Friday, July 6, 2012

Carey and Cannon Get Their Hamptons On

WHO: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
WHAT: A rental house in the Hamptons
WHERE: North Haven, NY
HOW BIG: 7,500 square feet, 6 bedrooms 6.5 bathrooms
HOW MUCH: Beaucoup bucks

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: International mega-star Mariah Carey owns (at least) three multi-million dollar residences—in Los Angeles, the Bahamas and The Big Apple—but she's a long-time renter in the Hamptons, that traffic-choked but none-the-less drooled over sliver of sand at the far eastern end of New York's Long Island where the rich, the famous and those that hang with (and on to) the rich and famous flock in droves each summer to see and be seen on the casually dressed but relentlessly paced summertime social scene.

Miz Carey—whose admittedly impressive vocal acrobatics are completely lost on Your Mama—is blessed with bank accounts that seem to know no limits when it comes to livin' life high on the real estate hog. In summer 2008 Madame Butterfly (allegedly and reportedly) shelled out $125,000 for a one week stay at Stone Meadow Farm, a land-locked, 8-acre spread in East Hampton that offered the high-maintenance lady an 18,000 square foot main mansion with 10 bedrooms and 12.5 bathrooms plus two additional cottages to house her retinue of weave mistresses, toenail clippers, purse toters and angry-looking body guards.

The summer before that Mimi & Co. reportedly dropped around $350,000 to shack up for a month in retail clothing tycoon Tommy Hilfiger's 5 bedroom and 5.5 bathroom ocean front residence on East Hampton's much-coveted, astronomically expensive, and celebrity-lined Further Lane. Mister Hilfiger has since sold the property.

Some rather clever sleuthing by an informant we call Chatty Charlie indicates (but does not exactly prove) the multi-platinum Grammy winner, her variety show host husband Nick Cannon and their 1 year old twins have settled this summer into The Peninsula, a private, 1.9-acre bay front estate with 650-feet of water frontage in the wooded North Haven area of the Hamptons near Sag Harbor.*

*Mister Cannon tweeted several photos of himself lounging by the pool in what is, to anyone with eyeballs, quite obviously the back yard of The Peninsula property in North Haven.

The length and financial terms of their (alleged) Hamptons rental are unknown—at least to Your Mama—but listing information we juiced up out of the interweb reveals the swank spread was last listed for lease at $125,000 for just the month of July and $150,000 for the month of August (through Labor Day).

Remote-controlled gates open to a driveway that splits and s-curves up the front of the approximately 7,500 square foot cedar shingled mansion and swoops around to and attached, side entry 3-car garage luxuriously equipped with radiant heated floors. We don't know it to be but would any of the children be at all surprised to learn the garage was also air conditioned? No, of course not.

A double-height foyer and circular vestibule lead to the main living/entertaining areas that include a "formal" living room with French doors that allow for a sweeping view over the backyard, through the trees, and over the bay towards Shelter Island; a formal dining room (with big ol' butler's pantry); a den with built-in bookshelves, entertainment center, fireplace and more French doors; and a colossal, center island eat-in kitchen finished with miles of Shaker-style cabinetry (some with glass doors), acres of thick slab marble counter tops and the full complement of top-grade, commercial-style appliances. A shallow archway connects the family- and chef-friendly kitchen and breakfast area to a somewhat compact, window-lined family room with fireplace and even more French doors that open to the backyard.

There are 5 family/guest bedrooms, one on the main floor and four on the second. Each family/guest bedroom has a private pooper and two second floor suites have French doors that lead to private, water side terraces. The extensive, second floor master suite encompasses an entry vestibule, large bedroom with private water side terrace, separate, essentially octagonal sitting room with fireplace, and a walk-in closet the size of a small bedroom plus a separate dressing room. The attached bathroom is slathered in marble and mirrors and features dual sinks, giant jetted bathtub with water view, a cubby for the crappy (and bidet) and a separate multi-head (steam) shower.

The finished basement, according to one listing we perused, is outfitted with a movie theater, a wine cellar and—natch—staff quarters.

The back of the house opens to a Balinese resort-style complex with a massive, 60' x 30' negative edge swimming pool and party-sized spa flanked by a pair sunbathing decks that appear to float on the shimmering surface of the water. Photos tweeted (and captioned) by Mister Cannon show a very déclassé chain link fence was installed around the swimming pool and spa, presumably to keep the Carey-Cannon twins from crawling across the yard and falling into the water.

Although The Peninsula estate is just about entirely surrounded by water, there isn't any actual beach, at least not one that's easily accessible. There is, we note in aerial images available online, a gorgeous and secluded sandbar where (we imagine) nude sunbathing would hardly be noticed by anyone but only the most intrepid beach seekers would bother to tramp through the marshy woods that surround the landscaped areas immediately around the house, swim or boat across a slender creek, and traverse a scrubby dune to get there.

Should Mister and Missus Carey decide they really dig it, The Peninsula property is currently for sale with an asking price of $14,995,000, reduced from $16,900,000. Property records show The Peninsula is owned by a New York City-based real estate investor who also owns a trio of contiguous apartments in an architecturally festooned but dour, 35-foot wide townhouse supremely situated on East 78th Street just off Fifth Avenue and designed in 1900 by renowned high society architect C.P.H. Gilbert. The three third floor units were on the market until late May (2012) with an asking price of $8,750,000, reduced from its original $8,900,000 price tag.

Anyhoo, as mention at the outset, Miz Carey and Mister Cannon maintain (at least) three multi-million dollar residences: A fortified, hilltop mansion above Bel Air in Los Angeles, CA formerly owned by Farrah Fawcett and bought in 2009 for around $7,000,000; a titanic triplex penthouse in New York City's TriBeCa nabe opulently done up by Mario Buatta, a man who never met a chintz that didn't make him sweat with decorative desire; and an ocean front compound in the Bahamas scooped up sometime in 2008 for somewhere near $5,000,000.

listing photos: Corcoran and Prudential Douglas Elliman


Anonymous said...

Hey mama, just to let you know, $125,000 and $150,000 equals $275,000. So if the price is $375,000 total then it would be $225,000 for July and $150,000 for August or some similar variation that totals $375,000

Your Mama said...

Oh Jeezis, Mary and Queen Josephine! Thank you, hunny, for double-checking our maths. Call it the booze or just call it lazy editing or call it whatever you want. (We stupidly forgot to remove a section of that sentence.) Thanks again.

Anonymous said...


Do Tell all Knowing Mamma! What happened and what was the sales prices on the Wahba's Palais des Anges on Sunset Blvd that Joyce Rey's Website lists as recently sold? Have they decamped to their house on Green Acres?

Anonymous said...

ummmm...that photo of the floating sundecks with palm trees in the background look mysteriously similar to the pool area of the Sarojin resort in Khao Lak, Thailand. I recognized it immediately. Doesn't appear that this photo has anything to do with The Peninsula. Look at the photo gallery at

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1:51- i also noticed that right away. Oh a little gossip about mimis eleuthera house. She doesnt use it anymore, at all. Windermere island had only 25 homes on it when she bought her home. Then someone bought the entire north half of the island and subdivided into 50+ homesites, a luxury hotel that was never made and a yacht club. Needless to say the island is far from private these days..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home. I might be tempted to outlay that kind of cash if I had it to stay there.

This new comment moderation system is 10 times more retarded than the old one btw.

Anonymous said...

His mother is responsible for arranging the rape of the teenage daughters of Orange County.
I suspect he got an "early start" and there are numerous rapes of children under 14 in this case.
He was not an "innocent" young teenager.

Desert Donna said...

Not a fan, but I do have to give the girl (or financial planners) snaps for her common sense when it comes to real estate. Leasing is the new black it seems, and with good reason. And the properties she has purchased are well below her means.

Anonymous said...

I love these two together! I hope they make it!

Nice abode.

Anonymous said...

1:51 Strange, but you are so right. Someone is definitely "borrowing" pictures from the Thailand resort you linked.

Pool area is definitely the resort not the property leased/rented in the Hamptons by Miz Cary and Mr. Cannon.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mama
You forgot to mentioned Mariah has a house in Italian island of Capri.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Mariah also owns on the (as Mama would write it):

"Sooblime and eye-wateringly expensive Italian isle of Capri."

Anonymous said...

3:58 "STRANGE" more like Fraud and copyright violation if its true. Hope she LOL toured the place or had one of her grunts do it before signing on the dotted line.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mama, what we really need to see is David Koch's spread in the Hamptons. You know, where Romney had a fund raiser yesterday. Krugman has a wonderful quote from an unidentified lady who attended. She complained that her "nails ladies, kid" and other lowly menials didn't "get it" how the world works and thus might vote for Obama because Romney was not popular enough.

Anonymous said...

Here's the whole thing re the Koch affair:

A New York City donor a few cars back, who also would not give her name, said Romney needed to do a better job connecting. “I don’t think the common person is getting it,” she said from the passenger seat of a Range Rover stamped with East Hampton beach permits. “Nobody understands why Obama is hurting them.

“We’ve got the message,” she added. “But my college kid, the baby sitters, the nails ladies — everybody who’s got the right to vote — they don’t understand what’s going on. I just think if you’re lower income — one, you’re not as educated, two, they don’t understand how it works, they don’t understand how the systems work, they don’t understand the impact.”

Anonymous said...

I though I read America's got talent paid for this house for MC and nick cause the show moved from LA to NY. Howard even tried to get the filming done out east but obviously didn't work.

Heard that Mariah has a house in Capri also.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I'm surprised that someone known for being over-the-top and divalicious like Mariah has kept it so restrained with the real estate. Her NYC apartment is very nice, but not ridiculously huge. Same goes for her Bel Air home - it's big, but nothing close to a mega-mansion. Her Bahamas place is very restrained as well. Some of her other contemporaries - coughCelineDioncough - haven't been so wise when it comes to investments.

Anonymous said...

11:14 Because she (or her financial advisors) are wise.

Candy Spelling said...

Mariah, for all her childish antics, is an incredibly smart businesswoman. Years ago, she negotiated a hard-fought deal with her record label to get royalty rights for her albums. She personally earns more than three dollars for every one CD she sells... that's several times what almost all other music stars make. Even though I could care less for her music, I've always respected her in that sense.

Ruth Williams said...

The house is just fabulous. I wouldn't have know Mariah Carey lived in a house like that if it had not been for you though research. thank you "Your mama".

Anonymous said...

Her NYC apt is in excess of 10,000 square feet. That's pretty unheard of here.

Anonymous said...

Say what big house everywhere cause they have it on the styles condominium everywhere it's nice watch website it's pretty cool yeah

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think it's cool idea I mean cause u have lots of rooms yeah to enough to share so yeah why not drive way so that's bad at all well apartment I that's cool so not bad for a house so good idea