Friday, April 4, 2008

The Cecil B. DeMille House Revealed

SELLER: A couple of non-celebs
LOCATION: De Mille Drive, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $18,900,000 (reduced from $26,250,000)
SIZE: 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Rare and historic Cecil B. DeMille estate, sited on 2.1 elevated acres in gated Laughlin Park. Completely restored with incredible attention to quality and detail. Studio house, pool house/gym, classic pool, expansive lawns, Audiophile Crestron System and much more.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: The children have been clamoring, crying and filling our inbox with email asking for information on the old Cecil B. DeMille estate in Los Feliz that hit the market a few weeks ago with a spine tingling asking price of $26,250,000, which quite frankly is a lot of moolah for a house in that part of Los Angeles. More than likely most of you nosy Neds and Nancys read the post the good folks at Curbed LA posted when the large and lovely crib appeared on the open market, and really, there's very little we can add to what's already been written and discussed about the property other than to deal with some historical details and the lackluster interior day-core.

However, we're going to refrain from getting all snarky this morning and stick to the facts. See kids, Your Mama has a thousand and one things to do today and we can't be sitting around here all day trying to think of pithy and witty things to say about those ass uglee brocade dining room chairs.

Built in 1914 and bought in 1916 by famous film director Cecil B. DeMille for just $27,893 the 2.1 acre property sits on a high elevation in the gated and fancy Laughlin Park neighborhood. According to the Movieland Directory, Mister DeMille later purchased the house next door from silent film super star Charlie Chaplin and connected the two houses with a long arboretum. Most reports indicate that for many years the Oscar winning Mister DeMille used the Chaplin house as his bizness address.

It would appear to Your Mama that the two Old Hollywood Grande Dames are no longer joined because property records show that the old Chaplin residence turned DeMille business address was sold by Emmy winning television producer John Wells to former Universal Pictures head honcho Mary Parent in November of 2007 for $5,980,000.

Most reports say Mister DeMille lived in the house with his family until 1959 and since then it has changed hands on several occasions and the current owners are not celebrities per se, but the huzband is a poet and novelist of some note.

The tax man shows the Mediterranean mansion measures in at a very large but not outrageous 7,472 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and listing information for the big beauty indicates there are 10 bathrooms. Your Mama isn't sure why this discrepancy, but everyone knows that 10 bathrooms means the homeowners have to spend big bucks to employ a full time gurl (or boy) just to keep all ten of them terlits scrubbed and properly polished.

In addition to the tile roofed main house that sits exquisitely high on the property, a pool house with a home gym sits next to the wonderfully simple rectangular swimming pool, and another structure/studio is tucked away beyond the pool. Your Mama thinks this pleasingly symmetrical building would be an excellent and quiet spot to read, write and take long afternoon naps while the Dr. Cooter works on his tan the natural way by slathering on some coconut smelling oil and lying motionless in the blistering sun like a dead fish.

The interiors have clearly been modernized and updated–there is a fancy schmancy and expensive Crestron system after all. But thankfully, the house retains its genteel grandeur and graciousness as well as some of its spectacular original details like the soo-blime (and probably hand rubbed) paneling in the dining room.

It's tough for Your Mama to imagine that anyone would want to sell this piece of paradise, but then again we break into a cold sweat just thinking about the gigantic maintenance and landscaping bills which would probably bankrupt the average American. Before you children jump down Your Mama's throat, we are well aware that anyone who can afford a $26,250,000 house a bank account big enough to pay a small army of landscapers to weed, trim and mow on a daily basis and to hire a dozens of dusters, cooks and vacuum pushers to keep the inside looking spiffy. None the less, our mind always boggles at the enormous costs associated not only with purchasing a property of this magnitude, but also the dedication and dollars required to property maintain and shepherd the house through the years.

Your Mama has heard through the gossip grapevine that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner viewed this house, but it's just gossip and rumor so please don't anyone go reporting that like you know what you're talking about because we certainly do not. It's plausible the high powered couple had a look see since they seem to love looking at houses with asking prices above $20,000,000, but we really don't know.

By Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter's estimation, the only thing this house lacks is a tennis court. We realize that not everyone cares to swing a racket like we do, but for $26,250,000 we would most definitely require a tennis court on the property. We can only assume that will not be a requirement for anyone who buys this celebrity style property and we can't wait to see who that will be.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the B Dmile folks need to cut their price in half ?

This just in from the news wire.

House prices are 30 per cent too high in the UK and could soon crash, the International Monetary Fund warned yesterday.

After a decade-long housing boom, it fears Britain is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to a devastating price collapse.

In a further blow, the Bank of England warned that the mortgage meltdown is going to get even worse.

The number of mortgage deals has now collapsed by 70 per cent since last summer's credit crunch began to cripple the country's lenders.

The IMF said the UK has experienced one of the world's "largest unexplained increases in house prices" over the past decade.

Anonymous said...

And we care about this why?

Anonymous said...

I don't like the's too much of all one color. I love the rest of the looks so calm and soothing.

Anonymous said...

I love this house! With, of course, the exception of the dining room chairs which I would jettison immejutley.

The library, with its shelves up to here, is amazing. I think what makes this place so special is the amount of natural light throughout the place. That, and the fact that those paned windows look like real paned windows and not the plastic panes on glass monstrosities that Home Depot sells. Paned windows should have windows within panes; not faux plastic panes ON windows.

I digress. Great house. Insane price. I know a lot of people will turn their noses down on the neighborhood, but the streets just off Los Feliz Blvd. are gorgeous! if not a smidge inconveniently located. It's a great old neighborhood that hasn't been completely overrun by condos and apartments. The even nicer thing is the number of houses that are well set back from the street and not built to within .1" of the property line.

Anonymous said...

This house is not far from my own, so I hope the sellers get full price ... even more! That being said, it is very unlikely - but not impossible - they will get even one-half of this price. But the slim hope is constructed on a business strategy that is worthy of some consideration. Nobody from Southern California will buy this house at anything like this price because one could buy a comparable lot and build exactly the same house (but with better construction) for less than one-half this price - and the locals know that.

Where's the hope? Well, to a buyer from, say, Knightsbridge in London (there are many in Los Feliz nowadays), this property does not look expensive. Of course, the broker's buyer should point out that the "comps" don't work at all (the square foot price is hilarious). That's where the "unique property" and "unique pedigree" arguments come in: The sellers argue that THERE ARE NO REAL COMPS. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. For example, its not working for the $20Million Sassoon/Sloane/"Neutra"/Singleton disaster in Bel Air.

I wish the sellers great luck and great fortune! And I send them many, many kisses! Kisses! OOO! OOO! "Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my home-price escallation now!" Kiss! Kiss! OOO!

Anonymous said...

Mr. DeMille is dead

Alessandra said...

I covet the library.

This is a house I could buy. It was built back when scale and craftsmanship still meant something. I even like the master bath.

The kitchen is a little horrendous from a layout perspective, but I suppose one doesn't worry about the aching feet of one's staff, as they schlep extra miles back and forth from stove to fridge to sink.

And I don't even need a tennis court.

Parker said...

anon 9:49 - Where would one find a 2.1 acre lot? And the new construction always lacks the charm of the older homes.
I think this is a lovely home, though my issue is with the sloped lawn. I want flat lawn that my children can play on without rolling into the pool.
The library is absolutely exquisite - what a beautiful haven.
I love the view of the Observatory too.

ms_wonderland said...

The IMF think that UK price rises are unexplained? G'damn they need to turn in their economics degrees.

The banks pushed huge amounts of cash into mortgage lending when businesses looked shakey, and because, ha, homes are a good investment. More money went in when lenders floated on the stock market. To lend all this cash, mortgages went up to 5 times annual salary, and that was OK because interest rates were low. Of course prices went up as buyers could pay more. Dont get me started on buy-to-let, which reduced the supply of houses for owner-occupation.

All this is about to come crashing down as money suppy tightens and rates rise. Lots of reposessions to come.

Why should you care? If one major market goes down, the rest of the world goes down too.

Anyway, I'm loving this house, with the 1930's bathroom and classy pool. Wonder who wiil spash the cash - and will the sellers have to drop the price?

Anonymous said...

I really like this house & I love Los Feliz but the price is just ridiculous. They have no hope in hell securing a buyer at this price, I would say 1/2 this price is more realistic. I really hate the interiors though, they just don't look up to scratch for a house supposedly worth $26M.

If you look at the Paul Williams that sold recently on Bellagio Rd - Painstakingly rebuilt, stunning interiors, 10,000+ SQFT, Prime Bel Air & it sold for $27.5M ... so really, is this place worth anywhere near $26M? Sadly, no.

Anon 1

I'm in London & all your ramblings are news to me, the rest of the nation & the numerous daily newspapers! Prices here are still rising, at a lower rate but still going up.

pch said...

This is about as good as Old Hollywood gets -- the house, the lot and the provenance. (I'll bet everybody who looks at the place quotes Gloria Swanson's famous line as they cross the threshold.) Plus a gated street. I dig it.

They'd have a much easier time getting that price west of Crescent Heights, which might as well be light years away, but you gotta love the chutzpah of asking $21 million more than the next-expensive listing in Los Feliz. (2566 Aberdeen, which is apparently the ex-Gwen Stefani house.) And it gives neighbors the great throwaway line about the house next door being on the market for 26 and change.

Anonymous said...

I think it's lovely and I've always dreamed of having a library with a push-ladder. Don't ask me why.

Anonymous said...

PCH, thats what I was thinking ... Gwens former house is obviously smaller & lacks the history but it could be stunning if you spent some money on it - unless of course you dig the interiors ... But that stretch of Aberdeen has some amazing old spanish properties - A couple of them to the North are probably larger than this place ... As for Laughlin Park being gated - each time I go past there always seems to be a gate wide open!

Anonymous said...

This is all a ponzi scheme there is no doubt that we will be forced to pay 20% more in taxes to cover these schemes in the next 2 years all of this money lost and floated is not free and we the common taxpayers will be stuck with the bill.

I hope I will be living outside of the US by then.

esp if riots and chaos happens....

Anonymous said...

btw I hear on the news that there are no jobs available in florida ? is the news lying again ? I find it hard to believe that it is that bad down there.

Anonymous said...

Average Joe

Knock off the anonymous bit and GO AWAY.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:49, Last I noticed (this morning), Laughlin Park is still in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Thousands of miles from the UK.

Anon 9:49, I'm having a tough time believing you live anywhere near this house. Someone whose view is that 90 year old craftmanship can be easily replicated for less money would never have invested in a home in Laughlin Park in the first place. Unless you are renting one of those apartments on the south side of Franklin across from Laughlin Park?

I hope the house does sell and to someone who will love and care for it as obviously others have for the past almost century.

Anonymous said...

UK link with chart london is not mentioned so london may be not be affected

Anonymous said...

I love the bathroom and the kitchen (especially the vintage stove). House looks damned livable.

Anonymous said...

Not worth it? 2.1 acres?

Anonymous said...

I think Lily Tomlin lived in this house at one time.

Anonymous said...

"UK link with chart london is not mentioned so london may be not be affected"

Uh, well London is in the U.K! This is basically the media stirring things up & the I.M.F whatever they do, which appears to be not much - prices mostly continue to rise in most counties & looking at the map on the attached link it looks like only a minority of areas are 'high risk' with most being 'low risk' - Prime London [most of London is prime] will not be affected - An apartment just sold in St James's for £125M/$250M - clearly many people aren't worried about the market crashing.

O.K, back to Los Feliz ... This thread has nothing to do with the U.K market.

Anonymous said...

Lily lived nearby, but not in this house. I know it's been mentioned before where, but it wasn't this house.

BTW, it is a great house, just a tad overpriced, but value is in the eye of the checkbook holder...:-)

Anonymous said...

No, Lily Tomlin never lived there. Her house was the former W.C. Fields house across the way.

To be clear- I spent 4 years at this house during and after the reno.

FYI- The dining room chairs may not be everyone's taste but they are one of the few pieces in the house that are family pieces (the owner's Grandmother's dining room set) and will not be sold with the house, I am sure. Get your own dining room furniture.

Having spent a lot of time in this house I can tell you that it is comfortable and renovated in ways that make it so livable in the modern sense without being obviously so. The tech with the comfort is yummy. And- there is flat lawn. No one's children will roll into a pool despite that one downslope.

FWIW, the library in the pictures is only the small music library. There is a much larger version with a rolling ladder that can house a great book collection.

At one time Laughlin Park was DeMille's farm and was covered by wine groves. The rest of Laughlin Park was developed as a co-op so they are privately maintained streets and there are no wires for power or telephones- all are buried underground and the residents maintain them. They even have a private sewer system.

This home is a rarity with a wine cellar that will creep you out, views that never leave my mind and quiet that is addictive. I am sad to see this home on the market actually because it was a wonderful place to be.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the scoop, anon 5:13.

so why are they selling? just cashing out or downsizing? and what's your thoughts on the price? obviously you love the house, but it is a bit pricey, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

nice inside scoop anon 5:13, give us more, thanks

Anonymous said...

The house was renovated by architect Brian Tichenor who has been featured in many nesting magazines.

I have no opinion on the price. It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

It's a nice house and property but I seriously doubt that it will sell for anywhere near what they're asking.

Alessandra said...

Thank you, anon 5:13. Those details make the house seem even more desirable.

Anonymous said...

This is anonymous 9:49 here.

Parker and anonymous 12:45, just wake up! You make me so mad I want to bitch-slap your French poodles on the ass! A clue for the clueless: "the old Chaplin residence turned DeMille business address was sold by Emmy winning television producer John Wells to former Universal Pictures head honcho Mary Parent in November of 2007 for $5,980,000." That's a TWENTY MILLION DOLLAR difference, Bubbalahs.

With a $26 Million budget (even $10 Million), its perfectly possible to find or create a 2 acre lot in Los Feliz or Hollywoodland, especially a sloped one, and build a DeMille clone. A 68,000 (yes, sixty-eight-thousand) square foot lot in the Los Feliz Oaks sold just a few of months ago with a classic Spanish house on it (not as nice as DeMille's) for WELL under $4 Million (a rock guitarist sold it). It might take a bit of time, but one could also COMBINE adjacent lots and tear down one of the houses; that is what Tim Disney (yes, from THAT Disney family) did on Glendower Ave a few years back - and he didn't spend anything like this kind of money.

It is also not true that "new construction always lacks the charm of the older homes." That charm gap is a matter of builder's choice. It is perfectly possible to build as charmingly today as it was in the 1920's for way under the price of this house. The DeMille house is only 7,500 sq ft. Believe me, it could be replicated with all of its charm for well under $10 Million. I know, I do that kind of construction, and there are plenty of competitors. For example, the couple now renovating the old German consulate on Chiselhurst is doing exactly that: a nearly complete gut followed by an ultra-charming build-out. Fabulous! It's done all the time. It's not cheap or easy (you have to find a designer with good taste and a competent and careful contractor, neither of which is easy). But building and land costs are not nearly enough to justify this price - or even 1/2 this price.

As for my own house: I have a beautiful 1920's job with over 4,000 sq ft, a gorgeous elliptical pool surrounded by roses and a big panoramic view of Downtown LA. It's about 3/4 of a mile from DeMille and close to the Frank Lloyd Wright Charles Ennis Residence. I bought it in 1993 for about a half million. Eat your heart out, sweeties. Hugs and Kisses!

Anonymous said...

Hi 5:13,

Thank you for the personal tour. I loved it. Yes please, tell us more.

Hey 9:49,

I'm curious; not confrontational.

You say:

" could buy a comparable lot and build exactly the same house (but with better construction) for less than one-half this price...a clone..."

How do you mean? Building new with better construction methods? I'm genuinely curious. Does this home have structural dificiencies? Are there technology strides that could make this a better building? Well yes, from an energy standpoint, but beyond that? I do appreciate what you say about finding the right talent. That's paramount.

Regardless, I still can't see how the richly crafted millwork, hardware, and other finish elements could ever be truely replicated. It's calendar time and gentle wear that make these details special. It's the way patinas evolve, the way planks were cut back then. Those are the things I'm thinking about.

I see your point, but perhaps not totally. A new clone could be breathtaking, and a given that you're confident in the economics, perhaps some of the trade-offs (like 10s of millions) could be overlooked!

Anonymous said...

sandpiper -

This is 9:49. Thank you for your nice questions.

ALL 1920's homes (my God, this one is 1914!) have huge structural problems compared to top quality modern construction, especially in regard to seismic considerations. A house on the top of a hill like DeMille is especially problematic in an earthquake (fortuneately, Los Feliz has the best geological parameters in Southern California). If this house were cloned, one would use a lot of structural steel supporting beams set into reinforced concrete footings - probably including big friction piles sunk way into the earth. Nevertheless, recreating the mere raw space in this house would be pretty cheap and easy with modern techniques (that's why there are so many awful macmansions around). That economy leaves plenty of budget for old world style workmanship in the finishes ... but the macmansions omit that part. It all takes time, of course. The work in the old German consulate on Chiselhurst has been going on for more than 2 years. That richly crated millwork, etc you mention is not cheap. But a $10 Million budget buys it easilly, for sure. Ten Million Dollars is still a huge amount of money! And look, top craftsmanship creates a beautiful and charming product if you have the taste to enjoy and understand it - and the kitchen and baths are ALREADY new in the DeMille house as it IS. The other spaces have clearly been heavilly reworked and rehabbed recently ... that's part of what is supposed to "justify" this price. And we're only talking 7,500 sq. ft here.

Anyway, it's absurd. The people in these comments defending the price are probably brokers and the like who know better.

Kissy, kissy! Ciao!

Anonymous said...

Hi 9:49,

Thank you. Now I get it.

What you do is what our family business was. I love talking to people who are into this stuff. A nice chat.

Anonymous said...

No I'm not a broker. One doesn't have to be a broker to know that Ennis House isn't in Laughlin Park. Ennis House isn't in a gated community. But Ennis does have a bunch of A**hole NIMBY neighbors causing problems for the Ennis Foundation so you might live over there judging from your attitude.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:23 PM -

This is 9:49. You may not be a broker, but you're not defending this price, either. For years Laughlin Park homes have commanded no great premium over homes in other good parts of Los Feliz.

I lovooove the Ennis House! I see it from my pool surround while I drink my gin-and-tonics. And, of course, I never suggested that it is in Laughlin Park ... that would be silly. I think the NEW Ennis foundation board is just SO BUTCH! Much better than that nasty, corrupt OLD Ennis foundation board that Gus Brown stuck in there, always trying to figure out some way to evade the consent decrees and party, party, party while running the old place into the ground! Let's hear it for Ron Burkle, whose four million bucks saved the whole show!!! GO, RON!! And I say, let the Ennis House use it's space for fundraisers! Screw the LFIA on this one!!!!

As for the rest of your dyspeptic comments, I can only give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that in your case "Anonymous 11:23 PM" is just short for "11:23 PMS." Nighty, night Anonymous 11:23 PM(S). Take a nerve pill, pu - leazze! No. Take two. I love you! I want to have your baby! Kissy, kiss, kiss. OOOOOO! XXXXXX!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish the anons would adopt names, especially that intriguing anon 9:49. Really, it is so tedious and time consuming to back track comments looking for the references. How about Kissyface for you, anon 9:49? The comment section on Mama's blog has evolved into a very informed, minutely informed, California group. That is wonderful! But we non-west- coasters are sometimes left without a clue. That's fine too. But oh, do please use a name. By the way, where have all the sillyhearts gone?

Anonymous said...

I like the house more than the theory on the pricing is this: $26.25-million is RIDICULOUS for anything in Los Feliz, but if you plunked this place down in say Holmby Hills or Lower East Gate Bel-Air, the place would be a STEAL for that price, so maybe what they're hoping for is someone who covets a traditional, grand "Old Hollywood" estate but is priced out of Holmby & Bel-Air will pay an exorbitant price for this place just because, as someone else already alluded to, it truly is a "one of a kind" house with few comps, at least in Los Feliz...;-)

Parker said...

Anon 9:49, back off on the bitch-slapping. Seriously, get a life. All I did was make comments/questions. No, I wasn't defending the asking price of the house. So, you say it's possible for someone to build a home like the 1920's, and it's possible to buy and combine lots. Fantastic, I hope the optimistic doesn't die of old age before completion. Or, I hope his/her quality of life isn't hampered by having to oversee it all. If someone has $26 mill to spend on a home, go for it and enjoy the instant serenity they're looking for. Back off with your rude attitude.

And no, I'm not a broker.

Anonymous said...

This house is wayyyyyy overpriced! Yes, they are hoping to have that buyer who will pay nearly $20M from England who think they're slick for negotiating the price down..

there is a shot at finding them, and it wouldn't be the first time in the last few months a ridiculously overpriced home East of the 101 didn't appraise and the owner paid the overages in cash anyway.

My opinion... the house is utterly amazing and totally unique. There are some really bad and really nice homes in Laughlin Park... this is the tippy top and it doesn't get better.

Anonymous said...

there are a lot of vatos down there, not exactly a safe area, if you were to buy it for 3MM you still would have to spend another 20MM for security LOL.

Anonymous said...

The new buyers could hire us for security, we would watch the place like a hawk but we would not work for 10 an hour, it would be more like 100 an hour, but the place would be safe.

Anonymous said...

"but if you plunked this place down in say Holmby Hills or Lower East Gate Bel-Air, the place would be a STEAL for that price"

Paul Williams / Rebuilt / Bellagio Rd / East Gate Bel Air / 10K+ Sqft / Huge Lot - Bellagio to Sunset / Stunning Interiors / Tennis Court Estate / Just Sold / $27.5M

The realtor has priced this property as if it's in prime Bel Air, he's delusional.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aunt Mary, my head is spinning trying to scroll back & re-read what one anonymous said to another anonymous. I'm a long time reader of this blog & look forward to all the different characters that post. If it makes anyone feel better....YOU ALL SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME but thats a big part of what makes this blog so much fun to read....

Anonymous said...

The realtor has priced this place to get in all the gossip columns and make a name for himself... not to sell the property at anywhere near this price, trust me

Anonymous said...

O, Parker, this is your anon 9:49, aka Kissyface! You sound just like Alexis Colby cruelly dismissing some feckless gesture of angelic Krystle Carrington! I think you know a bit about bitch-slapping yourself, you old kidder! I just ADORE it! It makes me DREAM!

Now I want more than anything to LIVE in the DeMille house with big, strong, no-nonsense Parker! We would buy it together in our romantic glow at full asking price without even attempting to defend it, but only making a few comments/questions and using lots of creative financing! Our DeMille house would be paneled and perfect and cluttered with overstuffed pillows and bookshelves that go up forever and a Victorian chaise and our bed, meltingly soft, with embroidered silk sheets, and everything would be warmly lit by sconces and table lamps whose globes were painted with buds and floral themes. The library is absolutely exquisite - a beautiful haven. And we love the view of the Observatory too. I would awaken refreshed each day and stretch like a kitten, rubbing the sleep from my saucer eyes with my tiny fists. I want to meander, feather- light, in my Lexus convertible down the boulevards of the weirdly-defined MLS version of West Side Los Angeles, through places like Los Feliz and Beverly Hills. I would wear a little blue sailor outfit, my sweet face framed by my mischevious Jose Eber curls.

And then, joys of joys - Parker (who is NOT a broker, not, not at all, but something bigger and much more important!) would come home and, unable to believe his eyes, would suddenly realize that I am no longer the innocent, frail wisp of a child he has known but I have, obeying destiny, ripened into a creature of breathtaking handsomeness. Sometimes he would make me so mad that I just couldn’t help myself, and out of frustration but without any meaness at all, wack our delightful toy poodle – “Fifi” – on the derrière while squealing, “Parker! Regardez! Parker! La maison est trop chère!” But Parker would just put me in my place and tell me to “back off on the bitch-slapping” and “get a life” – but that only makes me adore him all the more! From here my dream gets a little vague and images of the battered spouse center and the Roybal Building courtroom intrudes, but by then I'm usually radiant, sobbing and broke.

Anonymous said...

Kissyface, thank you for coming out from behind your anon facade. I don't think you could have stayed there long as you seem bursting with personality. You have courageously pitched your woo against a probable stone wall. I don't think Parker will respond. You should play hard to get initially, and then flirtatious, then coy, then back to indifferent, keep him guessing. If indeed he IS a he. Gender is a tricky business on this blog. Good luck. I'll be watching, prurient and salacious old lady that I am.

Anonymous said...

The asking price is insane!!!!
Try something around $12.5 mil

Anonymous said...


Please stay.


Anonymous said...

The residents of Laughlin Park are too cheap to pay for security. Everybody is on their own in there!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reality check. A sure way to get attacked on this blog is to suggest that something is overpriced. Now I'm no gloom and doomer but a lot of the asking prices are absurd.

Anonymous said...

I love that malibu home, but another home they should consider, is 1235 sierra alta way. ( located in the hollywood hills. ) it's huge ( 17,893 sq. ft!. ) it's got 9 bed rooms, 13 bathrooms, a 5 bedroom guest house, and the entire house is just beautiful.

Robert Hammond said...

This home is one of the locations being scouted for the upcoming movie, "The DeMille Conspiracy", described as "The Da Vinci Code" meets "Die Hard." see