Monday, July 2, 2012

Gary Janetti (and Brad Goreski) List Lake Hollywood House

SELLERS: Gary Janetti (and Brad Goreski)
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $1,950,000
SIZE: 2,893 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: It's been a couple weeks ago now since sitcom writer/producer Gary Janetti put the very contemporary residence in Los Angeles, CA he owns and shares with celebrity stylist cum reality tee-vee star Brad Goreski on the market with an asking price of $1,950,000.

The often bow-tied and bespectacled Mister Goreski, reality tee-vee watchers well know, appeared for 3 or 4 seasons alongside his (then) boss and (former) b.f.f. Rachel Zoe on her eponymous reality program, The Rachel Zoe Project. For reasons we don't know (or care much) about Miz Zoe and Mister Goreski had an ugly parting of ways in 2009 or 2010 which led to fashion-obsessed Mister Goreski getting his own, also eponymous spin off show, It's a Brad Brad World.

Before Mister Janetti became known to the reality tee-vee program watching hoi polloi as Mister Goreski's sugar daddy—settle down girl, Your Mama just teasin' you—he earned four Emmy nominations as a writer and producer on the the super successful sitcom Will & Grace and the even more successful animated series franchise Family Guy.
Property records we peeped indicate Mister Janetti laid out $1,200,000 when he acquired the low-slung modern in January 2001. This was, we calculate, not long before he met young Mister Goreski while on vacay in Greece. How gay is that, right?

Anyhoo, current listing information shows the single-story residence sits on just over a quarter acre in the morning shadow of the Hollywood sign in a discrete and discreet and not-exactly-easy-to-access neighborhood nestled into a bowl, shaped valley just above Lake Hollywood.

The glassy, California ranch-like residence was originally built in 1965, redesigned in 1996 by progressive architect Michael Maltzan—the same modern-minded fella responsible for Mike Ovitz's fairly recently completed 28,000 square foot über-contemporary residence in Beverly Hills, and more recently given a work-over by London-born, L.A.-based and very accomplished lady-decorator Antonia Hutt.

The warm but sleek and minimal-minded house, bisected by a sky lit center entrance with concrete floor, measures in at 2,893 square feet, according to listing information, and contains a total of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

One of the 4 bedrooms, a tiny, cell-sized chamber with equally tiny and adjacent bathroom is tightly wedged between the front-facing two-car garage and wide, galley style eat-in kitchen just off the front entrance and expensively outfitted with custom, putty-colored cabinets and limestone counter tops described in Metropolitan Home as "rosy-hued."

Wide sliding panels slip into pockets between the kitchen and sky lit dining room that has wood floors, floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelves and plenty of space to accommodate a dining table that comfortably sits 8 and a high-gloss, black baby grand piano. The living room next door has eggplant colored concrete floors—a bold decorative maneuver Your Mama bets works better than the description alone would suggest, a wood-burning fireplace and two long walls lined sliding glass doors that look out on and casually knit the indoor living spaces with the backyard living areas.

The bedroom wing includes a small, bookshelf-lined study that's open to the rest of the house and two guest/family bedrooms that share a hall bathroom. The Misters Janetti and Goreski use one of the bedrooms as a tee-vee watching lounge. A short, sky lit corridor leads away from the guest bedroom(s) and into the wood-paneled master suite at the back of the house with large (but hardly huge) walk-in closet and private pooper outfitted with a floating, two-sink vanity, stall shower and egg-shaped free-standing soaking but set directly under a room-wide sky light.

The flat backyard, where the couple hosted their 10th anniversary party taped for and seen on It's A Brad, Brad World, isn't very big really but was well-organized to include a small swimming pool set close to the house and ringed by several terraces for lounging, dining, and sunbathing and a few grassy patches where the pooches can tinkle and squat.

Other notable folks with homes in the Lake Hollywood area include Around The World in 80 Plates host and chef Curtis Stone and his baby momma, actress Lindsay Price (Eastwick, Lipstick Jungle). Musician (and oddball architecture blogger) Moby lives just above Lake Hollywood in a quirky castle like compound on the Beachwood Canyon side and man-cave entertainer Adam Corolla's mansion sits privately on a perch above Lake Hollywood on the Hollywood Knolls side.

Last year Mister Goreski and Mister Janetti allowed the house to be photographed for Paper Magazine. Naturally, several of the photos showed Mister Goreski's over-stuff closet where his extensive (and expensive) collection of footwear included at least three pair of spiked Christian Louboutin loafers and at least three pair of those nonsensical wing tip/espadrille/creeper hybrid creations by Prada. The Prada hybrid shoe in question, in case you don't know and could give a shallow, rat's ass about such things, retails for $1,100 on the Prada website but—west coast bargain hunters take note—we recently found them available in limited supply in downtown Beverly Hills for $940 per pair.

That's right, butter beans, a thousand damn bucks for a clunky-ass pair of clown shoes. Trust, chickens, Your Mama knows of what we speak because not long ago, with our uncharacteristically sober b.f.f. Fiona Trambeau in tow, we stopped into the Prada shop on Rodeo Drive and tried on a pair of these Frankensteinian shoes and determined they are, bizarre as they are, the absolute bees knees or the king's sneakers or whatever. Alas, they are not in our current budget. Hello! We'd love it, of course, if Prada decided to ship us a complimentary pair (size 43, thank you), be we sorta doubt they're much concerned about our (unpaid and unsolicited) endorsement of their funky, chunky and wildly costly shoes.

Anyhoo, can y'all tell we're drunk on sunshine and gin?

listing photos: Crosby Doe Associates


DC Guy said...

Wow, those listing photos make the house look stripped and devoid of any personality! Where's all the gay fabulousness of Gary and Brad?

Anonymous said...

As Thumpers mom said in Bambi..If you cant say something nice..

GiltEdgeGirl said...

Love this house!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it, if you can't say something nice you're in the right place?

It's a cozy place, Mama. I love a piano that looks like someone might actually play it.

As for the sunshine and gin...oof. You and me, both.

Anonymous said...

Oh shut your pie hole DC Guy, that is a fabulous home!! Mama, are they upsizing, downsizing? What's the story??

DC Guy said...

My pie hole is just fine wide open the way it is, Anonymous (7-2, 7:52 pm). ;-P