Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DeGeneres to Seacrest Sale Price Revealed

As duly and briefly noted earlier today by the always on top of things kids at Curbed, the purchase price for the nearly three acre Beverly Hills, CA estate Ellen and Portia DeGeneres recently sold to Ryan Seacrest has been recorded and revealed.

Despite the $49,000,000 asking price, the squeaky clean American Idol host drove a hard bargain and paid the reigning daytime chat show queen bee $37,500,000—or $36,500,000, depending on where you look—for the secluded, A-list celebrity-style compound tucked discreetly above Coldwater Canyon.

The biggest chunk of the dee-luxe estate (shown above), bought from Will & Grace co-creator Max Mutchnick in September 2007 for almost thirty million clams, includes a (roughly) 8,600 square foot, single-story main house once inhabited by jet-setting actress Joan Collins plus a fully-detached two-bedroom guest house and additional living space (somewhat preposterously) positioned directly underneath the radically and expensively engineered, negative-edge swimming pool and adjacent cabana.

Mister Seacrest's purchase also includes, as per the prop records we peeped, an adjacent parcel picked up by the Missus DeGeneres in December 2007. At the time of the $8,500,000 purchase the property had an undistinguished (and arguably ass-ugly) 1980s contemporary on it that, in short order, the ladies razed and replaced with an extended motor court and meandering, hilltop garden with private pond and city view.

Property records also show Mister Seacrest is also the new owner of a third, adjacent parcel with a 2,785 square foot residence the Missus DeGeneres scooped up in June 2008 for $5,000,000. The hillside house, just outside the compound's main driveway gates, makes for a perfect arrangement for a family member, over-nighting security staff and/or other live-in domestic personnel.

Our rudimentary mathematical calculations indicate the Missus DeGeneres paid (approximately) $43,500,000 for the various pieces of her property puzzle that she sold to Mister Seacrest. That means she absorbed a spine-straightening $5-6,000,000 loss, not counting carrying costs and improvements, such as razing one house and replacing it with a high-maintenance garden.

The Missus DeGeneres have another $5,500,000 tied up with yet another adjacent property picked up in July 2008 but did not, curiously and according to property records we peeped, sell to Mister Seacrest. So the celebrity real estate scuttlebutt that reached Your Mama goes, the Missus DeGeneres bought the house because it has oblique sight lines to some portion of her estate she did not want sighted. We're have no idea whether the Missus DeGeneres would like to sell and/or if Mister Seacrest might like to purchase said property.

Mister Seacrest still owns a gated Nichols Canyon estate bought from Kevin Costner in April 2006 for $11,500,000—and currently on the market for $11,985,000—and the Missus DeGeneres recently shelled out $17,400,000 to acquire a swinging, single story pad originally designed by Hal Levitt in the trendy Trousdale Estates section of Beverly Hills.

aerial photo: Pacific Coast News


Anonymous said...

I just dont understand them buying the hal levitt in trousdale. Ive walked by the house and its so close to the street you can see in several windows. Its a busy street too. Mind you jen anistons new a quincy jones didnt have a lot of privacy when she bought it, but now theres a 10 foot tall hedge at the bottom of the vineyard preventing lookie loos.

Carla Ridge said...

not really, you can see the tops of a few windows, but you can't see IN to the rooms behind any of them. Maybe if you get some high-powered binos from a perch in Sierra Towers...but I've walked that property and noted there's some very strategically placed landscaping -- which Jen's house did NOT have -- to block that view.

Anonymous said...

Since Ryan Seacrest is the one person on the planet who is responsible for inflicting those dreadful Khardasan creatures on the rest of the world, I can only hope this property implodes, self destructs or otherwise results in utter and complete financial ruin.

Anonymous said...

@carla ridge

Yeah, but you'd think someone who bought 3 neighboring properties to protect her privacy on her old house would have concerns about this house. Im thinking this is temporary until they renovate something else. I think they really didnt expect to sell their old compound as it was so unique and needed a really special buyer and then seacrest pops out of nowhere... we shall see i guess.

Anonymous said...

Blame idiots who watched those shows. I don't care for the Kartrashians, but he can't make people watch.

midTN said...


Damn, Anonymous @ 8:57 PM....I too can not STAND the worthless Kardashian pig clan, but one can only wonder what you would wish on Mr. Seacrest if he had inflicted something on this world that was really.....well.....BAD!!

Ellen may well be able to absorb that loss, but it still must have smarted big time when she signed the

Anonymous said...

Ellen has owned some unique properties, but it seems she is no trump when it comes to making money on property(ironically neither is trump given he was bankrupt 3 times).I would estimate given the improvements to that huge compound the loss would be closer to $10 million+ rather than 6 mil..Her new property on N. Hill Crest the Hal Levitt designed home is certainly not worth $17 mil, at the height of the market this property sold for $10...In any event it is rather obscene the amount of money someone is willing to spend on themselves for a home when there are by conservative estimates 700,000 people homeless in the US.

Anonymous said...

People should be allowed to buy what they want and not be judged for it. She works hard and has earned it.

Anonymous said...

Let her buy what she wants. She works hard and has earned it.