Saturday, February 16, 2008

More Mish Mash

Not to worry children, Your Mama will be back to our normal posting routine soon enough, but we keep getting all these small items in our inbox and on our voicemail that we think are interesting enough to merit another day of mish mash. Don't like it? Too bad. Suck it up. We don't want to hear about it neither because we are in no mood to listen to the children whimper and whine.
Looks like Dan Aykroyd and his wifey Donna Dixon are looking to leave La-la Land entirely. Just last week the couple sold their allegedly haunted house on Woodrow Wilson Drive to dee-voon actress Beverly D'Angelo for $3,800,000, and with an assist by The Property Pimp, Your Mama has learned that Mister Aykroyd has listed another Los Angeles property for sale with an asking price of $2,595,000 (pictured above). Mister Aykroyd has long owned the West Hollywood property with his younger brother, the actor and psychic researcher Peter Aykroyd.

According to property records, Messrs. Aykroyd laid out $732,500 in December of 1987 to purchase the imposing 4,176 square foot house with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms that occupies the high point of a triangular shaped lot on Selma Avenue in the foothills of the Hollywood Hills.

Listing information reveals that the house was built in 1922, has two fireplaces (living room and master bedroom), a grand staircase, a formal dining room with walls covered in murals, a smoking lounge (who the hell is fool enough to smoke anymore?), and that each of the upstairs bedrooms have access to a terrace. While there is no swimming pool or guest house, listing information indicates there is room for each.

According to multiple reports, the home was at various times occupied by one or other of the brothers, and there have long been rumors that this house was the base of operations for the Aykroyd sibs intense and long standing fascination with parapsychology and the paranormal.

Records reveal the Aykroyd/Dixon clan also own a spread on Martha's Vineyard, they are rumored to own a big house by a lake in Ontario, Canada, and the couple are also trying to unload their triplex condominium on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for $7,000,000.

The children will recall that in the Spring of 2007, not long after coughing up $30,500,305 to purchase a humongous house on Calle Vista Drive in Bev Hills, religious zealot Tom Crooz, the smartly coiffured but disturbingly blank eyed Missus Crooz and their cute little offspring Suri moved out of the leased Crooz compound on N. Alpine Drive where they were rumored to have shacked up with various family members, staff, and "minders."

Once the impeccably groomed odd couple vacated the premises, the owner of the property put the nearly 3-acre estate out for lease with a blistering $100,000 per month asking price. The real estate rumor is that moody Oscar winning Aussie actor Russell Crowe has recently moved his burgeoning family into the well located and super secured property. The couple is said to be leasing short term only.

Your Mama also hears that even though their new digs were recently renovated by its previous owner (celebrity real estate agent Kurt Rappaport), the kooky Crooz couple are none the less doing a fair amount of work on their new mansion. Perhaps they are creating his and her bedroom suites? Because according to old reports in the gossip glossies, Mister Crooz reportedly snores so loudly that in order to get a good nights rest, young Missus Crooz has to sleep in her own bedroom in a separate wing of the house. A separate wing? Chew on that one for a while.

We hear from a lovely ladee named Leticia Lipsmacker that even though singer/songwriter Michelle Branch and her gee-tar pickin' huz-band Teddy Landau recently sold their big casa in Calabasas and just bought a modest house in the swanky Belle Meade neighborhood of Nashville, they are already back in Calee-for-nigh-ay looking for another Calabasas crib.

We continue to receive more gossip and information about the $22,500,000 Holmby Hills house that BenJen or AffNer (or whatever they're called) are rumored and reported to have purchased. One of Your Mama's more reliable and better looking sources whom we'll call Mister Sunshine tells us that the a-list couple are indeed in contract to purchase the 15,000 square foot, 7 bedroom and 12 bathroom mansion. Your Mama hopes these two can tolerate live in staff, because to maintain a house of this magnitude they're going to need at least one gurl to dust and another one to scrub all them terlits. And that's not even taking into account the nannies, the landscapers, the window washers, the hopefully pulchritudinous pool people, the private chef (who has time to cook when trying to manage a large household?), and that kinda creepy dude who will come to your mansion and detail your car each week for a princely sum.


Anonymous said...

Like I said 1987-1988 prices are more affordable to get a 750k house cash you have to make 1.5MM for the year (IRS, State taxes) or make 20k a month to comfortably make payments.

Of course a few years ago with an interest only subprime loan (get it ? sub prime ?) you could get a million dollar property with a payment of $1300 a month and only have to make 5k a month to make a payment comfortably.
Maybe if they had set the reset rates ahead 15 to 20 years then real estate would continue to skyrocket !!

Well I hope prices in this market do reset back to 1987 1988 prices because I only make 7k a month and I am ready to buy but I I want a nice estate that is selling for 4 MM for 750k in the hollywood hills, not a
shack or a condo in hollywood that is the sixe of a matchbox !!!

Anonymous said...

excuse me I can only afford a 300k place with my income but still if it was 1988 prices I could get a nice house or a condo for 300k.

Anonymous said...

Av. Joe...With all due respect, but I don't think you don't know what you're talking about. Prices are highly unlikely to reset to 1988 prices. And if they do, you certainly won't have a job making $7,000 a month to afford that $300k condo of your dreams. So, be careful what you wish for.

I for one love the mish mash.

How do Garner and Affleck have that much money? Seriously, how?

Anonymous said...

they are both mega stars commanding upwards of 10MM each, they have numerous films out that Ben is a producer on, they together make I would guess over 20 MM a year, maybe 50 MM ?

Anonymous said...

that is will all of the profits, royalties, upfront money from movies and TV shows.....

Ben gets over 10 MM a picture and I think his wife is up there as well

Anonymous said...

I am a terrible typist, I mean "that is with"

I with I could edit right after I comment....

oh well...

Anonymous said...

That Selma place is possibly a bit too close to the tangle of commuter traffic on Laurel Canyon, but the lot/siting/house are supercool, and the asking price seems really reasonable...maybe it's in rough shape? Or it has a vibe that creeps everyone out?

Anonymous said...

What the H*ll does Average Joe's ranting about being poor have to do with Mama's post?

Maybe BenJen will follow the McCourts (whose "in town" spread is around the corner) and pick up the place next door (across Charing Cross) for it's 15m asking price. They could then put the staff over there. Supposedly there is only a 1b/1b house (tear down) on the lot but it seems to me I'm seeing more rooflines than that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Average Joe = Zack = Jack = Property Pimp = various recent (last 18 hour) anons:

You do have some good things to say, as evidenced by the insight you shared as Our Mama's source on the Aykroyd update! Out of respect for that, you are as entitled as any voice here.
I want to help. Go a little slower and you’ll be happier with your posted comments.
Like this:
1. Write your comment in Microsoft Word.
2. Run it thru spell check and grammar check in tool bar
3. Pay attention to the suggested corrections.
4. Know the point you are trying to make and write toward that end. Avoid redundancy and extranious asides that slow down your point.
5. Read it again one last time slowly. If you are satisfied, copy and paste into blog comments.

Anyone will respect a well written view, weather they agree or not. You are entitled to that much and will feel better about the more polished quality of your views.

Anonymous said...

i am quite sure that property pimp and this joe person are not the same guy.

now, about this aykroyd it full of ghostbusting toys?

so_chic_darling said...

Average Joe you seem to be confused.Did you forget to take your medication?
This is a site about celebrity real estate stop boring us,go and watch some fox news and calm down.

Alessandra said...

The Aykroyd house sounds fascinating.

As for the Crooz clan, I'm sure Tom's snoring is an convenient an excuse as any for needing separate bedroom WINGS. Though one has to take all reports (pro and con) with mounds of salt because the truth, to quote, is "out there".

Not surprised by the Garfleck's taste in residence or by their apparently vast resources to buy pricey real estate. They both make a lot of money. Still. While I find it hard to believe, as neither really appeals to me much, they seem to have an admirable work ethic and they also seem to be good and active parents to Violet. So, if they did buy that home, let's hope they live there happily.

Anonymous said...

no one special= Average Joe = Zack = Jack = Property Pimp = various recent (last 18 hour) anons

Anonymous said...

who is property pimp ? zach ? jack ?

and fyi I am not poor
I am in the top 10 percentile of income earners in the us it is just that only .01 percent of us can even afford to pay these prices.

Anonymous said... your cute little property pimp PJs....yes my precious, you are all of this and more...
MY...errreee...OUR...good friend LAPD Tipster (stop making me giggle LAPD I'm trying to be serious) here to calm you down with a crunchy fun snack. Yes, dear, we are 10% of the population...(10x50 w/shed in Truckee, CA) and yes, dear, Mr. Trump did received your suggestions on real estate success and is soooooo grateful. Now it's time for your nap and loooong car ride to the happy place.
Such a good boy.

Anonymous said...

PCH, you know the area; any reason to think that Aykroyd isn't asking more for the place? If there's room for a pool and guest house, it must be a fairly decent sized parcel. We've seen a lot of houses that are not as charming as this one without those amenities go for so much more - so is it the locale or the paranormal rumors?

As for "Crazy Crooz", there was an awful lot left unsaid in the unauthorized bio about the most personal of habits of Scientologists who reach the level he has; perhaps because Katie has not yet attained the same status as Tom (Operative Thetan VII or VIII, I can't recall). But there was always something a little peculiar about the stories surrounding Nicole Kidman's "conception difficulties" and their ultimate decision to adopt two kids, whom she is rarely allowed to see and can only keep in touch with by webcam and texting.

After I finished his bio I gave it to Sunny; perhaps she can take a quick look through the index to shed some light on their strange living "arrangements"? All I do know is that Katie's new BFF is her Scientologist minder, who's with her 24/7.

Between Tom and her minder, every aspect of what she does throughout the day is strictly monitored, down to turning her into a Victoria Beckham clone (their latest project is to draw the Beckhams into the cult, which is frowned upon in Britain.)

Anonymous said...

How absolutely utterly sad for Katie Holmes...may she wake up one morning, realize what she's done, grab the kid (or kids) and RUN! Run and don't stop me dear.

As for mish-mash...I'm all for it. Keep it coming Mama. As my dear departed drunken father used to say..."Slumgulleon always makes the best dinner" and so does mish-mash for me head....the big head get that smirk off your face.


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify... I am property pimp .. and I would never complain about the multi million dollar prices in los angeles, oh, and I would never ever live in a condo.. I still have nightmares from going into sierra towers to visit my dear friend (since departed, first playmate 1959, with her little dog benji,) anway, those pugent ethic cooking odors that sweep through the hall ways (on all floors) was enough to turn me off condos for, I will try to stay on point and not let these threads wander like they do, but I think one of the pointer sisters lives or lived on selma

Anonymous said...


I'm with you on the Affleck's choice of home, much as we trashed it at the time.

If you ask a child to draw a house, it invariably is a two story box, with a gabled roof and paned windows, and a chimney (I've never seen a child dash off a sketch of a Neutra or Neff). This place looks like they had Violet in mind when they bought it, not the awkward arrangement of the entrance approach.

so_chic_darling said...

Property Pimp you crack me up "pungent ethnic cooking odors that sweep through the hallways"how funny but so true as all of us who live in apartment buildings know so well!

Anonymous said...

Little Buddy,
The Aykroyd grounds / gardens are magnificent and impeciably maintained...enchanting. Tons of room for new toys.

I ran into court-related Scientology documents recently and, O-M-Gosh, I'm amazed it is permitted to operate. Now I know what you meant about feeling dirty just having that Cruuz book around the house. I wanted to hang a rope of garlic around my computer screen.

so_chic_darling said...

Yeah mishmash is great by the way.

so_chic_darling said...

The great loophole in America is that anyone can start a religion/church and that it's tax free.

Anonymous said...

That loophole is spooky at best. I wonder if they have to prove out every penny as we do at tax time.

On a brighter note...
I once had Korean apartment neighbors. I wanted them to adopt me, the kitchen smells were so fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Can't you just see the Afflecks in a Dutch colonial with a white picket fence? Much happiness to their little family...

....but really, that house an ugly box. I hope the first thing they spend money on is a decent landscape architect.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucy...
And I hope they got a few dollars off the deal to do it! The average Federalist house isn't this (ugg) HUGE; adding to the flatness.

I still think the outside eleveations have lots of possibility. Thank goodness they could see past that. I still say--windowboxes for starts! Best to them.

Anonymous said...

So_Chic, Sandpiper,

I always thought it was too easy to set up a "church" in this country; at least they should have some "litmus test", like a common sense faith-based precept.

But believing that billions of years ago an overcrowded race of aliens brought 13.5 billion of their fellow creatures to Earth, dumped them into volcanoes and then annihilated them with nuclear blasts to reduce their population, releasing evil-spirited "Thetans", just doesn't seem to cut it for me as passing such a test.

Call me cynical, but even by the remotest chance that it were true, it hardly seems to be an event to base a religion upon.

It seems that most religions have in common the teachings of a wise man (i.e. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, etc.), and even though the question of the "divinity" of each has been the cause of hate across the centuries, L. Ron Hubbard just doesn't seem to fit into that category.

Yet the cult still maintains mansions around the world waiting for his reincarnation to return and live in them.


Anonymous said...

It may not be safe to say this but...

The belief system of Scientology is no less shocking or absurd than that of Christianity or any of the other mainstream religions.

Eve was molded of Adam's rib? There is sin because Eve ate an apple? Streets of gold and mansions of pearls? Parting seas and dead saviors rising? Eternal life? Heaven?

THAT stuff is more believable than aliens dumped into volcanoes? Why? How?

No offense intended to anyone, and this is just MY opinion, but Christians or Catholics or Jews (or whatever) with their own freaky and bizarre beliefs are in NO position to criticize the strange creation myths of Scientology.

P.S. I am not a Scientologist.

Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree with you, LGB -- and it looks like Twisted beat me to the punch. But Scientology isn't any nuttier than other religions -- it just hasn't had the time to acquire the gravitas and orthodoxy that comes with many, many centuries of indoctrination. We think Tom Cruise is looney, for instance, but I'll bet ancient Jews held the same opinion of Paul and his tall tales about Christ's resurrection and imminent return.

Often, people who subscribe to one religion or another (I'm an atheist) don't see the similarities.

Anonymous said...

PCH, Twisted,

Perhaps I didn't express myself as well as I wished. Objectively speaking, you're both right.

Yes, all religions have within them some pretty unbelievable claims (Adam's rib, Virgin births, rising from the dead, ascending into heaven, etc.) I myself am a pantheist by practice, brought up Catholic. Didn't buy into a lot of those stories myself, but realized the difference between parable and inviolate truth. Even today in the Catholic Church there is controversy over the interpretation of the scriptures, whether or not it is "God's" word and should be taken literally, or whether, since it was written by fallible humans, it should remain open to interpretation.

Questioning Scientological beliefs, however, can get you into a hell of a lot of hot water (in one case, literally and fatally). Try this by no means unbiased, yet fact-based site:

For me, what Scientology seems to lack as a legitimate religion is the universal concepts of love, and respect for the life and beliefs of others. Their openly professed system is that everyone is a god, and those outside of the religion are considered "wogs" or "raw meat". Where's the love in that?

Just as I found some of the precepts of the Catholic Church hard to swallow, so goes the same for Scientology.

I believe everyone has a right to worship as they will; that's why our forefathers so wisely insisted upon the separation of church and state.

So with all personal beliefs and prejudices aside, all I can point to that disquiets me so is that of all the religions in the world, Scientology seems to be the only one that does not have any focus on loving your fellow man, conditionally or not. Not to mention that they believe gays should be "disposed of quickly, and without remorse." You've gotta know that one rankles me (and yes, I know most other religions have a pretty lousy track record with gays, but they don't want to "dispose" of us.)

Technically, I think you're right and it could qualify as a religion based on objective observation; but there is just something in my soul that tells me that its primary goal is not to guide a flock, but fleece it.

What I should have said is that I don't consider it legitimate, based on recent research into its covert activities - but then I would have said the same thing about the Catholic Church during the Inquisition.

So thanks guys, for helping me to clarify my thoughts on the subject. Oh and Twisted, it's always safe to say what you believe here; people may jump down your throat, but none of us is going to hunt you down. Right, PCH?


Anonymous said...

check out this link it says it all.......

Anonymous said...

In this single topic, Average joe has said -

"I only make 7k a month"

and -

"I am in the top 10 percentile of income earners in the us"

Lets do the math children:

7000 x 12 = 84,000

Since when is 84k a year the top 10 percentile? If nothing else proved he was a complete dumba**, that should.

Anonymous said...

To anon 4:43pm

hey jerkoff I am sure I make way more than you !!!!!!

and making over 80k a year puts me in the top percent of earners in the us, that is 3MM of us making 80k or higher.

Anonymous said...

top 10 percent and we are considered upper middle class.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble average joe, but you're not in the top ten percent at 84K a year.

at least not according to the IRS.,,id=102886,00.html

Anonymous said...

No Joe/Ed, I don't have to brag about how much I make, that I haven't been a renter for 15 years, what kind of car I drive, or big my d*ck is.

Show proof of your statistics.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon 5:31,

I figured I'd dump it in his lap to show proof. Of course he'll come back now and say since the market is crashing that it is back down to his numbers. But he won't post proof of that either.

Anonymous said...

LGB etal, I have looked and looked in the index and cannot find anything to do w/ the different level of attainment, but I just started the book (like it or not, it's a page turner)so when I find out I will post.

Anonymous said...

where did the time go ? well I used to be in the top 10, so tell me where am I at now ? I certainly do not make 200k a year and they are saying that is the new top 10 percent ?

Anonymous said...

anon 5:42pm here is proof of where the market is going

it is a great chart notice the big valley between 1995 and 2006

Anonymous said...

God, the kindly old grey haired gentleman......ROFL . Recovering catholic, current atheist. Would be scientologist...How nice are those "mansions", and do I stay for FREE?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Anon 7:55,

Residency usually requires that you relinquish your soul . . .

Anonymous said...

Why have you been so bitter lately?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:07,

Who me? Didn't think the comment about "relinquishing you soul" particularly bitter; more cynical than anything else.

I may have let some personal remarks made about my family by people here who don't know me get the better of me; but mostly because BGD is in the hospital and I'm frightened. So my fears creep in.

It comes out in snarky comments that seem funny at the time but obviously, from an objective point of view (yours), they're not.

Sorry. I try to be fair-minded, but some things just seem beyond the pale in believability for me.

Anonymous said...

On on different note:
Miscellaneous Mash Up
Saturday Mish Mash
More Mish Mash
Mama please do not apologize for any of your postings. This is your paradise to do with whatever you choose. You have been gracious enough to leave your gates open for us to enjoy your domain. Obviously, there is a big group of us who enjoy coming here every day. For me personally, it is an escape from the trials and tribulations of the little world we live in. Even if it is only for a few minutes out of our hectic day.
Thank you for putting so much of your time and effort in feeding your hungry children.

Anonymous said...

Hi 9:00 !!

What a cool thing to say!

I don't take these efforts for granted either. I'm not really into celebrities; moreover, fascinated with real estate / architecture and who buys it! It's such fun to see it thru Our Mama's eyes.

Again 9:00, such a nice reminder for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, folks - we all have our personal reasons for visiting this site, whether it be real estate, architecture & decoration, or gossip about those who own them, or just tweaking each other.

Mama, enjoy the holiday tomorrow and feel free to feed us chilruns tidbits or nothing at all; we're a tough bunch and can take care of ourselves while Dr. Cooter treats you right, as I know he will.

Anonymous said...


I hope all is well with your CO. Now, I have to add:
This is good, not bad. Wait and hear me out please. Finally figured out why you piss me off. It's not what you say but how you say it. Look at what you just wrote. You are speaking as THE ORATORY here. No room for dialogue. You take over and kill any possibility for further discussion. You act as the end-all that shuts down posibility for further comment. You aggregate as the voice of all without any authorization or authority.

There's an old book called "I'm OK, You're OK". Somewhere in it is a diagram or table citing how basic conversations flow, interact or crash. The way you post is illustrated as the example of how to kill dialogue. If I, personally, retained anything from that miserable self-discovering book (which made me a social freak for months), it was how to more nonconfrontationally converse. I'm not above that flaw, but I fixed it within me--and Guy, I see it in you. You're not the soul or voice of this blog until Mama gives you the handle of Blog Monitor. Take a load off. Leave something for others to volley. I say this in the nicest way. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Ed's Wife,

Will do - I'm always open to constructive advice.

Wasn't aware I wasn't leaving open an in for dialog. Still not sure if that is the case but I am sick with worry and not thinking clearly. I never want to cut another off; I feed off their comments and reply in kind - at least that is what I attempt to do - to stimulate dialog.

Can I kindly ask you to explain where I cut off dialog? I'm serious here; thought mentioning why we blog here would actually open dialog, not shut it off.

I have no desire to be Mama's "Blog Monitor", nor take over the direction of the blog. I lurked here for many months before I dared make a comment; when I saw a cohesive group of like-minded individuals forming that pleased me, it made me want to be part of it.

Have been in touch with Mama on a more or less regular basis and never got an indication that I was pushing others out (which is the last thing I want; I love these folks!)

I speak my mind on subjects I feel passionate about and know that no matter what, some will be offended or disagree. But this does not stem from any egotistical desire to belittle anyone nor aggrandize myself - that's simply not in my nature.

Thank you for caring enough to post this.

Ed's lucky to have you. Please respond so that all can share in your insights - it can do a world of good for all involved, and the mess this has devolved into. I'd like to see it end as much as many of you do.

Anonymous said...

Ed's wife:

I disagree with you completely. I too lurked here for months before posting and the only reason I did was because what LGB wrote made me feel comfortable enough to jump in.This is the first blog I have ever commented on and at the time it never had snarky comments on it.

Please respect that LGB has someone he cares about very much who is in the hospital and ease up.

Anonymous said...

sunny in sj

I agree with you that there are a bunch of pricks and dicks who do not know their head from their asshole and who try to give us words of wisdom when they have no experience at what they are talking about. This is like 5th grade all over again. Well back to reality, off to work to pay the bills

Anonymous said...


the scary part is that avg joe is an interpreter for the state department.

Anonymous said...

Please find pix of Khandi's Khrib. I'm with the rest of's got to be fabulous, right? The outside looks a little like an apt. block, but you know the inside is very sexy.


On the other hot topics:

I'm with Ed's Wife I'm afraid.

I do appreciate LBGs inclusiveness, he does sometimes have fun things to offer, and it totally sucks his BGD is not well.

But he does suck the air out of the room for me sometimes. He may not want to be the moderator, but when you comment 20 or 30 times a day, well with the seeming authority of speaking for "the children," that's what it makes you, the moderator.

As for Average Joe...that's a burning hot potato I don't want to handle but I'm sure that LGB is glad to have AJ on the scene to pull some of the ire away from him.

Anonymous said...

no I do not work for the state dept or any govt dept or agency guess again.

Anonymous said...

Two quick things:

Re; the Scientology thing and that "The belief system of Scientology is no less shocking or absurd than that of Christianity or any of the other mainstream religions." You need only read a bare minimum about Scientology to recognize that the Scientology "belief system" is so tragically and almost ridiculously flawed as to be unfathomable. With all due respect you can't possibly compare L. Ron Hubbard's bizarre fictional "bible" - remember he was a pulp science fiction writer who told his Navy buddies he was going to invent a religion based on Science Fiction and make billions - with faith-based religious imagery. The biggest single difference between L. Ron Moron's club and any religion is that none of the others make you pay $300,000 (the going rate to reach "clear" today) to be "saved."

On a broader scale we seem to be spending way too much time talking about each other than the postings. Who cares if you don't like me, or I don't like you, or whatever. Just move on, write if you want to, and give it a rest. Enough already.

We're all here because we're celebrity-obsessed real estate stalkers so let's just enjoy that. Please?

I enjoy everyone's posts. And I don't agree with most of them - the Boston Irish Catholic thing - but at the end of the day, who cares?

Anonymous said...

All due respect EJ because I always enjoy your wicked and witty comments, but in my book, the Catholic Pope telling people they ought to believe in the virgin birth of Christ and (figuratively) drink the blood of the lamb is no less perverted or unfathomable than someone paying $300K to be "saved."

Not that any of that makes a bit of difference to a discussion about the big house Affleck and Garner are buying...which I think looks about as cozy as a 15,000 sf house can look.

Anonymous said...


I found a page describing I'm Ok, You're OK's transactional analysis concept. I believe in it. You may not.

This is directed to you alone, although you request it on behalf of everyone in your controlling fantasy as "monitor".

I react unfavorably to the following personality type.

I'm OK, You're not OK

Anonymous said...

Reading through the comments as I try to full awaken this morning (is it noon already?), I'm surprised by the hostility that has taken over the comments. Maybe surprised doesn't quite say it... make that overwhelmed. May the gods bless you all. Good Bye!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeezis!

Anonymous said...

everyone is impersonating me !!!!!!! help !!!!

unless there are more than one average joe on these blogs......

Anonymous said...

It's been lovely but I have to scream now!

Anonymous said...

hippie canyon, don't be gone for long this blog needs you. Ed/Joe will change personalities again soon, he's overdue.

Anonymous said...

Mariah is hot. I'd be more than happy to be the guy who stands next to her in the hot Bahama sun and slathers her with lotion when she's dry.

Anonymous said...

I'll loan you a mop.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mama, Mama, Mama. Shame on me but I looove smoking. Get one drink in me and I'm the guy bumming smokes all over town. As a responsible father and fear of being a social pariah I keep my habits well washed and freshened, but...

Love the Aykroyd place, looks eerie/cool/homey all in one. BTW, their house on a lake in Ontario, Canada is in Muskoka, which is the Beverly Hills of summer cottaging 2 hours north of Toronto. Check it out, there are amazing places.

Hippie, don't leave, that porn comment was too much!

Anonymous said...

I want to be average joe, too. My goals are to become more stupider everyday.

SteveAudio said...

In re: the Peter Ackroyd house, I've been there, doing recording studio technical work for Peter, who is a really nice guy.

The house has a great basement, too, FYI.