Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Are You A Celebrity?

Or do you just live like one?

Your Mama knows all you rich and famous people read this do we know? Because we've heard from many of you in the past and now we'd like to hear from you again.

If you're buying, selling, redecorating, think your house is the shit or just want a little extra publicity, give Your Mama a shout because we are lining up properties to feature on our upcoming television show.

Have no fear celebrity puppies, Your Mama and the children might dislike your choice of curtains or your questionable taste in chairs and tchotchke, but we promise to discuss it all in good humored fun.

Plus, we'll let you shamelessly plug your upcoming projects.

We're looking for celebrities, demi celebrities, and personalities all stripes and wattage, so even if you're d-lister on the a-list like the fab-u-lous Kathy Griffin, a reality show juggernaut like Chyna, a rising art star like Tara Donovan, or a media titan who just wants to be on T.V., email Your Mama at so we can get our people in touch with your people.

See that kids...we're already getting the lingo down like we were born to take meetings and have a load of Botox® in our face.


Anonymous said...

Mama, I don't live the life, I just help my clients do it. I'm too damn exhausted trying to get their inflated egos to match their inadequate budgets to assist you in your exciting endevour, but I'm happy to cheer you on from the quiet of the sidelines. Beside which, I'm on entirely the wrong side of an ocean to be of use. Hoping for a download when it views though.


Anonymous said...

hey mama,
is it possible to watch your show outside the US?
will your show be streamed on the internet or will you have an archiv to watch your show later, because i and other german or european readers/viewers will be dreaming their well deseverd sleep when you're on air.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mama, I could cry with pride!

Can't wait for the first episode - you know I'll keep my ear to the ground for you . . .

Anonymous said...

Any indication of when it will premiere?

Anonymous said...

I love a premiere!