Monday, May 2, 2011

Your Mama Hears...

...that east coast bound Tinseltowner Jennifer Aniston is not buying two apartments in a white-glove pre-war building in the West Village as has been reported here, there and everywhere, but three.

According to a source Your Mama freely admits we do not know, Miss Aniston plans to purchased not only Sally Hershberger's itsy-bitsy but exquisite jewel box penthouse listed at a mind-altering $5,900,000 and the one bedroom and one bathroom apartment directly below that's listed at $1,800,000 but also the unit next door.

The third unit, owned by a Canadian gal, measures 850 square feet according to listing information and like the other two units includes just 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Records reflect that the apartment was purchased just one year ago for $1,650,000 and the apartment first showed up on the listing services in early April with an asking price of $2,100,000, a number that has since been slivered to $1,995,000.

The asking prices for the three units combined comes to a staggering $9,695,000. It's unlikely Miss Aniston will be paying that amount for all three units that measure up to under 2,500 square feet of interior space and include a wrap around terrace with multi-million dollar views. Even if her Real Estates and Business Managers manage a 20% discount on each of the three units she's still looking at shelling out nearly eight million clams for three apartments that could quite easily cost Miss Aniston another couple million more to combine, renovate and decorate.

The children should note that the listing for this third unit that we heard through the celebrity real estate grapevine that Miss Aniston is purchasing is still marked "active" so this is all just rumor and gossip at this point, children, rumor and gossip.


StPaulSnowman said...

With her assets, she could probably do better than to cobble together contiguous apartments. Those "composite apartments" that I have seen look somewhat contrived. Then again, if you want to be in NYC, I guess there are few options. I still lust after the Connely/Bettany gem in Brooklyn which she could have had for less than she spends on Nads and hair products.

luke220 said...

I hope she hires a different decorator for this one than she did the last.

Anonymous said...

Mama, several times you've referred to the Hershberger apartment as a "jewel box" of a space, but there is actually little evidence in the pictures that there is anything extraordinary about its design or finishes.

I have friends who live on a slightly lower floor in this building, facing south, and can confirm that the views of lower Manhattan are stunning.

In my experience, the people who can afford this type of outdoor space rarely are around to use it, but at least the terrace can be viewed from a good deal of the interior spaces.

Mama'sBoy said...

Mama! Hi! Just wanted to let you know I'm in every single day for an update or two and love every one! Thanks for what you do!