Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kristen Wiig Lists SoHo Mini-Loft

SELLER: Kristen Wiig
LOCATION: New York City, NY
PRICE: $2,595,000
SIZE: 1,400+ square feet, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: We have veteran informant The Rolling Stone to thank for cluing in Your Mama about funny lady Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids, The Spoils of Babylon) putting her downtown New York City mini-loft on a high floor of a pre-war building in the heart of SoHo's tourist packed main drag up for sale on the open market with an asking price of $2,595,000.

Property records show the Saturday Night Live stand out turned Emmy- and Oscar-nominated television and movie star paid exactly $1.5 million for the 1,400-and-something square foot corner co-cooperative in July 2009. The seller was busy television director Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones, Madmen, Sopranos).

Online listings show the south and east facing 10th floor aeries is completely free of furnishing and other day-core—Miss Wiig has obviously already decamped the two bedroom and one bathroom unit (for parts unknown)—and has all open views over the celebrity-approved Police Building and a (fairly) direct view of the 104-story One World Trade Center, a newly erected and upwardly thrusting skyscraper otherwise more patriotically known as—ahem—the Freedom Tower.

An angled front door opens directly into the main living space, an open-concept, corner living/kitchen/dining area of almost 35 feet long with six over-sized sash windows that reach almost down to the floor and extend almost all the way to the the 11.5- foot ceilings. Charcoal colored hardwood floors, laid at a 45-degree angle to the corners of the room, off-set art-friendly snow white walls and exposed duct work and track lighting.

In the rear corner of the spacious space, a relatively compact but well-equipped kitchen has upper-grade stainless steel appliances, butcher block counter tops, and—thank heavens for small favors—a handy-dandy center work island that does double duty as a two stool snack and booze bar.

There are (unnecessary and, in Your Mama's humble and meaningless opinion, awkward) clerestory windows between the main living area and the long and narrow second bedroom with a windowed loft area that gives the sleeping chamber quirky pizzazz and extra-added functionality. At the opposite, southwest corner of the mini-loft the master suite comprises a relatively small bedroom, a wall of built-in wardrobes, and a walk-in closet larger than many Manhattan bedrooms. The mini-loft's lone pooper isn't accessible directly from the master bedroom—although a door could probably be cut through from the walk-in closet—but it is discreetly adjacent and offers up a single sink, cast iron tub, and separate rain head equipped stall shower. The bathroom is also where, as per the floor plan, the stacked washer and dryer are installed.

Although the elevator building is pet friendly, offers basement level storage, has a live-in super, and is a co-operative—hence board approval is required to purchase, listing details suggest the $838 monthly maintenance fees are pretty damn low by Manhattan standards, likely due to the apparent lack of a full- or even part-time doorman.

True story of no import or consequence, back in the Dark Ages, when Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter shopped for a suitable rental apartment in which to begin our long-standing cohabitation we peeped and considered a roomy, 2,200 square foot full floor open loft on the second floor in this very building. One benefit was its voting booth-sized terrace in the air shaft at the rear of the apartment. It's death nail, however, besides being on the loud and dark side, was that we didn't cotton to the notion of having constantly deal with the dirty business of our long-bodied bitches, Linda and Beverly, on a wide but often crowded stretch of Broadway. In case any body cares—and who would?—we opted instead for a much more conventional and quieter three bedroom and three bathroom duplex in a storied prewar doorman complex in Chelsea. But we digress...

NOTE (Later same day): Since we've had a house full of house guests—namely sweet Miss Anne, Soozy Soo and the indefatigable Fiona Trambeau—we're a bit behind the 8-ball and now see the (also indefatigable) kids at Curbed beat us to this particular celebrity real estate punch by an hour or two.)

listing photos and floor plan: Corcoran


Anonymous said...

Mama..we can do much better than this

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't something like this be considered a 'starter' home. A $2.6M one bath, starter home. Wow!

Anonymous said...

"By an hour or two"?!?

More like a day or two...

Sandpiper said...

Uh oh, Mama. Fiona's back? Wherever she is, shenanigans follow. I know you'll all keep alert as the divine Ms. Trambeau has been known to give the slip, only to slink back at dawn, tripping over your furniture along the way. (Meow. Just kidding. She doesn't need furniture to trip!)

Wow. This unit has space and then some. Lots of good JuJu, too. One bathroom isn't a drawback. Honestly, at least a few of us have lived with only one at some point, or even now. It's doable, even though another half bath never hurts. Extra storage is a big plus. I could manage there very nicely; my high-maintenance diva kitty included :)

Mr. Wrinklebottom, man on the ground, what do you say?

Unknown said...

Hi Sandpiper!

Since you asked...I guess for a pied-a-terre it's adequate, although it's not a doorman building (a deal breaker for me!), and I'm not a fan of SOHO anymore (too many tourists clogging the streets during the day, and the high rents have driven off too many of the bars and restaurants to keep the area feeling like a true neighborhood at night); these days, if I were looking downtown, I'd much prefer something in Gramercy, Tribeca or the far West Village, but, of course, being a Columbia alum, The UWS & CPW will always be home in NYC for me, even if it's no longer considered "the place to be" by the younger set...

Sandpiper said...

Gosh Rick, that's a fascinating rundown. I don't get there often enough to know any of this, and especially not as a real live New Yorker of course. Columbia? Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Mama Lama, This is A great place and view, and (possibly) lower monthly fees is stirring. I am confused why someone like K.Wigg(z) would live on Broadway in Soho. I'd imagine every single time she walked outside her building some tourist/Wisconsin mom is popping out of some chain store and screaming for a picture. I'm a nobody/lay person with no dogs with shit to clean up, I love it.

lil' gay boy said...

Mr. Wrinklebottom I concur; I worked a few blocks west of here for a number of years (and did my banking diagonally across the street, in Daniel Radcliffe's building) and can say that, throughout most of the day one would have found a machete useful for getting through the tourists.


Great views, lousy layout --- if the plumbing stack & entry could be relocated, it could have been carved more creatively; given the single bath, the need for a second (guest?) bedroom seems superfluous to me.