoodleRoni for him. How many times did Hayley call him stupid during the episodes? Not enough times! That is all he deserves for been such a cold, narcissistic man and closet gay. There is no sexual sparks or any chemistry in they relationship. He treats her with disdain and indifference on front of the cameras. Lord only knows how he treats her off cameras. He forgets that if wasn’t for her parents to give him money to start he wouldn’t be nothing. Hayley’s mother hates him and doesn’t talk to him. Dr. Rey turns down patients with very minor medical problems and makes sure to tell his patients he has a team of 25 attorneys because he is afraid to do the same he did to his own brother. His own brother and sister sued Dr. Rey for malpractice because when giving his brother hair plugs he made him a paraplegic. According to the brother’s attorney, he is permanently disabled and unable to return to work as a storyboard artist in Hollywood. Didn’t Dr. Rey phrase so many times that his father hates him and after 20 years of not talking to him now is after his money? His father seemed to be living pretty well for what sounded like poor people and he didn’t ask for money. The poor old man looked so fragile and he was so happy to see his cold son. I doubted his father is such a monster like Dr. Rey claims. Now he is doing the same to his own kids. That makes him a monster too. He is an inept father, his little daughter Sidney doesn’t seem to like him very much. I was born in Sao Paulo city in Brazil, on the same barrio Lapa, from where Dr. Rey came from. The apartment Dr. Rey lived as a child is pretty decent, so why he has this need of saying he came from misery. He loves to play the victim. He never talks about his mother Avelina Reisdörfer who lives in USA, he never mentions her name, and I assume she hates him too. He does not show any appreciation for the missionaries who brought him to USA, I wonder if they have any communication with him. He makes negative and hateful comments about Americans and he wants to go back to Brazil when he is 65 years old. He is very Brazilian, he should go back now. I guarantee nobody would miss his phony smile. About him taking time out to do charities, my mom used to say “charity should start from your house front door to the inside, not from the front door to the outside world.” By the way, while doing his “charities” he was assisting the surgeons more than actually taking the lead and then robbing the honor from the other doctors. What an arrogant and narcissistic person! Dr. Sumner A. Slavin, the chief of plastic surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, said about Dr. Rey: "I've never seen a doctor flit around an operating room like he was part of an amateur dance troupe," "This behavior denigrates plastic surgeons and makes our profession look illegitimate." This doctor is a fraud: he is not Board Certified and he is not a Harvard Medical School graduate, like he claims and make sure to phrase all the time. Dr. Rey is a joke in the medical community and not respected and accepted by his peers. Don't waist your money buying his stupid shapwear. This is his line to sell it: "The way we make the stitches is the same way I sew in surgery it's the same way I make a little hour glass tummy from tummy tucks". Dr. Gay doesn't know how to do a tummy tuck, he isn't even allowed to do any face work or lipo just boobs which is the easiest procedure a surgeon can do. He thinks he is god's gift to medicine. He is a lousy doctor with really inflated gay ego, he is a charade! . Flexees brand products are much better. If you see his website, he changes it around all the time in case he gets sued for fraud and misrepresentation. I believe that the show Doctor 90210 on "E" is responsible for promoting a doctor like him as if he was reliable. I think underneath all that gay laughter, Dr. Rey is really a loner and miserable individual.

Anonymous said...

I don't even live in California, nor am I interested in real estate out there, but I came across this blog and want to thank "anonymous" for the Nov. 9th post! I've been saying that Dr. Rey is a fraud for so long! And that's just from watching him on TV. I can't believe more people don't know about his brother. Let's get this info out there!
Plus there is another guy on "Dr. 90210" who's not board certified either, Dr. David Matlock. Both Matlock & Rey are so inappropriate with their women patients, it makes me want to vomit! Now with all this Dr. Jan Adams backlash, I hope more people learn about all these creeps...and they lose their licenses.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Rey constantly complained that Dr. Rey was never home. So what does she do? Make him buy her a house that he'll have to work twice as hard to maintain. That means more time away from home, H! She has no grounds to keep on with those pouty whine-athons. Worse yet, their daughter can't speak without the whine factor. Then there's H's mother. Oy. Run, Dr. Rey run!

breast augmentation said...

those umbrellas are too much and that house is stunning. i guess the TV show really paid of for him in the end