Wednesday, January 24, 2007

San Francisco, Open Your Golden Gates

Dear lovely readers,

Your Mama will be heading to San Francisco on Thursday to visit with our filthy minded friend Fiona Trambeau, the potty-mouthed Falsetta Knockers and her literary man-friend, the always lovely Miss Anne, and so on and so forth.

Your Mama's little bitches Linda and Beverly will be staying home with their daddy, the Dr. Cooter, who will no doubt have them sleeping up on the bed and misbehaving something awful by the time we get home.

Your Mama will be totally out of commission on Thursday, but plan on having something for the children again on Friday. So please now, don't turn your back on Your Mama just because we're taking a day off. Even Your Mama needs a day or two of rest sometimes.

We are signing off now to get to the 24 hourdruggist to pick up our prescription for the Valiums so we can fly in peace, or at least in a torpid haze. Bye now hunnies.

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