Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are Björk and Matthew Barney Going Brooklyn?

There have been some recent real estate rumors floating around via tweets and twitters that Icelandic iconoclast Björk and her wildly successful (and attractive) artist huzband Matthew Barney–he of the ka-razy and epic Cremaster Cycle and more recently the equally Delphian Drawing Restraint–are moving to Brooklyn.

The rumors were, to put it mildly, vague, vague, vague. However, the Brownstoner, one of the, if not the definitive blog about all things Brooklyn, reported earlier today that they have enough confirmation on the matter to reveal that King and Queen Esoteric Artists are moving to a "phat pad in Brooklyn Heights." That's all they'll reveal.

Another Brooklyn blog called Brooklyn Heights Blog quickly followed up that report with a totally unsubstantiated rumor that the brilliantly kooky couple are moving into a high rise building.

Here's what Your Mama knows about that: Nothing.

What we do know is that Mister and Missus Barney have been scouting around town for a new crib to call home for quite some time. We also know that last year they nixed a 4-floor townhouse on E. 7th Street (at Avenue B) in the East Village. We know that because we know the (former) owners of said East Village townhouse.

As for their setting down roots on the Brooklyn side of the East River? Could be. Makes sense. We'll just have to wait and see what other information on the matter bubbles up and slips down the gossip grapevine in the next few days. In the meantime, any of you Brooklynites who want to educate Your Mama on the matter are welcome and encouraged to send us a covert communique over the internets.


so_chic_darling said...

Could they be looking at that 25 million dollar penthouse in the clock tower in DUMBO?
Mama you should feature that property just for the porn value alone, it's the most expensive residential property ever in Brooklyn.

angie said...

Thank you for the lead so_chic.. a triplex penthouse with 4 huge working glass clocks that double as windows. It's the most unusual and unique property I've ever seen. Slideshow

SID DELUCA said...

Thank you both very much, I appreciate when the children bring something tasty to the table! As for the clock tower place, it rocks but I must say those plain windows clash so much with the clock windows it upsets the whole deal for me, personally. I am going a wee bit off topic and way west of Brooklyn, but for those turret lovers out there check this one out . It is pretty unusual.

sherri dee said...

The size of the windows seems weird too... out of scale/proportion. I felt a bit of vertigo just looking at the pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Cutie, BUY AN AD.