Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekend This and Thats

Your Mama's a little late to the rodeo on this one, but in case y'all missed it, details about porn purveyor Bob Guccione's old Manhattan townhouse–bought by hedge hog Phil Falcone and his wife Lisa Maria for $49,000,000–are starting to seep out of the limestone.

Among other ridiculously dee-luxe amenities, the Falcone's 25,000+ square foot double-wide townhouse mansion will have two elevators–one for the staff, natch–a swimming pool, and a press room. No puppies, that's not a room for on-site publicity peeps, but a room in the basement where Lurleen the Laundress will spend her days and nights ironing sheets and working the stains our of the Falcone's napkins and undergarments.

Another tidbit about the townhouse that Your Mama found inneresting, is that one of Missus Falcone's two dressing rooms will include a wet bar just in case the ladee of the house feels like getting drunk while getting dressed. Lo-urhd knew we do sometimes.

Brace yourselves butter beans because another "housewife" from The Real Housewives of New Jersey has hoisted her hideous home on the market.

Earlier this week a listing for too tan Teresa Giudice's church of conspicuous consumption popped up that showed her mansion listed at $3,999,999. Tee-tee subsequently tweeted that her mansion of marble is not for sale and the online listing has since vanished. Make of that what you will.

This time it's former stripper turned suburban soccer mom turned sex tape maker Danielle Staub. Miz Staub, a woman who comes off on her reality program as being about as stable as an earthquake, had her house on the market in the fall of 2009 for $1,495,000. It's now back on the market at with a hugely reduced asking price of $1,095,000.

Maybe Danielle and Tee-tee should consider going in together on an affordable two-family in Union City or something. Ugh.

The deal is reportedly done on property developer Mohamed Hadid's insanely ginormous Bel Air mansion Le Belvedere. However he's being a bit cagey on the final sale price of the 10 bedroom and 14 pooper property telling the L.A. Times only that the buyer paid between fifty and $72,000,000.

Transaction records have yet to clear but while peeping and poking around the public property records this morning, Your Mama unexpectedly turned up an unexplained name on some recent records, that of a man named Sarp Turanligil. A quick search on the interweb indicates there is a man named Sarp Turanligil who is the chairman of Divan Hotels, a Turkish hotel group.

Listen puppies, Your Mama is not sure if the Mister Turanligil shown on the property records is the same Mister Turanligil of Divan Hotels. We're also not sure if Mister Turnaligil's name showing up in the property/title records is some sort of error, if he was an investor in the property, loaned Mister Hadid money, or if perhaps he's the deep pocketed buyer.

Basically we don't know nuthin' other than that name now appears on the property records. Time will tell and we shall see.

UPDATE: Records show the house transferred for fifty million clams.

Although he may be living there all by his lonesome, the very contemporary Jupiter Island, FL home being built by bed hopping professional golfer Tiger Woods looks like it's nearing completion. Like his nearby neighbor Celine Dion's new Jupiter Island home/water park, Tiger's got two side by side swimming pools too.

Tiger's spread includes a 10,000 square foot main house and a 9,500 fitness facility that recent reports reveal will include an oxygen therapy room, whatever the hell that is.

Legendary country crooner–and plastic surgery victim–Kenny Rogers has hoisted two Georgia mansions on the market. One beast of a house in the Buckhead area of Atlanta previously carried and asking price of $7,950,000 and is now listed at $5,900,000, and another, a kind of Polynesian paradise sort of place located just outside of Athens, is listed at $3,200,000.

In other Hotlanta celebrity real estate news, actress/activist/fitness video maker/born again Christian Jane Fonda listed her Atlanta, GA loft condo a just over a month ago with an asking price of $4,500,000. Somebody must have hit her with the sensible stick because thanks to Georgia Justwantsyalltoknow Your Mama has learned that Miz Fonda Vadim Hayden Turner has slashed the price of her 4,700 square foot doo-plex by a whopping $2,000,000. The 3 bedroom and 3 pooper condo with it's bee-zar womb-like entrance hall is now listed at a far more reasonable $2,500,000.

Your Mama's west coast sources say that big, bad Barbarella has leased herself a dumpy 1 bedroom apartment in the star-studded Sierra Towers building in Los Angeles where her neighbors include other old-school divas such as Cher, Elton John and Joan Collins.


StPaulSnowman said...

Geez need a rhinestone-studded deerstalker! It is amazing how you ferreted out all that stuff on Hadid's hyperbolic hideaway. Please let us know what the actual price was.......I know you will find out.

Anonymous said...

After looking at the pics of Kenny Roger's house in Buckhead, no wonder it hasn't sold--at any price. OMG, it hideous--almost as bad as that pitiful plastic surgery job he had! If anyone is crazy enough to buy it, I'm sure they will be thrilled NOT to have to take the furniture!

Madam Pince said...

Mama, on the heels of your coverage of that water-parkish estate of Celine Dion comes news that not only does she have six wells supplying that hydro-beast, but her neighbors are tres furious with her because her poaching of the water table forced water restrictions on everyone else.

Kenny Rogers is a foolish bad man with no talent. I positively revel in his real estate foibles, not to mention that disastrous plastic surgery.

Viva! said...

About damn time that Fonda dropped the price on that hideous condo of hers.

Regarding her leased apartment in Sierra Towers: Diahann, Cher, Elton and Joan must have gleeful tea parties dissing La Fonda's "dumpy" digs.

[:{} avg joe said...

This is a very extremely painful slow death of the real estate market, at the rate we are going at, with the rich and famous still trying to make a profit or break even from their way to hasty real estate buys in 2003-2008 we may not see a real bottom until 2020 when real estate will have finally gone down to 1998 prices,

with that said we are heading for another 20% drop in prices in the next month or two, and this time there is no govt bailout in sight,

[:{} avg joe

Rosco Mare said...

Cher's enormous remodeled condo in the Sierra Tower is profiled in the current Architectural Digest. If Hanoi Jane's place is dumpy, Cher's unit certainly is not with its subdued, beautiful Asian interior that makes it look like an expensive vacation rental - a surprising look for the charasmatic Cher.

PS: I enjoy reading comments from fellow children StPaul Snowman, Madame Pince, Preppy Pauper and Carla Ridge that enhance the experience of Mama's GREAT blog.

Carla Ridge said...

why, mercy buckets, Rosco! I'll be looking out for comments studded with your horsey West Gate monicker from now on, too, sugar!

Jeannified said... sister, who resides in the wanky Buckhead area of Atlanta, showed me Kenny Rogers house the last time we were taking her girls to their private school down the street. I took that EXACT picture! I think the place is beautiful, with wonderful landscaping. I know Atlantan's like ostentation, though. ;-)

Madam Pince said...

Bless your heart, Rosco! Thanks for including me with some of Mama's most entertaining children.