Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Shelterpop gave a run down of some of the years biggest real estate losers of 2010. They include, soon to be dee-vorced Scarlett Johansson, that poor Nic Cage, comedian Chris Tucker and many more.

The Real Deal brought us the real estate poop on some professional dribbler with a name we wouldn't not even dare to try to pronounce–Zydrunas Ilgauskas–and his wife Jennifer who have put their Bob and Cortney Novogratz* designed townhouse in New York City's SoHo neighborhood on the rental market for a very uptown price of $37,500 per month.

The Ilgauskas paid $6,950,000 for the 5-floor, 5,000 square foot townhouse in November of 2005. The 5 bedroom and 4 pooper house has a few extra special amenities such as a private and attached single car garage with direct entry, elevator and a 700 square foot roof terrace.

Apparently the 7-plus foot tall hoopster and his family are decamping to Miami to play for whatever professional basketball team is there.

*Reality show watchers will recognize the Novogratz as the baby machines with seven piglets who flip high-end properties in lower Manhattan (and elsewhere) and who appeared on their very own reality program on Bravo called 9 by Design.

Music industry mogul Chris Blackwell used to own an estate down in the Bahamas that, according the the good people at Luxist, attracted globe-trotting celebrities such as Julia Roberts, rock star Keith Richards, model/mommy Kate Moss and volatile supermodel Naomi Campbell.

The estate has been taken over and turned into the über-luxe Pink Sands Resort where 1-bedroom garden cottage starts at $495 per night and rates the 2-bedroom ocean view cottage with private hot tub start at $1,900 per night and go up to $2,650 per night.

There are now 13 exclusive parcels available to purchase from $700,000 to $1,995,000. None of the lots have ocean frontage or, it seems, even ocean views. Owners can opt to use of the of the turnkey plans available through the resort or bring in their own smart architect and nice, gay decorator to do up their Bahamian hideaway.

Owners can keep the house for their own personal use or, if they're interested in off-setting some of the cost of buying and maintaining the property, enroll the residence in the Pink Sands resort rental program.

Britney Spears put up her Christmas lights y'all!

Ho! Ho! Ho!


Anonymous said...

Those big losses suffered by overrated and overpaid celebrities did warm the cockles of Christmas heart. It's so good to know that Santa doesn't visit everybody as he makes his rounds. Or you might say that some people get visited by an "anti-Santa" during the season.

Anonymous said...

Re "poor Nic": having lost his homes or houses, all?, where does he lay his head at night? Does he live in shelters, or do friends put him up? You would know, Mama, so please tell us. I sorta worry about poor Nic.