Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Whitney Saves Her House

Babies, we're sorry to have to bust into our lovely San Francisco postings, but Your Mama wants to get all the children informed on some breaking news about recovering superstar Whitney Houston. Oh Lawhd children, we all know the troubles this woman has had over the last 10 years so we're just not going to go into all that stuff.

What Your Mama would like to discuss here is the much reported foreclosure on Whitney's New Jersey estate (pictured above from the air). The first thing all the children should know is Miss Whitney owed $1,235,961 and 71 cents in back taxes and mortgage payments on property in New Jersey. This amount can be verified by viewing the sales pages on the Morris County Sheriff's website.

However, according to a November 15th report, the property that was to be auctioned off to remedy this tax problem was not the actual estate, but rather an adjacent property. The adjacent property was scheduled to go to auction on the 4th of January, 2007. But is seems Miss Whitney (or perhaps a benefactor like Clive Davis?) settled the account with the tax man and the property will not be sold at auction. This can also be verified by having a look-see at the Morris County Sheriff's website where it is marked "Cancelled - Settlement."

It remains to be seen whether Miss Whitney will keep this mammoth, modern estate now that she's a single momma and spending most of her time getting her act together in Los Angeles. However, Your Mama predicts we will indeed see this property come to the market in the next 6 or 8 months. It costs a small king's ransom to maintain a property like this and no doubt Miss Whitney will want to put all that Bobby Brown business behind here by selling on this house of reality television horrors.

Anyone who knows Your Mama knows we never personally cared for Miss Whitney's brand of caterwauling, but that does not mean we ever took any glee in the possibility she was going to be tossed out on her keister. Even crazy singer ladies with issues need a place to call home. So congratulations Miss Whitney and Your Mama hopes you find some peace in 2007.

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