Monday, February 17, 2014

Holly Hunter Lists Celeb Pedigreed Downtown Digs

SELLER: Holly Hunter (and Gordon MacDonald)
LOCATION: New York City, NY
PRICE: $8,700,000
SIZE: 3,000 (or so) square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: In the fall of 2005 Oscar-winning actress Holly Hunter (The Piano, Broadcast News, The Firm, Thirteen) paid fellow Oscar winner Julia Roberts $4.1 million for a high floor apartment in a beautiful and dignified full-service Beaux Arts building on New York City's affluent lower Fifth Avenue that, thanks to Polly Wannacracker, we've learned she hoisted on the open market over the weekend with an asking price of $8,700,000.*

Current digital marketing materials indicate the 3,000-ish square foot corner apartment is currently configured with two offices, three bedrooms, and three bathrooms with hefty monthly maintenance charges of $5,941 and loads of original architectural detailing including coved ceilings and beautifully maintained original wood work.

A compact entry vestibule opens to a cozy library done up with with a plush deep purple sofa and built-in book shelves, and, next door, a larger living room parlor with a colorful and wacky mixy-matchy melange of furnishings and artwork. Side-lit French doors connect the living room parlor to a partially paneled formal dining room with wood-burning fireplace and direct access to the expensively equipped eat-in kitchen through a windowed butler's pantry with adjoining laundry room.

The floor plan included with online marketing materials shows three distinct bedroom areas: a maid's room with adjoining Jack 'n' Jill bathroom, a two room suite connected with French doors and also with adjoining Jack 'n' Jill style bathroom, and, at the private rear of the apartment, a master suite complete with fitted walk-in closet, private study, windowed bathroom, and a bedroom with east and west exposures.

Your Mama claims no insider intel about what Miz Hunter's future real estate plans may hold but given that she has early elementary school age twin children it could be she's looking for a bit more space to spread out? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Bueller?

Although our research is far from scientific, as far as this property gossip knows, the only other property owned by Miz Hunter is a 34-acre tract of seemingly undeveloped land that abuts property owned by some of her family members in Conyers, GA, where she was born and raised.

*Your Mama assumes Miz Hunter—who was downright spooky as the grey-maned guru GJ in the the Jane Campion written mini-series Top of the Lake— shares the family-sized spread with her long-time paramour and baby daddy, actor Gordon MacDonald.

listing photos and floor plan: Douglas Elliman


Anonymous said...

Love the building however I am not a fan of this apartment given the price.

Anonymous said...

The western "exposure" in the master bedroom looks out at the rear facade of 45 5th Ave and you can probably reach out the window and touch it. Not much of an exposure at all.

Unknown said...

43 Fifth is one of those great old New York buildings, like the Dakota, that I love in theory more than in reality, in that while the exterior is certainly beautiful to look at and the interiors have some wonderul features like original details and high ceilings, but are also plagued by wonky layouts that are difficult (if not impossible) to improve upon or make more liveable for modern lifestyles in most of the units...

DC Guy said...

Anyone notice that the "maid's" room is smaller than the walk in closet in the master bedroom? LOL

Sabdpiper said...

Originally under Sandlewood comments abount to drop to "older post." Tossing dupe here to top...worth being said.

Dear Sweet Mama,

No offense to you, but unfortunately I've come to resent what this comment section has become.

I wholeheartedly agree with the slew of complaints against Rabbi chick on Singleton comments (below). Since when has this become a platform for a half-baked self-imposed matriarch (LOL) dictating what Real Estalker should and should not be. Ya, I'm blunt. No apologies.

I stop in after OD'ing on real architctural/art history homework for a fun mindless breather, a few ribald Meows, and playful asides.

Will still post when I please with ribald playfulness of the old days -- rather than be frenemies with this insecure pseudo-intellectual Rabbi tool.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Sandpiper but I respectfully disagree. This Rabbi person pontificates a lot (and I love it) but no more than some of the other regulars around here who also and at length spout off about the details of a property. How is what rabbi doing any different than your own frequent (and often funny) commentary which is also loaded with opinion and meow-y judgement? Sorry but I just don't see a difference.

Rosco Mare said...

Our dear in-house Rabbi Hedda, like most people of the cloth, has friends in very high places; I wouldn't pick on her! And, this is a big one: because of her Yiddish lessons, I'm now seated at better tables at Nate N Al during the sharp-elbowed Beverly Hills lunch rush.

Seriously, none of us pays Mama Dearest anything for the enjoyment of her entertaining and often educational blog...with the benefit of participating in the comment section. (Think of the ridiculous amount of a monthly TV cable and Internet bill.) Some regular commentators I like, and some I skip on a regular's real easy to do.

lil' gay boy said...

Well said, Roscoe!

I've always enjoyed our dearest Rebbe's comments and take them not as "Gospel Truth" (as far as this recovering Catholic would characterize them), but rather in the playful, tongue-in-cheek commentary, with a strong foundation and solid understanding of history, architecture, gossip and, of course, feng shui.


I do like this building & apartment overall, but our friend Mr. Wrinklebottom is indeed spot on; however, a long, mostly southern exposure seems to me pretty adaptable to 21st century living (even though I am still enamored with the characterization in the listing of the library and living room as reception room & parlor, respectively -- shades of glories past).

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by wonky layouts?

I didn't know that a southern exposure was a bad thing. I thought it was desirable!

Though, maybe I misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

@10:32. I don't follow the southern exposure 21st century point either. Maybe I misunderstand as well.

lil' gay boy said...

The southern exposure is indeed most desirable, especially in a long, narrow apartment. My meaning was that, although the layout is a tad "wonky", with such a long enfilade of rooms with a southern exposure, this particular unit shouldn't be too hard " improve upon or make more liveable for modern lifestyles..."

Anonymous said...

The long leg of this unit faces east, not south. The term enfilade doesn't apply anywhere on this floor plan. Still, it's a great word.