Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mid-Week Mash Up

Your Mama can't possibly discuss each and every celebrity related real estate matter. Fortunately for the children there are scads of other property gossips out there who fill in the gaps.


The ever-industrious kids at Curbed (via The Real Deal) reported yesterday that Broadway producer Hal Prince listed his rather theatrical Manhattan townhouse with an asking price of $22,000,000. He bought it not quite three years ago for $12,500,000 and—holy-moly—is it every a decorative doozy. We suggest y'all steel yourself with a stiff cocktail, super-sized nerve pill or some other mood-altering substance because—we are dead serious, puppies—this place is a cacophonous sight for sore eyes.


The long legged lady at Trulia Luxe Living snitched this week about chat show and game show host Meredith Vieira (The View, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire) plumping up her property portfolio with the recent purchase of modestly-sized west coast abode. Miz V., who owns at least two east coast residences, coughed up $1,115,000 for the 1,783 square foot house in the hills above Hollywood that has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and distant views over Runyon Canyon of the iconic Hollywood sign.


There's a bit of scuttlebutt on the Philly Chit Chat blog (via Curbed Philadelphia) about country queen Taylor Swift building a big house in the seaside community of Sea Isle City, NJ,

We don't know a thing about such a thing but it wouldn't be a shocker given young Miss Swift has family in the area and her parents owned a place in nearby Stone Harbor they picked up in 1997 for $485,000 and sold in February 20005 for $2,425,000.


Gossip juggernaut TMZ revealed that Evander Holyfield has packed up and moved out of his monstrous 54,000 square foot mega-mansion on 234 acres outside Atlanta, GA. The property was recently sold in a foreclosure auction for $7,500,000. Oh dear.


Speaking of celebrity-related (near) foreclosures, the fine folks at Zillow let the cat out of the bag about former Partridge Family heart throb David Cassidy—a recent and weirdly churlish contestant on Celebrity Apprentice—has opted to surrender a 2,726 square foot condo in downtown Fort Lauderdale (FL) to the bank rather than go through the arduous process of foreclosure. Property records show he bought the 34th floor spread in early 2005 for $1,350,000.

Have no fear fans, Mister Cassidy—who still plies his brand of Showbiz fare in places like The Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ—is far from homeless. Property records we peeped reveal Mister (and third Missus) Cassidy also own a 7,000-ish square foot canal-front residence, also in Fort Lauderdale, purchased in February 2001 for $1,100,000.


Ernesto said...

It looks like Hal Prince was given a pile of fabric sample books and simply said, I'll have everything!

Anonymous said...

Mama, did you delete your post about the Craftsman place?!?! I've never seen you do that before!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links, Mama, but I'm blognogamous. I find one blog on a subject I like and that tends to be it. Like it or not, I'm afraid you're stuck with me.

There's something to be said for "quality over quantity" and, to be honest, I simply don't have time to run all over the interweb and cheat on you.

bikerchick said...

I was wondering about the craftsman post myself

Rosco Mare said...

Mama Dearest, I referred a muy rico amigo who, with the help of a team of your nice gay or otherwise decoraters, and architects, authentically restored one of those craftsman beauties in Pas-a-dena, CA. But now the post is gone. Where'd it go?

Desert Donna said...

Unrelated to this, just read Vera Wang is splitting with hubby. Keep an eye out for that please Mama, as she has some choice real estate as we know in NYC and LA

Lilithcat said...

Hal Prince's decor hurts my eyes. Leopard print carpeting? And what are those weird little lamps all over the bookcases? The buyer should get a price break because whoever it is is going to have to rip all that out and start again from scratch.