Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Mish Mash

The executor(s) of Dame Elizabeth Taylor's estate have reportedly heaved her house in Bel Air on the market with an asking price of $8,600,000. No official listing has hit the interweb but according to the Wall Street Journal Miz Taylor acquired the gated 1.2 acre estate and the approximately 7,000 square foot ranch-style house in 1981. It has previously been owned by Nancy Sinatra Sr.

The house has 5 bedrooms including a master lined with Dame Elizabeth's signature lavender, the color of her eyes, don'tcha know. The living room has a beamed ceiling and an office was fashioned from a former screening room.

The grounds include a swimming pool, koi pond, hothouse for growing orchids and a terraced English garden.

Your Mama suspects this house will be snatched up by a developer before it ever hits the open market, knocked down and replaced with something more than twice its since. Such is the residential real estate "progress" in the 90201 and 90077.

Joan Collins, the lacquered lady best known as Alexis Carrington on the 1980s evening soap story Dynasty, has put her New York City apartment on the market with an asking price of $2,895,000 with monthly maintenance of $2,914.

The 1,900 square foot combination spread at The Dorchester building on E. 57th Street has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, hardwood floors throughout and a lot of 1980s day-core that includes–horror or horrors–black mini blinds in the Barbie pink-colored den, a zebra-striped sofa and ottoman in the living room and–natch–a Blackamoor statue or two.

According to the New York Post Miz Collins had a going away party at the apartment attended by a bunch of old ladies like Arlene Dahl and a gaggle of gays that included Alan Cumming and Bravo's Andy Cohen.

According to the Daily Mail Victoria and David Beckham have leased an ocean front house in Malibu, CA to the monetary tune of more than $60,000 per month.

Listing information shows the newly built and boxy contemporary sits on 1.1 bluff-top acres, measures 10,180 square feet and includes a total of 7 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms divided between a main and guest house.

Glass panels open the house to the ocean view balconies, backyard terraces, a 50-foot long swimming pool, spa and shallow lawn the runs to the edge of the steep bluff that tumbles down to the sand.

Surely His Purple Majesty Prince has had his people pay the $368,382 past due mortgage
for a 20-ish acre spread he owns in Chanhassen, MN, outside of Minneapolis. Right?


Anonymous said...

Yikes, didn't take long to clear La Liz from Bel Air.

BTW, why the disparity in price between Liz and Zsa homes? Both are teardowns, Liz maybe less so than Zsa. They are mere moments apart on Nimes and BA Road. Why would one be listed at double the other?

Anonymous said...

I presume the Beckhams will be going back to the UK when his contract runs out? Having made no mark at all in the US, he'd be better off back where people think him important.

Anonymous said...

having made no mark at all? LOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

The Beckhams are nobodies in the US. Never in US tabloids but they still make front cover on UK rags.

All their pap pics are sold to the UK.

Hope they leave!

Suzy said...

$60K a MONTH for rent? Why?

Even if I had it, I wouldn't spend it like that. God, the moneywasting that goes on.

Anonymous said...

is the rental in the 'boo just a summer thing or is it year-round. If it's year-round, we may see the house in BH go up for sale shortly!

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

I hear this is the house the Beckham's leased.

lil' gay boy said...

High season in the 'Bu? Prices much in line with the Hamptons, where last year the record was broken when this property, not even oceanfront or view, rented for a cool $500K for just two weeks.

As for Vic & Becks? It's sweet for you to defend your mama & papa, hun, but the sad truth (for you) is in the US they are nobodies; one can go for days without seeing hide nor hair of them in the local media (mercifully) ––– just the turn of the old celebrity wheel.

That stick insect may be a fashion icon and "Becks" may look scrummy in his tighy-whiteys, but Bubba wants his NASCAR ––– ne ce pas?

Rosco Mare said...

LGB is right about the Beckhams. Except for the orange Bain de Soleil crowd at cafes on Sunset Plaza, and at two restaurants (Il Pastaio and Cafe Roma)on Canon Dr., and Tom Crooz, people in Beverly Hills really don't find the Beckhams that interesting, no matter how nice Becks is said to be. And why would they when so many local athletes, movie and TV stars can be seen around town every day?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that link above is the Beckham's rental. However, they are paying $158,000 a month.

More info:

Twinkle said...

The Beckhams are far from nobodies, but they are also not in the UK anymore where the celebrity scene isn't as big as in America. Over there they were big fish in a small pool, in America not so much. I doubt that they care though, since they're always saying they're not really into a whole bunch of attention on their part.