Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Your Mama Also Hears...

...that one of Tinseltown's top talent agents is about to sell his conveniently located, two-lot estate in the flats of Beverly Hills to a writer/producer/director who fairly recently rocketed to Hollywood hotshot status with a soon-to-be-three film franchise that, do date, has worldwide box office receipts in excess of a billion dollars.

The property, just a couple painstakingly-manicured blocks from downtown Beverly Hills, was being shopped off-market, we're told, by one of Tinseltown's leading real estate ladies and we hear the deal will go down for around seventeen. We don't recommend anyone quote that number like it's the damn gospel though because it's just some real estate scuttlebutt that landed in our inbox thanks to Our Fairy Godmother in Beverly Hills.

The seller, powerful and uncommonly laid-back in the the sharp-elbowed professional water he swims, bought the multi-structure mini-compound in 2006 for $16,500,000. At that time the not-quite-an-acre estate had a fully restored and expanded 1926 Wallace Neff-designed main house with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms—or 8 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms, depending on where online one peeps—plus a large guest house, detached studio and separate pool cabana.

The various, (mostly) red tile-roofed structures set at the estate's edges are knitted together with a patchwork of broad terraces, boxwood-lined lawns and pathways, formal gardens and a long, gated driveway that runs along the side of the main house to the rear of the property.

Property records don't yet reflect a transfer but two long-time sources who both operate at the tippy-top of the Platinum Triangle real estate world both fingered the newly very rich filmmaker as the next owner of the seasoned and well-maintained estate.

We know this one's just gonna be interesting to Angelenos, but any guesses?


Candy Spelling said...

Mama darling, but of course! 619 Arden! Owned by our dear, sweet Sam Gores. Could the buyer be... Christopher Nolan?!

Oh, do tell me if I'm right!

Anonymous said...

This post brought to mind the late Ron Wilson's home, though I know it is a different home.Any update on Mr. Wilson's abode?

LA Degenerate said...


Isn't it true that you were a call girl aka Pro aka Prostitute before/while you snagged ugly Aaron Spelling?

It figures based on your decoration tastes.

Anonymous said...

Im guessing the director is from the hunger games trilogy so the buyer would be gary ross? and the seller hmmm candy could be right it probably is sam gores.

Anonymous said...

Todd Phillips?

Petra's said...

Todd Phillips sounds right to me. Mama?

Candy Spelling said...

Why Degenerate darling, how did you know? However, I was the Madame for our house of love, not a call girl, dearie me! As a matter of fact, that’s where I first met your mother. Such a dear lady! One of our very best performers, and nary a single complaint! Absolutely had one of the best mouths in the business – yes indeed, and I’ll swear it on Aaron’s grave! That wide-set jaw of hers was famous from Wichita to Waterloo!

All my best xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Todd Phillips ugly? I'd go down on that Disco stick in a minute. Great face, love the beard.

Anonymous said...

Confidential to Anonymous 9:00 p.m.,

I'm not familiar with Todd Phillips and will have to fire up Google. I agree that you said a horrible thing. I'm sure this was completely outside of your fine character, as I want to believe that you would not slip and describe someone else as an "ugly little (insert dominant U.S. religion here.)?"

Or perhaps I'm mistaken?

Most sincerely,
Rabbi Hedda LaTess

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sam Gores' house to me too. I don't know why he would sell unless he wants more land.

It looks like fun compound on a nice wide and flat street. Low key, quiet area when I walk by. Nice house. I always admire that place--one of the badddest compounds in the area, but you can't see too much from the street.

What more could you want?? I guess more! But look at Ellen and Jennifer Aniston, they do all that work to buy, fix up, and put together--then downsize and de-flate to a complarable shack.

I guess the Double D's get heavy after awhile and you have to get into something more managable and realistic.

Oh well good luck and happy bidding!

Mama's Black Sheep in Weho,
On good behavior and making an appearance. Mama, put the flags up for Memorial Day--at full mast too--so I know which one is yours! You gave me the street but not the address for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Mama-Lama, What about Joss Whedon. He must have Avengers Zills burning a whole in his purse. Hmmmm?

Anonymous said...

Joss Whedon? Since AVENGERS recently crossed the $1 billion mark...hmmmm

LA Degenerate said...

Thanks Candy, you answered my question. I tell ya, you and Victoria Principal sure knew how to come up in life. Although Vicki is a cold blooded B, that screwed her hubby over.

You on the other hand, ia just a B.

Anonymous said...

read the hint that mama gave "writer/producer/director who fairly recently rocketed to Hollywood hotshot status with a soon-to-be-three film franchise that, do date, has worldwide box office receipts in excess of a billion dollars".

A 3 film trilogy- so No on Joss Whedon, the Avengers is not a triology and he already has buffy and angel moolah.

So that leaves just 2- Gary Ross and Todd Phillips. Hunger games crushed the box office and Im sure Ross had some nice backend points and since he's not directing the sequel i'm not 100% convinced.

Phillips on the other hand has made tons of dough from the Hangover series, although part 2 sucked, he got around 10 million to direct + gross pts. So with Hangover 3 he should make the most money of the 3 films. So I can see him dropping that large sum on the house. IMO

Anonymous said...

It's Gary Ross.

First of all, Todd Phillips has the money. A few google searches tell you that he's made 100m from the Hangover movies thus far. $55 million just from the first one! (??)

But he bought a Malibu house from Ryan Kavanaugh on La Costa Beach, for about 8m and he lives there and in New York.

Gary Ross was shopping for a house as recently as 3 months ago.

Anonymous said...

Sam Gores house and selling to Gary Ross

Anonymous said...

I'd wager anything that Sam Gores is upsizing. Remember, his brothers both own massive monstrosities in Beverly Park and like a dozen other huge houses. Sam's place now is like a shack in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Gary Ross is only directing the first Hunger Games, not the whole trilogy. And it hasn't grossed more than $1 billion worldwide. Also, he doesn't seem nearly prolific enough to be able to throw down $17 million on a house.

Todd Phillips, on the other hand, made major bank on the hangover and its sequels, he doesn't have a place in the Platinum Triangle yet, and he's Jewish... all indicators in his favor to me.

FrenchGirl said...

Chris Nolan? writer/director/producer,soon-to-be-3 film franchise(Batman movies)

Anonymous said...

Christopher Nolan. Not the Hunger Games D-bag, loser you all wish it was.

Batman, folks. Hunger Games is not a Billion Dollar franchise.

Anonymous said...

to anon 1:13pm read the article

hunger games made 400 mill at us box office and close to 650 mill intl= 1.050 billion. next they are releasing a newer imax version for 67 theaters in china= billions more.

just saying.

to french girl- could be nolan but i though he preferred living across the pond and just commuting here for work.

Anonymous said...

Where did they get that number? Box office mojo (the most reliable site) has it at around $650M total. Wikipedia says the same.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi, I sincerely apologize! I meant no harm. I don't know what the average Catholic or Christian looks like, so I really can't help you there.

But just google Phillips and you'll see what I mean. He has that huge Jew nose and all and he's so ugggghhhhhhh. Speaking as a gay male, I just could never.

Anonymous said...

Why not Favreau? Ironman 3 is right around the corner.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is the back story: http://m.tmz.com/#Article/2013/10/28/sam-gores-jensen-buchanan-legal-separation