Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Wee Bit of Weekend Mish Mash

Your Mama hears whispered through the gossip grapevine that P-Diddy or Puff Daddy or Diddle Daddle–or whatever damn moniker the hugely successful East Coast based entrepreneur has chosen to go by this year–is sniffing around for a high priced property in some of the hillier and more desirable zip codes in Los Angeles.

Oscar winning Australian actor and pugilist Russell Crowe must have moved out of the former N. Alpine Drive compound that had been previously leased by Tom Crooz. The 9 bedroom and 9 bathroom house (pictured above) sits on 3 manicured and prime Bev Hills acres and the owner is asking a spine tingling $100,000 per month.

Not that saving money is any concern of his, but sounds like Mister Prince could have saved some serious purple paper money if he'd leased this heavily secured house rather than (reportedly) forking over a shocking $200,000 per month for that behemoth in Beverly Park.

In additional rental news, Your Mama's favorite Hollywood hottie of a certain age Sharon Stone is offering to lease a house she owns–but has never occupied as far as we know–for $58,000 per month. Located on five glorious acres at the terminus of N. Beverly Drive, poor Miss Stone has been trying to sell this real estate white elephant (pictured above) for about as long as Your Mama has been alive. Given that the baby-maker flashing AIDS activist and single mommy of three remains ensconced in her long time compound over on Dawnridge Drive, we can't fathom why she bought this house back in 2006 to begin with. But if we've said it once we've said it a thousand times, who are we to make sense of the fickle real estate desires and machinations of the rich and famous...particularly when we're talking about a capricious minx like Miz Stone?

Since we're blathering on about rental properties today, let's go back to the teeny tiny house on Carbon Beach that billionaire David Geffen recently purchased from merely rich restaurateur Peter Morton. Our Fairy Godmother in Malee-boo whispered in our big ear that immediately after forking over $9,800,000 for the 2 bedroom house, Mister Geffen offered it out for lease at $15,000 per month (year round). Your Mama can't be sure the monthly checks Mister Geffen receives from the tenant show that exact number, but given its sa-weet location amongst all the billionaires on Carbon Beach, Your Mama presumes they do.

Just so the children of the Chicken Little variety don't feel left out this morning, let's touch on the heavenly Hollywood Hills house that Naomi Foner and Stephen Gyllenhaal have on the market. Miz Foner and Mister Gyllenhaal are, of course, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal's mommy and daddy. However, they are also successful and respected industry types in their own right. Located on Mulholland Drive near the northern tip of Runyon Canyon, the couple first offered their warmly contemporary single story digs with an asking price of $4,200,000. They recently ka-rah-tay chopped the asking priced all the way down $3,795,000. Does this reflect the current state of the market or rather a sincere desire by Miz Foner and Mister Gyllenhaal to sell the property quickly? You decide. Whatever the case, this is one of our favorite celeb owned properties and if Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter had $3,795,000 to spend on a house, we do we would certainly consider this one.


Anonymous said...

I remember not so long ago you could rent Tom Cruises ex mansion on Alpine for about $40,000 per month with Hilton & Hyland. Now that want $100k?

Alessandra said...

Oh, the Foner/Gyllenhaal house is quite lovely!

And would anyone actually rent a home from Tom Cruise? It would make me nervous.

Anonymous said...

I just heard about his parents break up. I am so sorry for Jake!

Anonymous said...

4 garbage bins out the front for a 2 bedroom?

I wonder what the site is on the street for a 9 bedroom pad.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the Foner/Gyllenhaal residence shares it's driveway with their next door neighbor. If I'm correct, that would discourage me. Otherwise, it's a great property.

Anonymous said...


It has a private gated driveway. The 2 properties share the access road which is fairly short.

lil' gay boy said...

Gyllenhaal house is lovely; warm, open, inviting and timelessly contemporary - not an easy combo to pull off . . .

Anonymous said...

This is nothing to do with the post, but I saw this house,com_kaaportfolio/Itemid,228/ and have located it on maps, but zillow doesn't give it a number so can't look up any details, anyone know anything about it? Any old sales pictures? Or its number?

Anonymous said...

I read something that Ms Stone was displeased with the house on Beverly because she thought it was in vrai Beverly Hills, not BHPO. She found out when she called the PD and LAPD and not BHPD showed up.

Note to Sharon: look for the white street signs. You can tell you're in BH. Or Inglewood.

Anonymous said...

Go away Average Ho.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Stone has put her house back up for sale in Beverly Hills for $8,995,000