Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Mel Gibson and Lady Gaga Real Estate Madness

During the recent performances of her current Monster Ball Tour, international pop superstar Lady Gaga repeatedly claimed to hate money, a nervy, eye-rolling and deeply disingenuous sounding thing for a 20-something year old woman with a (reported and guesstimated) net worth of over a hundred million bucks to say.

Bitch, pleeze. Your Mama thinks you send a positive message out into the world, an admirable thing for sure. But, gurl, you better come on now. Just who do you think you're foolin' with this money hating shit? We don't begrudge you one dollar of your success but it is, after all, awfully easy to hate money when it's pouring into your pocketbook faster than your minimum wage assistant can count it and your financial worries are not how you're going to come up with the cash to keep the heat on but rather which $25,000 apartment should I rent and where should I buy vacation homes?

To be honest, pets, we're not sure which high-priced rental Miss Gaga settled on in New York City but last week we did discuss a juicy real estate rumor swirling around the waspy and breathtakingly beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts. According to recent reports from the island, the sassy sartorial daredevil is in the process of building a multi-million dollar contemporary residence on a bluff above the ocean and next door to former rom-com queen Meg Ryan. Your Mama imagines that Miz Ryan is thrilled with that news.

Anyhoo, we'll get back to Gaga but first let's switch gears over to hot-tempered actor/director Mel Gibson. The deeply religious but equally as troubled Mister Gibson has not only been much in the tabloids lately for his rather lurid and shocking behavior but he's also a fixture in the celebrity real estate gossip columns. Mister Gibson lives primarily in Malibu, CA where he owns a number of properties including a hillside compound formerly owned by David Duchovney and Téa Leoni. Mister Gibson also owns Lavender Hill Farm, the Gibson family homestead in the guard-gated Serra Retreat community, currently on the market with an asking price of $11,750,000.

Since at least 2007 Mister Gibson has owned property in the Central American country of Coast Rica when it was widely reported he dropped $25,800,000 on Hacienda Dorada, a 500-acre beach front spread on Playa Barrigona in the Costa Rican province of Guanacaste. The somewhat remote but luxurious farm became famous in 2008 when pop star Britney Spears spent some time frolicking in the ocean and riding ATVs on the beach while a slew of paparazzi photographed her every fart and belch.

In December 2010, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that Mister Gibson had listed his Costa Rican ranch with an asking price of $35,000,000. The ocean front property is reported to include a seven bedroom main house, two additional two-bedroom residences each with private pool and hundreds of acres of jungle. Interestingly and somewhat counter-intuitively the listing agent revealed to the Hollywood Reporter people that the reason Mister Gibson wants to get rid of Hacienda Dorada is because it's no longer private due to the scads of paparazzi who follow him there.

It was reported at the end of March 2011 that several of the buildings that comprise Mister Gibson's compound on Playa Barrigona were constructed without the proper permits. It's not clear to Your Mama if any or all of the (allegedly) unpermitted structures were built by Mister Gibson or if they were erected prior to his ownership of the property.

No listing for Mister Gibson's Hacienda Dorada appears on the interweb–at least not where we could find it–which, believe it or not, brings us back to Lady Gaga. Thanks to a trusted and funny informant we'll call Miss Concepción, we've learned that the local papers in Costa Rica have for months repeated and reported the real estate rumor running through the coastal community that Mister Gibson may have already sold his 500-acre farm to–you got it–Miss Money Hater herself, Lady Gaga.


It's all just rumor and gossip at this point, chickens, so we can't vouch for the veracity of the reports that go on to say that Miss Gaga is expected to visit Costa Rica to check it all out soon. Well, we would hope that iffin Miss Gaga really did buy–or even have any interest in–Mister Gibson's Costa Rican ranch that she had the good sense to at least get on down to Costa Rica and visit the damn property before signing on the dotted line.

Now then, what's all this nonsense about hating money Miss Gaga?


Cal Culver said...

Damn, gurl, you're on a roll today.

Ahh-nold, Gag Gag, Mel..... great dish. These people really live in an alterate universe.

angie said...

Now Mama, I'm SURE Lady GaGa is spending the money as fast as she can precisely because she hates it and wants to rid herself of it.

BTW, I'm considering a new career as a fact spinning publicist. How am I doing? :)

Suzy said...

There are few things more obnoxious than those who have complaining about having it.

Anonymous said...

How can 500 acres not be private? Are the paps in rowboats, snapping pix from the sea?

Lady J

Anonymous said...

In Spain where hundreds, maybe thousands, of Brits built houses on forbidden land without knowing it, local authorities often solved the problem by simply bulldozing the structures. Perhaps Mel wants to offload before the bulldozers arrive. Lady Gag should do due diligence before she leaps, for sure.