Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is Daniel Radcliffe the Next Nic Cage

BUYER: Daniel Radcliffe
LOCATION: West 12th Street, New York, NY
PRICE: $5,650,000
SIZE: 3,000 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: This lovingly renovated townhouse is one of three adjoining homes built by a sea captain in 1847 for his three daughters. The property is on one of New York's most picturesque tree-lined landmark cobblestone blocks: West 12th Street, between Greenwich and Washington Street. The 18 plus-foot-wide house faces South, and is soaked in sunlight throughout the day. The sizable open garden and backyard is cooled by beautiful old trees and landscaping.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Harry Potter multi-millionaire actor Daniel Radcliffe has gone and done it again in downtown New York City.

In November of 2007, the young and remarkably pallid Mister Radcliffe spent $4,300,000 for a fifth floor apartment at the Jean Nouvel designed apartment block in SoHo known as 40 Mercer, which also happens to be its address, of course. Mister Harry Potter never moved his magic wand into the 1,843 square foot, 2 bedroom and 2.5 pooper condo which he quickly put up for lease with and asking rent price of $20,000 per month.

A few months later, in February of 2008, the wee wizard dumped another $4,900,000 on a 3 bedroom and 3.5 pooper condo at the hulking 1 Morton Square building in the far West Village overlooking the Hudson River. For what it's worth, 1 Morton Square is the very same building where comedienne Amy Poeler and her comedian huzband Will Arnett live and where pint sized twin moguls Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen own but do not occupy a sprawling 5 bedroom and 4.5 pooper penthouse condo. Anyhoo, it was reported at the time that Mister Radcliffe planned on moving into the 2,450 square foot prior to beginning his nekkid run in Equus on Broadway. Mister Radcliffe's 11th floor condo has a 400+ square foot living room with a semi-circular glass wall with river views, a separate dining room, and an eat in kitchen with granite counter tops and a butler's pantry. The condo, ironically, has a 500-bottle wine cellar but, of course, Mister Radcliffe is not yet old enough to purchase booze in the good ol' puritanical U.S. of A.

Now, less than two years later and according to Mister Max Abelson at the NY Observer, Mister Radcliffe has scooped up a third downtown property, this time an historic townhouse on West 12th Street built in 1847 for a sea captain's daughter. Property records reveal Mister Radcliffe dumped $5,650,000 on the 4 floor plus basement, 18-foot wide townhouse which is currently divided into two units. The garden level contains a 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom apartment with private entry and private access to the 39 foot back garden. The top three floors comprise an open plan living/dining/kitchen area that stretches the full length of the house, 2 bedrooms and a split pooper on the second floor and another 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom on the third floor. The good people at Curbed have a few more photos and a bit more 411 on the property.

Now that young and slim and wildy rich Mister Radcliffe has picked up three multi-million dollar properties in lower Manhattan in as many years, the question begs to be asked: Will Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter success peter out leaving him with more luxury properties than he can afford to maintain? Before answering that chickens, remember that once upon a time financially beleaguered Nic Cage was riding high atop an Academy Award and making fifteen and 20 million clams a picture. Back in the late 1990s or early 2000s, no one might have imagined he'd be desperate to sell all his properties to pay the tax man. But he is.


StPaulSnowman said...

Interesting that all are in New York. He must surely have some sound advice. As all the chillun always say, NYC will always be desirable. I would like to know how the market has changed over the past two years compared to, say, LA where the whining was thick and heavy on the most recent Million Dollar Listing rerun. I think you also have to consider that, while expensive, these properties are more "affordable" than the double digit millions that the hairless one is trying to unload.

p.s. said...

and.........if he is as pale as Mama notes, he will blend in very will with the interiors of this newest place.

Anonymous said...

I read that he made $600,000 million just last year alone so I don't think he will be running out of money any time soon.

Anonymous said...

You read that he made six hundred million dollars last year? where'd yo read that nonsense?

Personally, I think he overpaid for the first two places, and this one, while well located is pretty small for a townhouse...even one in the village.

Tracy said...

I hate bar stools in kitchens the way Mama hates pot racks, so I REALLY hate those fixed swivel stools. I like the rest of the house, though. The ground floor apartment and the basement would be a perfect lease for a professional dominatrix.
It looks like the second floor back bedroom has a through the wall AC unit next to the radiator. Is that typical of NYC houses in this price range? I would expect some sort of forced air with wall or floor vents, especially considering the property looks remodelled.

stolidog said...

600 million dollars. That's funny.

ps, the townhouse may be small, but so is danrad.

Anonymous said...

Radcliffe did not personally earn that much money. The Daily Mail in the UK ran an article last month in which they showed how much money the Harry Potter actors "generated" for the studio as the result of their movies. The Mail then divided the total amount by the 3 actors (or whatever). Perez Hilton mis-read the article and reported that Emma Watson (the HP girl) earned x Hundreds of millions of dollars last year. So: error.

Anonymous said...

In the 2009 London Times rich list he has a fortune of £30M. Once the franchise is complete that is expected to rise to £70M.

Nic Cages properties are all large estates with huge costs. A Townhouse & 2 apartments in Manhattan cost next to nothing to run - especially if they're rented out.

Who knows what the townhouse is for ... I think he only lived in NY during his Broadway run & has since returned to London.

Anonymous said...

He bought his first two properties when prices were high (relatively speaking). Assuming that at least one of his first two purchases was an investment property, than the purchase of a third property in this depressed market may simply be an attempt to dollar cost average.

Anonymous said...

A fool and his money are soon parted.
He and Rupert Grint and well on the way to becoming the next Nic Cage's indeed.

Winston Murray said...

He has a lot of money so he is not going to run out of money soon.This is a good buy for him.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about him vs Nick Cage, but this twonhouse is definitely a better value than the $25M penthouse some children were salivating over. Actually, I would rather live in this townhouse, it has some character.

Anonymous said...

I do like this latest purchase. Nice joint, with a good sized garden. As for his investments, I can't really hazard a guess as to why three places in NYC. I agree with the poster above who pointed out that Danny Boy isn't buying massive estates that cost a small fortune to maintain. I'm wondering what his real estate holdings in the UK are? If any?

Lastly, I think he actually has a fine career ahead of him. He was well received on Broadway and has been smart in choosing other film roles that are very different from Harry Potter. He seems like a cool kid and I do not wish a Nic Cage-esque future. Actually, I don't wish that on Cage either...I hope he pulls out his financial tailspin soon.

Garfield said...

He's said in various interviews that he owns a modest apartment in London, also, which is near his parents home in Fulham.

Anonymous said...

I think his London properties are, as Garfield says, limited to a modest bachelor pad in Fulham. He seems to buy a property or two every time he comes to do a show in NYC. He is slated, gossip says, to star in a revival of "How to Succeed in Business..." before long. His first two buys were, as said, at the top of the market. This might have been a more saavy purchase. Like most actors he seems to prefer realestate to the stock market. I hope the bar (stools) don't tempt him down the road to drink. He got pretty soused on his 18th and 20th birthdays.

Anonymous said...

He has got the money to buy for now.

But his eyes might big bigger than his stomach. The RE market is STILL going down and might be there for a very long time. And most other movies he does he won't be making these HUGE amounts!

IMDB stats on just some of his movie salaries. He makes way more than Cage current does, but cage does more B movies to make up for it -

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) $14,000,000
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005) $11,000,000
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) $3,000,000
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) £ 250,000

Anonymous said...

I have to LOL at the first post. NYC real estate is insanely overpriced. It's desireable only in that many businesses are based there. This kind of money for that kind of square footage in a city that is dirty, rude and rife with crime makes me laugh. It's probably more for convenience sake, as he'll spend plenty of time there. Hands down, the quality of life in LA and London is better, which are where he probably spends the lion's share of his time.

Anonymous said...

I am LOL'ing at the last post. Los Angeles, better than NYC? HAHA. I am a Londoner living in LA (lived in NY) and I think LA is just gross compared to NY.

Also, Los Angeles is far more dangerous than NYC.

Crime Rate:

New York: 7.3
Los Angeles: 12.4

And most agree with me that LA sucks.

"Favorite Cities People would choose to live in"

1. New York City.
2. Denver.
2. San Francisco (tie.)
15. Los Angeles


America's Favorite Cities (survey of 3,400 travelers)

1. New York City

2. San Francisco

3. Chicago, Boston (tie)

Americas Least Favorite Cities:

1. Detroit

2. Los Angeles

3. Atlanta


Most attractive worldwide destinations mobile wealthy would choose to reside:

1. Switzerland.
2. London
3. Singapore
4. New York
5. Hong Kong

Sorry mate.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Radcliffe doesn't spend any time in Los Angeles.

He splits his time between London and New York, even when he's not filming. He lives in the Village and has an apartment in London's Chelsea.

I don't think he likes LA. He's not in that industry, so there is no reason for him to live in LA. The industry is the reason why many actors stay in LA.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:43 PM

The city of LA is HUGE.

Depends on where in LA you want to live.

Crenshaw, Baldwin Hills, Downtown, Sherman Oaks, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Woodland Hills, Bel Air, Marina Del Rey, or the Valley;etc.

Also, only the terminally rich can live/own on Mid/Lower Manhattan. VERY elitist. Right?

For me, you can have the bad weather, and towering buildings with NO sun or yards. I will take SOCAL any day of the week! Shorts and sun YEAR ROUND.

Sorry Mate, hope you enjoy that NorEaster. I here your Yankees cannot wait to get out here.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:43 PM

Nice spin!

That crime rate chart you have linked is from 2006!

That was WAY before our police chief Bratton cleaned up LA.

Also, the second survey "America's Favorite Cities" is for travelers, not for residents.
Naturally New York City will rank a little higher with travelers, it is closer to Europe.

Sorry mate!

stolidog said...

sorry, but LA is disgusting. Like Fresno or Cleveland.

Anonymous said...

I don't care when the chart was from, New York City is MUCH safer than Los Angeles.

And I love the seasons. Can't stand wearing shorts year round...very tacky, I love fashion.

LOL @ that weak excuse for Europe being close to NYC. Do you not see San Francisco and Denver at number #2? Is San Francisco and Denver now close to Asia? LOL.

More Europeans visit LA than SF but SF is ranked much higher. More Europeans visit LA than Denver, but Denver is ranked much higher. LA is ranked amongst the WORST cities in the United States and LA gets just as many visitors as New York. Crime ridden, spray painted hell hole.

New York is just a much more desirable and classy city than LA. It's the center of western civilization. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

LA must have warmed up since I lived there. I never wore shorts in the winter time there. Actually wore a winter coat in the early morning when leaving for work at 4 or 5 a.m. Temperatures are relative. I will say it seems the smog seems to have been lessened which is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

What's he supposed to do in New York?? He wants to leave his parents?? Bad boy, Daniel, I thought you were better.