Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Michael Jackson Has Left the Building

RENTER: Michael "White Lady" Jackson
LOCATION: S. Monte Christ Way, Las Vegas, NV
PRICE: $1,000,000 (reported)
SIZE: 16,461 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 7 full and 3 half bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Oh dear jeezis, hide the children because The White Lady is on the move again. After Michael Jackson's 2005 run in with the government, which resulted in a trial and acquittal over suspected child molestation charges, the one time King of Pop has been hot footing it about the globe looking for a place to call home.

In June 2005, The White Lady gathered up his three children, Paris, Prince I, and Prince II, and fled Neverland, his long time home/amusement park in the Santa Ynez Valley just north of Santa Barbara. Somewhat improbably, the family headed straight to the Middle East where it was reported they were hosted by Sheik Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, who happens to be the son of the King of Bahrain.

Then in June of 2006, The White Lady gathered up the children, put veils over their heads and decamped to County Cork, Ireland where they shacked up at Castlehyde, the lavish country home of kooky river dancer Michael Flatley.

The bogs of Ireland must not have agreed with the Jackson clan, because just six months later, in December of 2006, The White Lady once again gathered up the children and moved the family to scorching hot Las Vegas. The family leased a 16,461 square foot mansion on Monte Christo Way, about three miles due West of the famed Las Vegas Strip. Reports always say the house has 10 bedrooms, but property records indicate the house has 6 bedrooms. Your Mama has no idea why the difference.

It was reported that The White Lady was lured to Las Vegas by a friend, Sin City entrepreneur Jack Wishna, who hoped to engineer the return of "one of the greatest entertainers of all time." Some reports say The White Lady wanted to launch a big Las Vegas spectacle in the vein of Celine Dion's extravaganza. Apparently, there were also plans to introduce slot machines featuring his image. Now really, people, think about it. Who wants to sit their fat asses down in front of a slot machine covered in photos of Michael Jackson's worked over white lady face? Seriously, think about that.

Anyhoo, Raymone Bain, the long time PR princess for The White Lady, recently acknowledged to Norm Clarke, who writes the Vegas Confidential column for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, that Michael Jackson was in fact moving from the big house on Monte Christo Way. Miz Bain, always one to mince words, claimed the family was moving due to "concerns that security wasn't sufficient," that she was not aware of any plans to leave Sin City, and, surprisingly, insisted that Jackson had no plans to become a Las Vegas entertainer. Too bad, because as Your Mama sees it, that's really all that's left for the once relevant and talented, now broken down troubled singer/songwriter/dancer.

Whatever the case, Miz Bain stated that The White Lady and his family would be vacating the Monte Christo Way mansion before the 30th of June when his $1,000,000 lease expired.

That was last week. Where, oh where, has The White Lady gone?

Sources: The Las Vegas Review-Journal (via MKTKOP), Us Magazine, MSNBC, Vegas Popular,


Anonymous said...

Michael who?

Anonymous said...

"White Lady"

the new perfume from the M.Jackson collection ...

Anonymous said...

Dreadful is not a word that adequately describes that house. I'd leave it too, Michael!

Unknown said...

Monte Cristo Way!