Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Flim Flam: Beau Bridges

The long-legged gal at Trulia Luxe Living revealed this week that Showbiz veteran Beau Bridges has jumped back up on the celebrity real estate merry-go-round and re-listed his 7,000 square foot woodsy faux-Tudor in the guard-gated, star-stocked and equestrian oriented Hidden Hills community for $2,650,000. That's a lot of money, for sure, but it's $600,000 less than he originally wanted and $200,000 less than he wanted for the 6 bedroom and 6 bathroom mini-estate in November 2011 when Your Mama first discussed the matter.

listing photo: Sotheby's International Realty


l'il gay boy said...

I know absolutely nothing about this house but first impressions are usually right on the money... just strikes me as crappy, like the veneer on the cabinets will bubble & peel, the basement is damp & moldy, and the windows are aluminum.


Anonymous said...

Odd. Jeff Bridges is listed in Box Office Mojo but not Beau. Perhaps this is because one of his recent movies had a gross of a bit over $15,000. I haven't checked his other recent movies but I have the impression they don't make any money. I'd suspect he isn't a player in Tinseltown any longer at all.

New Launch Condo said...
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