Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is Johnny Depp Doing It Again Downtown?

A big mouthed source who lives in the freshly completed Eastern Columbia building whispered to the fine folks at Curbed LA that a-list actor Johnny Depp has been sniffing around another penthouse unit at the downtown Los Angeles building. According to source, the penthouse in question sits di-rectly next door to the corner penthouse with private terrace he recently scooped up for $2,100,000. Will a second big bucks purchase make Mister Depp the newly anointed king of downtown LA?


so_chic_darling said...

Although downtown LA is seen right now as a seedy run down place I think that the people who are buying now are smart,look what happened to all the once crappy areas of new York.This is a spectacular building,even though the Hollywood regency lobby already looks dated,I'm sorry children but that look is now so ebay.In a few years when gas is $8 a gallon inner city living will be the smart choice and Coto de Caza will be a ghost town!

Anonymous said...


The one little problem I have with your theory is not everyone works downtown or even in Los Angeles proper. What about those who live in the Valley and work in the South Bay? Or live in Pasadena and work in Santa Monica? With businesses, both large and small, spread out from downtown to Torrance to Orange County, there is no universal commute.

As much as I applaud public transportation, and the Metro in particular, it is of no use to me. If I became "smart," by your definition, and moved downtown, my commute would not only be the same on some days, it would be longer on others.

All of that being said, "so ebay" is now one of my newest favorite expressions. Mind if I use it as my own?

so_chic_darling said...

That's so true about LA having more than one business center,but I still think that the trend towards more denser housing in urban centers is a positive one.

Anonymous said...

The thought of combining these penthouse units blows me away; so cool. And, while amazing Mr. D is bee-lining it to work in a jiffy, commuters are parked on the freeway.

Anonymous said...

Although the current neighborhood may come across as a ghost town to some right now, and LA certainly lacks the transportation infrastructure New York has, this indeed may be a very shrewd move.

It's a classic building (so ebay, love it!) and may just be the start of a downtown renaissance; even if Depp has a substantial home in the Hills, who wouldn't want a nice little pied-a-terre to run to at the end of a long day of shooting?