Monday, May 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor's Long Time Crib Officially Listed

Last week Your Mama briefly mentioned that recently deceased Dame Elizabeth Taylor's long-time Los Angeles mansion–in a particularly posh section of Bel Air–had been hoisted on the market with an asking price of $8,600,000.

At that time an interweb listing for the approximately 7,000 square foot two-story ranch was not available. Now it is.

Listing information for the 1.27 acre estate reveals that the gated driveway sweeps past a guard house–manned by Israeli security personnel according to an article in the June 2011 issue of Vanity Fair–to a stone-paved motor court where, in one of the listing photos, the late Miz Taylor's big ol' Maybach can be see parked in front of the front-facing garage.

Inside the large but architecturally modest mansion violet-eyed Miz Taylor lived in cozy but billionaire-style splendor surrounded by antique Aubusson rugs, a lifetime of showbiz memorabilia and a blue chip art collection that includes works by impressionist mac-daddies like Van Gogh, Modigliani, Pissarro and Manet. Miz Taylor's family–a hodgepodge quartet of children from three of her seven husbands, 10 grandchildren and a handful of great-grandchildren–oft gathered for holidays and family events at the sprawling manse that includes a living room with fireplace and beamed ceiling, dining room, and additional sitting room, a galley-style country kitchen and home office converted from what was once a screening room.

There are two family bedrooms with garden access on the main floor, plus a master suite and staff quarters. The second floor has two more smaller family bedrooms plus Miz Taylor's private boo-dwar, comprised of bedroom with sitting area wrapped in lavender fabric, a private bathroom and an adjacent dressing room/beauty salon where Miz Taylor's devoted cadre of mostly gay minions would do her up pretty for her increasingly rare public appearances and occasional trips to gay watering holes like The Abbey in West Hollywood.

The perfectly groomed grounds and terraced gardens include a sparkly mosaic tile-lined swimming pool, small greenhouse for orchid cultivation, rose gardens, more gardens filled with gardenias, lilies of the valley and birds of paradise, a koi pod with waterfall and a secret bamboo jungle.

listing photos: Teles Properties


Anonymous said...

Her relative real estate modesty, her good sense to stay put, and the general charm of the place does her memory proud. Might it be that she didn't need palaces and house hopping to bolster her ego?

TCD said...

Like many others, I took quite a few art appreciation classes in college, studying hundreds of paintings by the world's best artists.

Each of the paintings would have a signature line identifying the museum or owner by name. And way too often the best of the best would be owned by "anonymous".

I can still remember walking into Elizabeth's house for the first time and coming face to face with her Renoir, van Gogh, Rembrandt, Picasso, etc., and exclaiming "Oh, my god! You're ANONYMOUS!"

Perhaps the only time that was true...

Anonymous said...

TCD: what a lovely story.

The Aussie

Anonymous said...

What a lovely (and modest by Bel-Air standards) home on Nimes Road for the Dame Ms. Taylor, may she RIP.

I hope someone buys it and just makes the requisite updates instead of having a builder bulldoze it in favor of a 20,000 sq ft "tuscan" monstrocity.

Ditto for Zsa Zsa's house around the corner and up a little higher on Bel-Air Road.

Unknown said...

TCD: that is wonderful. What a treat and such a nice memory to carry with you.

Lovely house. The gardens are so mature and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The "real housewives" should take note...this is a beautiful example of class, style and glamour.

lil' gay boy said...

A theme:

From the home of a lovely human being, inside & out, whose career took off after National Velvet; her modest abode, filled with lovely velvet rope artworks; her iron fist in a velvet glove that made people sit up and take notice at the height of the AIDS epidemic (and whose foundation, AmFAR, funded the gene program that literally saved my BGD's life), we find ourselves arriving at the Velvet Mafia, who will surely hunt down & forcibly make-over any developer who dares defile this lovely home, which should be preserved as the historic property it is (despite the obvious impracticalities) –––

––– if the will permits, restore it, preserve it & dub it Lovely Velvet ––– beats having another NacManse on Nimes.

Anonymous said...

It is surprising that she didn't have a few flairful decorators around, but she prob just didn't care too much about it. Sort of a boring and lifeless house, probably like that on the inside too. A little ivy looks good on an english tudor, but ivy in general is a big mistake--see exhibit A, Ms. Taylor's home. It's invasive and takes OVER. Plus, it ruins trim and the exterior of houses--resist the urge!

Anyway, she liked her baubles, but it seems trophy houses wasn't her thing. She was really down to earth and "normal" for as rich and famous as she was.

Mama's black sheep in Weho,

Still on good behavior--I'll be home for the holidays!

Rosco Mare said...

TCD: Thanks for sharing your story.

Loved the woman, love the gardens and the relaxed elegance of the house's exterior. This is classic Bel Air. Haven't seen the interior, but I'd consider buying it if I could afford it.

I saw her once in person, from afar. I waved at her, she smiled, waved back, and a spell was cast.

Viva! said...

Modest, subtle, glamorous.

A bit of a contradiction, much like its legendary owner.

A beautiful home for a beautiful lady.

And yes, TCD, what a lovely story.

Footie said...

I agree with the sentiment that it's refreshing to see a house that's lived-in rather than some steroidal mock-mediterranean beast built up to the propert lines... however, this is almost too prosaic, especially the facade. The back is lovely with the pool and gardens but I would suggest a remodel in front, but keeping with the California ranch style -- but by all means NO BULLDOZERS!!!

marlee said...

Pretty home.

I wonder why there are no interior pictures in the official listing?


I want to know what happened to her gardner............ "having to go service the old trampoline"?? sad

elspeth said...

So perfect to have the garden and greenhouse, when even the California climate isn't enough, to bring all the flowers you want into your house whenever you want.

That's got to be the best way to live -- Over the top lovers, family, friends, jewels, art and great compassion in a realistic setting!

And thank you, TCD, for the story about someone i never imagined could be "Anonymous."

Charlotte NC Realtor said...

What a lovely home! A classic beauty just like it's former owner. She will definitely be missed!

Anonymous said...

Inside, a little:

Mrs Patrick Campbell said...

She is now burning in hell for the misery she helped cause through her efforts on the payroll of the "HIV/AID$" Inc. empire.