Friday, October 23, 2009

UPDATE: Bernie Madoff

According to the Wall Street Journal, fallen financial swindler Bernie Madoff's Montauk beach house was sold to real estate bigwig Steven Roth. Mister Roth is the chairman of a company called Vornado Realty Trust which owns and manages massive amounts of retail and office space around the country as well as a having a substantial stake in Toys "R" Us.

The Madoff's Old Montauk Highway property had been listed by the Feds with an asking price of $8,750,000 and there was a flurry of interested buyers. Mister Roth's winning bid was $9,410,000 a figure our bejeweled abacus (and the Wall Street Journal) tells Your Mama is almost six percent over the asking price.

Mister Roths new nearby neighbors include Robert Deniro, Ralph Lauren and publishing magnate Jann Wenner who just scooped up an ocean front property on Old Montauk Highway for a reported $11,900,000.

The Madoff's Manhattan penthouse remains on the market with an asking price of $9,900,000 as does their Palm Beach spread listed at $8,490,000.

Meanwhile, mum is the word from ol' Ruthie Madoff who seems to have successfully gone into hiding and recent reports snicker about how the once big living Bernie is making friends in prison with drug dealers and child molesters, a mafia boss and an Israeli spy. Your Mama wonders how long it'll be before Bernie gets a husband.


Anonymous said...

Most of those prison "marriages" are sorta shotgun affairs, are they not? Reports about Bernie that came out after his fall suggested he was quite far into pornography, so he won't be too surprised, I hope.

Trey Mc said...

Wow, selling for about $660,000 over asking price is pretty darn good isn't it? As for the fate of Madoff... hahaha. :]

Hot Sauce said...

Bernie is way too old to be anybody's prison bitch. But I'm sure he's quite the celebrity thief among thieves. I am concerned about Ruth, and have invited her to come crash at my place. Since my old man is in Federal himself, I figure we could start a little support group!