Monday, July 9, 2007

From Fields, to Boozer, to Prince, to Weiner...

OWNER: Russ Weiner
LOCATION: Sierra Alta Way, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $8,600,00 (purchase price)
SIZE: 17,983 square feet, 10 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Celebrity estate! Gorgeous, gated hilltop villa up long private driveway, great indoor/outdoor flow for entertaining, stunning entry w/ sweeping staircase, walls of glass, breathtaking panoramic city to ocean views; limestone & marble, 30' ceiling in Liv. Rm.; huge master w/ projection screen + his & hers baths; elevator; excellent security features; ballroom/projection rm; indoor racquetball ct; champ n/s tennis court; pool & spa; 2-story 5 bed/4 bath guest house.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: After we discussed heiress Nicky Hilton's recent home purchase, there was a lot of email and chatter in the comments section about the large and vulgar house a couple doors down the street. So we thought we'd answer the cry for information about who owns this house and what happened when his highness The Purple One leased the placed back in late 2005. We were able to piece the story together and provide a few photos by the good graces of a couple of Your Mama's favorite tipsters, Mugsy Fairweather and Our Fairy Godmother in Bel Air.

The house sits just up from Sunset Boulevard and sprawls over three lots and 17,184 square feet of interior space with 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. We can only assume these numbers include the 5 bedroom and 4 bathroom guest house. Exuberantly designed with curved colonnades and intricate wrought iron balustrades, we think the house aims to be elegant in a new fangled sort of way. Of course, Your Mama thinks it's just a big tacky house that would make the perfect Los Angeles crash pad for the sexually ambiguous lion tamers Siegfried and Roy.

Alright then, let's start back in the year 2000 when Mister Ted Fields purchased the property in an all cash deal according to property records. Lucky Mister Fields, a very successful film and music producer, also happens to be an heir to the Marshall Field's department store fortune.

Although property records are unclear as to the date, the house was later sold to Carlos Boozer. All you sports fans know that the unfortunately named Mister Boozer gets paid big bucks to play professional basketball for the Utah Jazz, another unfortunately named entity. Anyhoo, sometime around September 2005, Mister Boozer leased the large and flamboyant house to high-heel wearing rock star Prince for a reported $70,000 per month.

Well don't you know that Prince, egomaniac that he his, went and made unauthorized alterations to the house that included painting the exterior of the house with purple stripes, one of those stoopid symbols The Little Purple One used as his name a few years back, and the numbers "3121," the name of the album he was releasing at the time.

But The Little Purple One did not stop there. Oh no. He had the carpet in a downstairs bedroom removed and replaced with black carpeting. Apparently, he also removed baseboards and cut a large hole in the wall, presumably to run water pipes to the beauty salon chairs he installed. Because you don't get to looking like Prince looks without a team of make up people, hair dressers, and a couple hours in one of those a beauty chairs that spins, tilts, and twirls.

You think that would be enough, but it was not. The Little Purple One also had the carpet in the master bedroom removed and replaced with purple monogrammed carpeting Your Mama presumes the new carpeting was monogrammed with that ree-dick-u-lus symbol.

Now babies, we do not need to hear from all your Prince fans who want to tell us that he used that symbol in order to get around using his name because of legal issues resulting from a dispute with his record company. We know the story. But a symbol? Please. Could he have chosen anything more pompous and irritating?

Carlos Boozer began legal proceeding over the alterations, but he and The Little Purple One came to terms before the courts were forced to deal with such tawdry celebrity nastiness. Shortly thereafter, his highness in high heels moved on and Mister Boozer sold the house.

In September of 2005, along came another unfortunately named gentleman named Russ Weiner, who along with being the son of right wing radio wing nut Michael Savage, is the creator of the Rockstar energy drink. See where all the money you spend on those silly energy drinks ends up? Mister Weiner, who is having some trouble unloading another of his Hollywood Hills houses, paid $8,600,000 for the house that includes an indoor racquetball court, gymnasium, an elevator, a monstrous ballroom/projection room, and more than half a dozen terlits that require a small army of maids and gallons of bleach to keep scrubbed and shiny.

Obviously this is not the sort of house about which Your Mama has very many kind things to say. So rather than squeal and scream for an hour about all the hideousness, we're simply going to recommend that Mister Weiner remember to put on a lotion with high SPF content so that he does not cook himself like a Thanksgiving turkey in that sky lit kitchen.

Sources: Mugsy Fairweather, Fairy Godmother in Bel Air, The Smoking Gun


Anonymous said...

you mispelled the word place (as "placed") in the opening paragraph.


Anonymous said...

Gawd Mama, you always make me laugh.. thankyou.

I don't see how anyone can really enjoy a house with spaces so cavernous it's impossible to create a single spot with even a smidgeon of intimacy to it.. you know, the kind of areas that make a house a home. Perhaps that's why so many of these resort hotels posing as houses change hands so often.

As for Prince, I'm incredulous that he'd take it upon himself to alter property he dosen't own like he did. He's lucky he wasn't renting from me because I would have had his sorry rock star arse thrown in jail for felony property destruction. I mean, that takes NERVE.

Anonymous said...

I guess Prince has so much money that he can't be contractually bound. Oh, the life of Riley.

Anonymous said...

This house is ridiculously excessive, but I do like the kitchen. Just cut off all the other wings.

Anonymous said...

I do like the third pic. down on the left..the living room, I guess. I think despite the size the seating area, fireplace and TREE in the background make an intimate gathering space. I do agree with Mama in regard to the kitchen. You shouldn't need to don shades to enter your own kitchen and while I'm sure the a/c bill is of no concern to these people, I'll bet that room is HOT, and not in a good way.