Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mid-week Mish-Mash

Listen up chickens because Your Mama's going to speak the truth you here: Pickins are a bit slim in the celebrity real estate game right now; At least they are for us. We do have a few things lined up but nothing that's making our heart sing and fingers tingle. These things happen. There's ebb, there's flow and we are at the mercy of the thinning amount of 411 in our Easter Basket.

In light of the current state of things and because Your Mama's Momma will be visitin' over the weekend, we're going to switch things up a little bit. Normally we save up the Real Estate Mish-Mash until the weekend, but we're going to get bizzy with it today, Thursday.

Buckle up them safety belts, babies, because it's going to be a bumpy ride for some of y'all.

Dirty, nasty, wicked, razor sharp, and fuh-nee drag queen Jackie Beat recently opened the blood red front door to her campy, colorful and collection-filled Highland Park, CA home for the Los Angeles Times.

Hunnies, trust Your Mama on this, it's too good to be missed. We're sure some of you more traditional types will piss and moan and call Miss Beat's residence a tranny hot mess; And, it kind of is. But, children, it's a good tranny hot mess.

A ceramic ram with gold hooves as the dining room centerpiece? A framed photo of the cast of The Golden Girls? Ceramic owls? Yes, she did, people, because bee-hawtcha Beat plays that way. We don't care whatch'all think or how high-pitched your shriek, Your Mama would much rather look at a cockamamie but deeply personal home like Miss Beat's big bag of decorative bagatelles than all these gigantic and generic faux-Tuscan McMansion too deeply serious about impressing the guests with their hangar sized entrance halls, cook's kitchens and poopers slathered in travertine. Okaaay?

While Jackie Beat was giving the grand tour of her abode on the West Coast, on the East Coast ceramicist and lifestyle guru Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan–who happens to be, among other amazing things, the Creative Director at Barneys–opened the doors to their zany Palm Beach on acid style Greenwich Village abode to the Wall Street Journal.

Like Miss Beat's abode, this too is kinda fantastic in its own way. We marvel at Mister Adler's fearless and willy-nilly approach to color, pattern and "wink-wink" geometric forms. We recognize that not every person will want a bronze boot up in their fireplace (or whatever that is) and we understand that there's a childlike quality to the day-core that many will find off-putting. But, seriously kids, Your Mama will happily take this crazy eclectium where you gotta wear your best damn sunglasses just to sit in the living room over a bunch of brand new beige and brown things all tarted up and carved up to look like antiques and stuck up into a tract development where every 4th house has the same floor plan.

The folks at online real estate juggernaut Zillow compiled a detailed list of the home of 10 of the richest and most successful "tech tycoons" in the United States. They range from Facebook multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerbergs modest Palo Alto, CA rental house to the architectural extravaganza of Larry Ellison's 23-acre Japanese tea garden inspired compound in Woodside, CA.

It's worth a look if any of y'all ever wondered what happens to all the money spent on the latest and greatest gadgets and all the hours trolling around Facebook when you're supposed to be working.

Check back later for some additional real estate tidbits and morsels.

And remember, iffin any of The Children know something they might want to discreetly pass along, y'all should give Your Mama a ringy-dingy on the email right quick.


Madam Pince said...

Mama, I do believe it is NOT coincidental that Miss Beat and I share the exact same initials. I love her home -- not my taste, but as you so accurately point out, a damn sight better than a bland beige monstrosity. Miss Beat and I both strut to the beat of our own drummers.

As for Misters Adler & Doonan, I invite them to venture a little south of NYC and help a stylish but broke liberrian fix up her crash pad.

Hope your mama's visit is wonderful. She did a good job with you, Mama!

Miss Cookie Divine said...

That was some young fun and kooky stuff on Miz Beat and the Doonan dude! A refreshing change of pace, Mama!

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