Thursday, July 26, 2007

UPDATE: Britney Spears

We know there is a lot of chatter and speculation about there that the famous and real estate fickle Britney Spears has purchased the Pacific Palisades house that was once owned by actor Ray Liotta (pictured above).

Well kids, Your Mama spoke with the rocket scientist listing agent for the house, and she kindly, sweetly, and thoughtfully informed Your Mama that there is "no deal" and the house is still 100% available. And you know what? We believe her.



smiley said...

you beat me too it mama.

the house is nasty anyways.

but the real question is:

Is there another word for synonym?


Phoenix said...

I believe you and your source Mama. I saw it being reported online that Britney bought the place and scratched my head but thought ok if you say so I guess. However, I think it's more likely that the site took a gamble thinking that she would buy it so they could lay claim to having the scoop. Thankyou for sharing your best information.

smiley, the closest I can come is 'equivalent word' :)

Anonymous said...

Palisades residents would drive her out - it's a pretty wholesome area - to wholesome for the piece of trash that is britney!

Anonymous said...

How does all this stuff get started about her taking baths and testing all the toilets and purchasing it in 40 minutes? And then according to this, she didn't buy it. I mean really...who makes all this crap up?

unknown... said...

i do!


Anonymous said...

Thank god she's not buying it.

Keep her AND Lindsey Lohan out of Palisades, please! We drive and shop in these streets, our kids drive and walk in these streets. We don't need this mess.