Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To Let: Nicole Kidman's Starchitect Designed Digs in NYC

OWNER: Nicole Kidman
LOCATION: New York City, NY
PRICE: $45,000 per month
SIZE: 3,785 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: For many years, Academy Award winning actress Nicole Kidman leased posh pied a terres in lower Manhattan. She lived for a bit in the London Terrace complex in Chelsea where Your Mama would see her lookin' all steely eyed and slim. She also spent some time in a SoHo penthouse then owned by Boris Becker now owned by Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos and she shacked up in the SoHo doo-plex penthouse that her then lover Lenny Kravitz recently sold to Grammy queen Alicia Keys and her baby-daddy Swizz Beatz.

Now buckle up your safety belts, bunnies, because this is gonna blow your ever-luvin' minds: Even though ex-Missus Tom Cruise laid out oceans cash all over downtown Manhattan on high-priced rentals, she actually owned–and continues to own– a large and lavish apartment in one of the three green glass Richard Meier designed towers along the West Side Highway in the Far West Village.

Imagine for a moment, chickens, having the financial freedom to spend many millions on a pied a terre only to decide, "Meh, I don't like this place so much after all" and then go out and rent someone other famous person's gigantic and uncommonly expensive apartment. Lawrd, puppies, who does that?

Nicole Kidman, that's who.

Anyhoo, Miz Kidman is making waves on The Real Deal real estate website because–better get your check books, gurls–she's put her glassy crib in the Far West Village up for lease for a bone chilling $45,000 per month.

Miz Kidman snatched up the high-floor condo on the bizzy, bizzy, bizzy West Side Highway back in 2003 when The Meier Triplets were brand spanking new and creating an architectural stir in New York City and beyond. Unfortunately, Your Mama doesn't know exactly what Miz Kidman paid for the place, but we understand from previous reports it was around 8,000,000 U.S. clams and that the apartment was purchased in the name of her little sister Antonia Hawley. Since Miss Kidman only occupied the apartment for a short time–or if at all–it's quite possible the sleek residence was at some point occupied by the little sister. However, all us real estate gossips seem to think that whomever it was that put their panties away in the custom fitted closets, the posh pad was paid for by Big Sister Kidman.

Listing information shows the apartment, wrapped on three sides in floor to ceiling glass, has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 poopers including a master suite with sitting area, Midtown Manhattan view, custom fitted closets. The en-suite marble and walnut facilities include a double vanity, steam shower, egg-shaped soaking tub, and a floor to ceiling interior window so a person could, in theory, sit in a vat of hot water with their own filth and at the same time look clean through the living room and see the Hudson River and the Hoboken skyline.

The living room stretches the full width of the building and has a small south-facing balcony which due to the traffic is probably a little loud to be peaceful. A dee-luxe cooker was tucked quietly around the corner where the counter tops are both marble and walnut and the appliances among the most expensive money can buy.

Like all successful and extravagantly wealthy actors homes should be, Miz Kidman's condo is smart wired to remotely operate the audio, visual and lighting systems plus control the sunshades that scroll down at the touch of a button. The blue of the Hudson River acts as a vibrant and shimmering color counterpoint to the severely restricted palette of the interior day-core, all crisp white, seal gray, luscious chocolate browns and a little black here and there to ground things a bit. Despite its fishbowl nature, it's really quite magnificent, both livable and bordering on sterile at the same time and that, buttons, is not an easy decorative combo to pull off.

The person who coughs up the cash to rent the residence will find themselves surrounded by big name neighbors including Alexis Stewart–that's Martha's daughter–who has a ginormous triplex in the complex, Calvin Klein who owns a penthouse doo-plex, hotelier Ian Schrager, celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and Aussie actor Hugh Jackman who only bought his 11,000 square foot triplex earlier this year for the ungodly sum of $21,000,000.

Miz Kidman and her man-mate Keith Urban own homes all over the world including (but not limited to) a penthouse pad in Sydney and a 100+ acre spread a couple hours outside Sydney, a mansion in Nashville, TN, and a contemporary crib in a star-studded section of Beverly Hills (Post Office). The Kidman-Urbans recently acquired a ten million dollar doo-plex in a much ballyhooed newly completed Annabelle Selldorf designed West Chelsea building with so-called sky garages accessed by an industrial lift that raises cars to private parking bays located on the same floor as the apartment to which it is deeded.

listing photos: Halstead


Anonymous said...

I guess it is the fault of the photos but, to me, that place looks pretty erk!!!
Nice view but .... nuthin.
The Aussie

Anonymous said...

COLD. Can we please declare this sterile palette over as a design trend?

Do people really drop over half a million dollars in rent a year?

Anonymous said...

Seems typical of two very blah folks. Highly over rated on both counts.

Anonymous said...

I can see her living here. I've read an article where she says she doesn't like "stuff"; she even tosses out most pictures of her children.

Carla Ridge said...

There is no "I" in "To Let". LOL

Anonymous said...

Love it. If I had the rent money, I'd have enough money honey left over for color in the form of fresh flowers everywhere every day. Some red pillows on the couch and a blanket to snuggle under and i'd sit for days looking out the windows. ... Now what's the winning lottery number ?

Anonymous said...

I see many of your fans are not High Modernisn fans Mama. The place is stunning. Give me the key, NOW ! 45K a month to live in THE Richard Meier bld in Manhattan? A bargain.

Looking forward to ex. Mrs. Cruise's new film Rabbit Hole.

Carla said...

He must definitely be a genious, if Nicole hires him. I like the term Starchitect. Well, I know the name of the architect who designed Katie Holmes´ buenos aires apartment: Mario Martin Rodriguez. He is an Argentinean (apparently, many of them study to become architects there, as well as to become psychologists) and they are very good at what they do!

mel said...

I really love looking at the houses of the stars and especially what they do with their storage systems at home! Wonder what would happen if Nicole Kidman came back to Australia and made use of our services and other Self Storage Solutions in Adelaide. I swear I'd go mad with being starstruck!