Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Odds and Ends: Ryan Seacrest

Fastidiously groomed radio DJ, American Idol host, reality tee-vee super-producer Ryan Seacrest—he's the man responsible for the frightening and frightfully successful Kardashian franchise—Ryan Seacrest had his Los Angeles, CA mansion photographed for the glossy pages of the January 2008 issue of Architectural Digest.

Almost two years later in October 2010, the 8,172 square foot Spanish-style pile nestled privately near the top of Nichols Canyon and dubbed by the rich and powerful Hollywood honcho as Casa di Pace—that's 'House of Peace' in Spanish or I-talian or something, dontcha know?—popped up on the open market with an asking price of $14,950,000. Despite at least one price drop the star-style property in the Hollywood Hills has languished.

A week or so ago, as noted by the folks at Zillow, Mister Seacrest re-listed the just-over-an-acre estate with a new, improved and much lower asking price of $11,985,000. A few quick flicks of the well-worn beads on Your Mama's bejeweled abacus shows that's just $485,000 more than the $11,500,000 he paid for the place in April 2006 when he bought it from two-time Oscar winner Kevin Costner.

Considering the considerable carrying costs and no-doubt balloon-like renovation and redecoration expenses, not to mention the real estate fees that could easily run into the hundreds of thousands, it appears to Your Mama that even if Mister Seacrest's Real Estate—unquestionably one of the most successful in Los Angeles—manages to pull in a full price sale he still stands to lose a pretty-pretty penny on the property, a pain and suffering Your Mama imagines just might be at least somewhat mitigated for Mister S. by an annual income that reportedly exceeds $55,000,000.

Current listing information shows the fully renovated, two-story, multi-winged canyon and city view mansion—all decked out by decorator Jeff Andrews—has 6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, a rotunda entry, formal living and dining rooms and—natch—a screening room.

The gated grounds, no doubt fortified with the most advanced security technologies, encompass a circular motor court, well-tended gardens, detached guest house, numerous balconies and terraces, a lap-length swimming pool set into a flat, grassy terrace, and a lighted tennis court set directly but well below the residence.

Although still reeling with a vicious hangover from dinner last night with gal pal A. Stickpot, we still had the presence of mind this morning to give our our always well-informed acquaintance Shirley Icantellya a ringy-dingy to see if she had any dish on Mister Seacrest's real estate plans. She told us word on the celebrity real estate street is Mister Seacrest fancies a move to the hoity-toity streets of Bel Air where he's been peeping posh properties priced "up to $35,000,000."

How y'all like them real estate apples?

aerial photo (top): Pacific Coast News
exterior photos (bottom): Westside Estate Agency


Candy Spelling said...

The house is all right - if you're into that style - and the property seems very private, but the reality is that the location is not ideal. Whoever buys this pile is going to be surrounded by homes that cost a fraction of what this one is worth.

And Mrs. Seacrest thinking she can get more than what she (over)paid in 2006 is pure fantasy! There will be no knight in shining armor ala Petra to save him from this real estate calamity! Ya heard it from your ol' girl Candy.

Anonymous said...

"Casa di Pace" means something (house of peace, for instance)in the language of the ancestors of those folks from Jersey Shore. (That's what Madonna told me, I wouldn't retort Mamma);)

Anonymous said...

perhaps Casa de Paz ? ( Paz spanish for Peace )
all this because of a sex tape and putting said sex performer on tv

Anonymous said...

Like this rich Princess needs to sell to buy?? Mama..dig deeper please. Something is in escrow..

Anonymous said...

Paz... Sex... Casa de Paz de la Huerta??? Peace from the Grove is a galpal of Jenny from the Block (I think I saw the news on House&Garden magazine).

Don Juan's Wreckless Daughter said...

$116,682.09 a year in property taxes?


Ann Romey Stay at Home Mom said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bel Air. And lower Bel Air is close to the Strip and BH.

stolidog said...

You forgot to mention the in-house dungeon.

Anonymous said...


I think the dungeon is probably accounted for and this is probably the LA house with the Barbie Doll vault that Mama mentioned earlier in the week. Wondering, do they make BDSM gear for Ken?

Anonymous said...

I've been in this house, at a screening for a tv premiere, about 4 years ago.

It's really nice. Has a cool screening room downstairs.

Nice views and outdoor patio.

There's a huge gate to enter from street. If I had to criticize something, it's pretty close to neighbors and you need to drive a bit to get to anything---curvy road.

He can certainly afford to unload at a loss.

Land Auction said...

Dam that house is sick ass hell, Ryan Seacrest is such a pimp. Hes gonna get a lot of woman with that casa.

Petra's Poopy Plumber said...

1. He's selling it
2. I don't think that's the way he butters his bread... if you take my meaning. ;)

nursedeb said...

yeah I don't think mrs is worried about appealing to us
thinks it's the other side of the aisle....but I don't care for this house. don't like the style(not that I could EVER afford such) and like several others have privacy really, and not near much.

Kim said...

I know he is famous for a huge salary, but please tell me and Kroy just what this guy's talent is. I suspect his only talent is the cultivation of celebrity. Can he tap dance, do magic, tell a joke?