Friday, October 9, 2009

Chartoff to Penn in Malibu

SELLER: Robert Chartoff
BUYER: Sean Penn
LOCATION: Grayfox Street, Malibu, CA
PRICE: $3,800,000
SIZE: 3,220 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Blow out price! Clif May design. Huge lot on one of Point Dume's premier streets. Dwellings total 4,500 s.f., consisting of 3 br. + 2.5 ba. 3,200 s.f. main house, det. maid's quarters, det. office + 1 br. guest house. Terraced walking trail-orchard with lush, mature trees. The beautiful grounds include lush gardens and English rose garden. Private beach rights to Riviera 3.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Let's get in our time capsules children and dial the date meter back to the 8th of September of 2008 when Your Mama discussed Oscar winning super producer Robert Chartoff's Cliff May designed ranch house in Malee-boo, CA. At that time the Point Dume property was listed at an eye popping $8,750,000. The asking price was later hacked to $4,499,000.

Thanks to Miss Candy Darling we've learned that the property finally sold in late August, 2009. The new owner, the children might like to know, is another Oscar winning entertainment industry big cheese. According to property records, the new owner is two time Oscar winning actor Sean Penn who paid–are y'all ready for this?–$3,800,000 for the 1.4 acre property.

Property records and listing information indicate single story main house measures 3,220 square feet and contains 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Additional buildings on the property include a detached staff room (perfect for our imperious house gurl Svetlana), a detached office and a 1 bedroom guest house that combined bring the total square footage to somewhere around 4,500.

The gated and high-hedged property has a large motor court and the u-shaped house wraps around a courtyard with a swimming pool. High maintenance lawns surround the pool terrace and a terraced garden with a myriad of fruit tress spills down into the canyon at the rear of the property. The deed also comes with rights to the private Riviera 3 beach at the bottom of Grayfox Street.

Mister Penn has plenty of big name neighbors to invite over for beer and barbecue including Charlie Sheen, Julia Roberts and schmaltzy but freakishly rich saxophonist Kenny G. who owns a major cliff top compound that includes two guest houses, an ocean side swimming pool, tennis court and a recording studio.

Mister Penn and his wifey Robin Wright Penn–who may or may not be getting a dee-vorce–have long lived in turbulent and wedded bliss a Spanish Hacienda style casa in Ross, CA for which they paid $2,100,000 in August of 1996 and which they hoisted on the market in August of 2008 with an asking price of $15,000,000. The property remains on the market with a drastically slashed asking price of $10,000,000. Records also show Mister Penn still owns a 14+ acre property on Carbon Mesa Road in Malibu. The property had a 5,072 square foot house–where he lived with Madonna–that burned down in the horrible fires that swept through the Bu in 1993.


Garfield said...

He grew up on Point Dume and his mother still lives just round the corner from this house.

Anonymous said...

And, it would appear, the next door neighbor is Don Rickles.

Anonymous said...

Probably moving back to the area to be near elderly mother.

Anonymous said...

Probably moving back to this area to be near his aged mother. Problem with living in Malibu if you work as an actor is long drives to studios.

Anonymous said...

What happened to his large lot with the trailer on it, next to David Duchovny/Leoni's old house???

I guess it is just to dangerous to rebuild up there?

Anonymous said...

Very nice grounds and landscaping, but the house itself does nothing for me. The original Cliff May architecture has been all but lost by botched remodels over the years.

The bedrooms are something out of a Holiday Inn, the living room is unremarkable and the kitchen is downright awful: dark, small, and green 4" tile on the countertops. Yikes.

Well, it's a safe bet Mr. Penn won't be the one cleaning up flour and coffee grind spills.

Anyway here's a bunch of photos, for those interested: