Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Afternoon Odds and Ends: Madonna


The New York Post squealed today that ever since January of this year (2012) pop star grande dame and voracious lady-cougar Madonna has secretly rented a 8,500 square foot mansion in the hoity-toity Hamptons enclave of Water Mill (NY).

Or not.

Since (and perhaps before) she divorced Guy Ritchie Madonna has on at least one occasion leased a lavish spread in the Hamptons.

Madge also owns a 30-acre Hamptons horse farm she bought from Kelly Klein in 2009 for five or so million bucks, a titanic, $32,000,000 triple-wide townhouse in Manhattan, and a French Country-style pile in Beverly Hills, CA Your Mama heard recently through the celebrity gossip grapevine is quietly available for touring by qualified buyers with $28,000,000.


Carla Ridge said...

Note to the NY POST: We don't need a picture of Madonna, if the story is about the fabulous house she's renting. We know what she looks like; post a picture of the HOUSE. Isn't there one from a real estate ad or listing somewhere?

Anonymous said...

I know Madonna has anything she wants that money can buy, but she sure doesn't come across as a very content or happy person. Maybe as she gets "younger" she will.

Not much interested in seeing the house now in Water Mill. She probably won't set foot back there now anyway.