Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Did Johnny Depp Do It in the U.K.?

Did 50 year old movie star Johnny Depp and his rather gorgeous and preposterously younger lady friend/fiancée—that would be Texas-bred up and coming actress Amber Heard—snatch up the 850-plus acre Hadspen House Estate in the U.K.'s scenic Somerset area?

He may have, according to various U.K. property gossips, but, then again, the buyer of the elegant and pastoral, 17th-century Georgian country manse could be an unnamed South African businessman who reportedly toured the property on the hunt for a large estate he can turn into a newer version of the illustrious, members only Babington House.

Digital marketing materials provided to Your Mama by Our Man in London shows the hulking, nearly 16,000 square foot main house has a handful of grand-scale reception rooms for impressing guests, family quarters that include a oak-paneled bi-level family room, a thoroughly modernized eat-in kitchen plus a kitchen-sized butler's pantry and a separate summer kitchen, extensive cellar storage, 13 mostly en-suite bedrooms spread throughout the second and third floors, a total of 12 full and 3 half bathrooms, and more fireplaces that Your Mama can count.

The estate includes: numerous additional residential structures that combined offer up 24 bedrooms; a walled garden and swimming pool; formal gardens with reflecting pool and lake; vast park lands with mature woods and arable pastures; and a tenanted dairy farm with associated farmhouse and buildings.

 Mister Depp's other known homes include (but are not likely limited to) a large estate and several of the surrounding houses perched just above the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and Little Halls Pond Cay, a largely undeveloped private island in the Caribbean.

*For the record, Your Mama is highly skeptical of this rumor. We can't even remember how many times in the past unsubstantiated and in the end untrue scuttlebutt has made its way down the celebrity gossip grapevine that Mister Depp is buying a landed gentry-style estate in the U.K.

sources: Western Gazette via Daily Mail
listing photos and floor plan: Knight Frank and Symonds & Sampson


Anonymous said...

This place is as washed up as his career

Anonymous said...

if i was an old man with a young gf, moving to a secluded place like that would just make her realize how old I was :) better stay in LA where she is totally under syndrome "ou boy i am dating johny depp".

house looks nice, tough i really dont think he bought it. i mean its so far far away from london. if he had kids i would understand, but now he is no longer with vanessa paradise.

makes no sense to me at all

lil' gay boy said...

"...if i was an old man with a young gf, moving to a secluded place like that would just make her realize how old I was..."

Didn't even consider that aspect; now all I'm picturing is The Shining.

Nice spread, though.

Anonymous said...

LOL, there are plenty of people that would hope for such a "washed up" career.

are eschoma

Sandpiper said...

For all of us pseudo-intellectuals that sometimes ramble ad nauseam, here's the mother load. Of course, dammit (!), I read it. Can't help myself. Mama, what have you done to me?!

Anonymous said...

Anon @1:51 Brilliant. Although I getting more of the Kathy Bates character from 'Misery' sense about Ms. Head.

Anonymous said...

shadyblahblah says she'd snatch it up in a heartbeat if Johnny were her next door neighbor (or Elton John, for that matter). What is it that makes the UK so darn enticing? Oh yeah, the Beatles.

Anonymous said...

Well it certainly isn't the weather in Somerset that is its attraction