Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kelsey Grammer Leases New House In Bev Hills

OWNER: Kelsey Grammer
LOCATION: Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $30,000 per month
SIZE: 5,683 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Sometime in late April or early May 2012 four-time Emmy winning sitcom actor (Cheers, Frasier) and producer (Medium, Girlfriends) Kelsey Grammer dropped six and a half million big ones on a rather fetching 1926 Spanish Colonial Revival-style mini-mansion in the West Beverly Hills Flats. Remember that, children?

Then, a couple weeks ago, celebrity property gossips went gaga over the legal wrangle-tangle between Mister Grammer and his third ex-wife, Camille of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Although the Grammers were bitterly and expensively divorced in early 2011 they continue to own a 10,000-plus square foot faux-Tudor mansion in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles (CA) that they've been trying to unload since mid-2008. Court documents cited on TMZ in late November reveal the still-feuding couple—who only communicate through intermediaries—split the hefty $48,130 per month upkeep costs for the high maintenance spread.

The Grammers' plumly located, fully walled and double gated mini-estate in Holmby Hills—Connie Stevens's big ol' compound that's up for sale at almost eighteen million is just over the back wall and across the street—was originally listed at $19,900,000 and was recently re-listed at $15,995,000.

According to TMZ ex-Missus Grammer wants to sell the Holmby Hills house tout de suite. No doubt she's nuthin' but eager to get her already married and procreating ex-husband out of her painstakingly cared for blond mane. Mister Grammer, on the other hand, says he's short on cash since his most recent sitcom, Boss, belly flopped but good and in order to maximize his finances would like to move into the Holmby Hills house with his new, fourth wife and their new baby. That third ex-Missus Grammer might take umbrage with that scenario seems only, well, human.

Not only would third ex-Missus Grammer not want, Your Mama imagines, her ex-husband's new wife and their toddler child to live in a fancy house in Holmby Hills she once shared with Mister Grammer and their children it's not so far-fetched that she might bristle stiffly at footing half the bill for housing her ex-husband and his mistress turned fourth wife and their toddler child.

Anyhoodles poodles, we really can't say whether Mister and new-fourth-Missus Grammer did or did not move into the Holmby Hills house, because we just don't know. We have learned, however and thanks to an anonymous commenter, that Mister Grammer's newly acquired Spanish Colonial Revival  residence in the West Bev Hills Flats, designed by noted architect Ralph C. Flewelling, is up for lease for $30,000 per month.

Current lease listing information indicates the main house has five bedrooms with private bathrooms in 5,683 square feet plus a separate guest house with an addition bedroom and bathroom. The various public and private wings are organized around and access from a central double height entrance hall and an adjoining wood-beamed gallery with corner fireplace. There's a step-down living room with fireplace and exposed wood beam ceiling, a formal dining room, a den and a media/play room and a kitchen complex with over-sized utility room and separate butler's pantry with refrigerated wine storage.

A shallow covered porch with outdoor fireplace just off the formal living room gives way to a gravel and flagstone terrace that wraps around a heated swimming pool. There's a vine-draped poolside pergola for outdoor dining and and mature gardens that wrap around the house back of the house to a small square of jungle gym ready flat lawn, the aforementioned guesthouse and a detached three car garage.

As far as Your Mama knows, Mister and third ex-Missus Grammer still co-own an approximately 8,500 square foot ski chalet on 1.67 acres in Avon, CO that's currently listed at $6,995,000. Mister and fourth Missus Grammer still maintain a residence in Manhattan (West Chelsea) plus a rural spread in Upstate New York and third ex-Missus Grammer still owns and occupies a sprawling Malibu compound she once shared with Mister Grammer but put up for sale in August (2012) with a steep $17,900,000 price tag.

listing photos: Keller Williams Hollywood Hills


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I'm starting to think all those estimates that he/they had a net worth of $200 million, and the she got $100 million in her divorce settlement, were wildly exaggerated, because the more I hear about all this post-divorce residence merry-go-round and fire sale of properties around the country, the more it sounds like there's something rotten in Denmark when it comes to Mr & ex-Mrs. Grammar's finances...

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought: if Mr. Grammer doesn't want to live in the beverly hills mansion he just bought, and his finances are somewhat pinched, why not simply sell it and sell the Holmby Hills manse too? Then he would be free of Camille for good and could afford to buy whatever house he wanted. I just don't get this whole merry-go-round, unless he's deliberately trying to piss his ex off. SMH

GiltEdgeGirl said...

Seems like he could've just bought out Camille's half of the Holmby Hills house to begin with. Most new wives wouldn't want to live in the former wife's home, but Kayte doesn't seem to mind sloppy seconds, er, thirds, er, fourths.

Anonymous said...

If they ever lived together in the Holmby house, it was for about two seconds, pre Malibu. No? Can someone please explain why they still own it. Did they have it leased long term or has it just been sitting there vacant?

The house he is now trying to lease that he just bought is lovely. However, it's completely ridiculous that he went out and bought another house when they are trying to sell all these other properties. How 'bout leasing for a year while you unload some of this stuff???

Anonymous said...

A return to alcoholism might be the best solution for him. They say with enough of it you black out and don't know what you did.

Home Designers said...
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Anonymous said...
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l'il gay boy said...

Every time I hear about him wanting to live in the Holmby Hills house I am reminded of Charlene in the pilot episode of Designing Women, when Suzanne started dating Mary Jo's ex:

"I'm sure Mary Jo has some old underwear she doesn't want either --- that doesn't mean she wants to see you in them..."

Anonymous said...

Camille should rent the Malibu place and move in with Kelsey in Holmby Hills WITH new wife and baby and get the camera's rolling. reality show, any financial probs go poof. I am thinking a title would be The VERY Odd Couple?? And shame on the agent who didnt have them adequately stage that place! The photos are horrible on the listing including their ole marital bed frame with no bedding on it??!! It looks like Bob Hope's yard sale happened and they just left all the rest there.

New Launch Condo said...
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