Monday, March 24, 2008

Nicole and Keith's Kountry Kabin

BUYER: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
LOCATION: Nashville, TN
PRICE: $3,470,000
SIZE: 10,925 square feet, 7 bedrooms, 8 full and 2 half bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: This home is called The Queen of Northumberland. Magnificent stone work on cornices, window trim and entry door. Tennis court. Swimming pool. The perfect home theatre. Fabulous landscaping.

NOTE: When word first slid down the celebrity real estate gossip grapevine, it was rumored that this Nashville, TN property was purchased by singer Jessica Simpson. It was not. It was by all accounts picked up by Aussie actress Nicole Kidman and her country music superstar huzband Keith Urban.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Rumors and reports have long swirled that fast fading pop/reality/film star Jessica Simpson was packing up her hair extensions and decamping to Nashville, TN in order to work on a country music album. Yesterday the Nashville Post reported that Miss Simpson may have forked over the big bucks for a fancy place to park her pick up truck and cowboy boots. Much as we'd like to say otherwise, Your Mama does not know much more than what was reported in the Nashville Post, which is that maybe Miss Simpson bought a big house. Here's where things stand:

A giant house in the fancy gated Northumberland community just outside of Nashville recently sold for $3,470,000. The trust that purchased the 2-acre spread is represented by well known Music Row money manager Mary Ann McCready, a ladee whose name appears on property records for all sorts of rich and famous country music folks including new Nashvillian Kelly Clarkson and Aussie ex-pats Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, who Your Mama hears through the gossip grapevine might also be on the look out for a Los Angeles outpost.

It's unclear to Your Mama why the good folks at the Nashville Post think it might be Miss Simpson who purchased this house and not one of the other many music celebs Miz McCready represents, but they do. Perhaps they know more than they are saying?

Anyhoo, with the help of Tennessee Tatler and Nashville House Whore, two of Your Mama's country crooning tipsters on the ground in Nashville, we have learned a little something about the house in question. Located in a gated enclave that is secured like Fort Knox, the 10,925 square foot house known The Queen of Northumberland features a whopping twen-tee rooms spread across three floors of living space. Unless the entire Simpson clan and Miss Simpson's hair weave honcho Ken Paves are picking up and moving to Nashville full time, it is Your Mama's humble and meaningless opinion this palatial pile is entirely too much house for one gal and her round robin of male suitors (currently quarterback Tony Romo from the Dallas Cowboys).

Listing information for the sizable and stately manor indicates there are 7 bedrooms, 8 full and 2 half bathrooms (can the children say live-in terlit scurbber three times fast?), a living room that measures a gigantic 32' x 21' and a 23' long dining room. Other rooms in the manse include a den with a cozy fireplace, a home thee-ay-ter, and a thirty foot long hobby room. Now, what kind of hobbies do the children suppose Miss Simpson has? Scrap booking? Model trains? Quilting?

The Nashville House Whore, who swears he's been up in this mansion, whispered to Your Mama that it's a "nice crib," in a very secure "gated ghetto" with amazing grounds, but that the interior day-core was "dated and very old white lady" with lots of antiques. Sounds like Miss Simpson will need to drop another bundle on a nice gay decorator to do the place up properly.

Although the gated community includes a private club house with tennis courts and swimming pool for all the other rich residents, The Queen of Northumberland quite naturally has it own pool and tennis court which means that Miss Jessica and Kenny Paves need not fraternize and frolic with the other well booted music industry residents who live in the ritzy enclave if they do not wish...not that Miss Paves ever gets her hair wet in a swimming pool. We tease.

As far as we know, and property records reflect, Miss Simpson continues to own her 5,500 square foot Beverly Hills house on "guard gated" Lime Orchard Road that she bought for $5,275,000 in the aftermath of her dee-vorce from ex-boy band beau-hunk Nick Lachey.

If all this rumor and gossip is true and Miss Simpson did indeed by this big house in suburban Nashville, we sincerely hope her new country album does a lot better than her last few film and music projects because with a couple of multi-million dollar mortgages and a daddy-manager to support, gurl needs a serious income. Good luck hunny. Your Mama wishes you all the best, 'cause all due respect, yer gonna need it.

Next stop, The Surreal Life. Oh! Ouch! Did we say that out loud?

YOUR MAMAS UPDATE: Somehow, researcher extraordinaire B.S. Beaverman located a small cache of photos of this house that we did not have when we first discussed the property. To be honest, we don't know where she got them or how, but they are nicely done photos that Your Mama imagines cost the real estate agent a good slice of her commission. We are of the opinion that other than the soo-blime and so-fisticated color palettes in the master bedroom and bathroom, Miss Jessica's nice gay decorator has his work cut out for him.

We do sincerely hope that it wasn't Miss Jessica that bought this house but rather some other more established country music star who has a family to fill up those big rooms. Can you imagine how lonesome and forlorn Miss Jessica would look sitting all alone in that family room knitting or sitting down to dinner alone in that dining room? Yikes. Please, Miss Jessica, tell Your Mama you have more sense than to buy a 10,000 square foot house in Nashville.


Anonymous said...

TN? God I hate the south. I don't trust Southerners. Southerners aren't really friendly, it's all fake, it's all superficial, it's meanness with a polite veneer. I have grown to have an innate distrust of southerners due to what I feel is an innate passive-aggression, in which politeness is wielded like a club or a knife. Some people seem to believe you can say the most horrible, hostile shit and get away with it as long as you add "Bless her heart" after the fact. F**K that.

so_chic_darling said...

"dated and very old white lady"with lots of antiques.Sounds like Michael Jackson to me.

Anonymous said...

Damn, if that was in LA, I would have bought 2. Nice house.

Anonymous said...

Mama is southren, sweetie. Now go warsh out your mouth with soap.

Anonymous said...

Those are fighting words, anon, as I grew up in the south and consider it a very fine place.

Southerners pride themselves on having manners, which might be defined as not simply saying the first thing that pops into your head, regardless of its appropriateness or propriety.

An old-fashioned concept, perhaps, but one we southerners like. Of course, you're welcome to your opinion, Bless your heart.

so_chic_darling said...

I do lots of business with the South,never had a problem!

Anonymous said...

First off, anon 3:13 is nuts if he/she thinks southerners are superficial. New Yawkers and Los Angelinos - maybe. Southerners?

Mama is NOT a southerner. She has written that she grew up in the LA area. And if I recall, The good Dr. Cooter's Mama lives in Orange County. It is Mama's manners that have you thrown. She is a classy ladee.

Alessandra said...

I'm surprising myself to say that her Lime Orchard Road house looks quite nice.

As for the TN property, it doesn't do anything for me. I'd like to hope that she wasn't foolish enough to buy it, since it is quite large and not really suited to her current needs (unless she thinks she and Mr. Romo are going to have a large brood in quick succession).

Anon 3:13pm reminds me of what people used to say about DC when I was living there: "Full of southern efficiency with northern charm." I'd lend you a crow bar to pry your foot out of your mouth, but I'm afraid it might not be worth the effort. Besides, more spewing is not necessary.

pch said...

I was at a dinner party in New Orleans, sitting next to one of the city's elderly grandees. Everyone had hit the cocktails hard, and we were all a bit sloshed even before the soup course. She asked me which church I attended, to which I replied I wasn't much for religion. She tilted her head quizzically, regarded me for a moment, and said in the sweetest way imaginable, "I suppose you do understand you're going to hell." No joke! It was all I could do to keep from laughing.

The point is not to distrust Southerners who deliver blunt messages in dulcet tones. It's to understand how communication styles vary and -- in my case -- to be entertained by self-righteous old ladies who feel perfectly comfortable condemning my soul to eternal hellfire.

A country record isn't such a bad idea for Jessica Simpson. And as to Nashville, I like it there. A friend of mine calls it the Shallow South. Hard to believe it's only a (stunningly beautiful) three-hour drive from the Deep South vibe in Memphis. But it's definitely not a purely Southern city.

pch said...

Just in case it didn't come across, I love Southerners, both Shallow and Deep...(pun intended)

Anonymous said...

I HATE's not the people, Southerners are great, it's the weather, I can't stand it!

Jessica Simpson is white knuckling her career...she sees that it's fading fast and she can't control it enough for her liking. A country album might be a hit for her...or like everything else she's done in the last 5 years it might not and instead will be a major failure. I hate Jessica Simpson mind you, so I could care less if she ends up homeless, bless her heart.

Anonymous said...

The girl is from Texas. A country album isn't that big a leap. At least she's leaving LA before she starts flashing her vajaja and running into trees like some of her contemporaries.

Anonymous said...

This propery is so cheap (inexpensive) if it was around where I live in the UK it would probably be in excess of $15m.

Anonymous said...

The quintessential "I was somebody for 15 minutes once" retirement property. Enjoy it Jessica.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

WTF ???

anon 5:13

average joe is that you ???

Anonymous said...

mama isn't a southerner? please tell me no--maybe she is but her folks up and moved to hollywood to give movies are try or something.

Anonymous said...

My wife is a delightful mix of Afrikaner and Tennessee southern, raised in New York City. Really, the most incredible combination. In a turn, she can descend a staircase gracefully, then punch you in the face, and then go hunting in her bare feet.

I recommend you stay out of her way, anon 3:13.

In truth, she does have some hang ups about The South, but those are based purely on the wildly skewed socio-economic situation down there, paired with her South African roots.

Except for the elegant restraint of the entrance gallery, I don't like that house.

Anonymous said...

It's now "buy one get one free" for mansions in Florida. And that's probably STILL not even close to what these units will end up going for

One thing about these firesales? The comps will be destroyed for years and years to come. One bad thing? Anyone who "owns" a house in the area now has a new comp.

And just because it seems like a good deal today (comparing against the bubble high) doesn't mean it's a good deal. Just ask the buyers of stock as it headed down.

I wonder how far behind Manhattan and Beverly Hills are ?

Anonymous said...

As usual, "average joe" is spinning a story to be something it isn't.

1) Those homes ranged from townhomes to 3 bedroom houses in a subdivision. Hardly "mansions".

2) The "buy one, get one free" was a sound bite from one person interviewed who said that prices were so low it was *like* buy one get one free. They never explained when the "original prices" were the asking prices.

3) Florida is not Manhattan or Beverly Hills.

Average Joe, you will still never be able to afford LA or NY prices so why don'y you move to Florida and hopefully get eaten by a gator.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is a LOT of house for one little girl. I'm with Mama on the yummy master bedroom color palate. For me, it somehow resembles the same muted and warmly understated feel as Jackie Kennedy's
resulting from her substantial White House rennovations. While many of these restorations may now appear "dated" by today's interior design trends, it was a huge initiative; transforming away from the institutional decor she arrived to find. Here's a
with pics and words about it...if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Correct second link.

Anonymous said...

That is sweeeet. I'll clean Jessie's pipes anytime she needs them done, and Mama's too.

Parker said...

Obnoxious, obnoxious, obnoxious. I'm SO tired of people without families buying huge homes. What, not enough room in a more reasonably sized home for that massive ego of hers?? I understand wanting land and a tennis court or swimming pool. But a house that huge? Can you spell L-O-N-E-L-Y?

Anonymous said...

anon 830 am

did you bother to look at the video ?

some of them looked like mansions to me

when the stock amrket crashes we will start to see a lot of fire sales in LA and NY

Anonymous said...

anon 5:43

If I am ignorant how come I was just offered 50k cash to find another deal like that one ?

you are the IGNORAMUS, keep on sticking your head in the sand while the waves wash ashore and you drown in your own stupidity

Anonymous said...

FLASH: S&P Case-Shiller index shows 11% drop in US home values. Vegas and Miami crash 19%, Phoenix, San Diego and LA down 15%+

who is the idiot now ?

pch said...

The thing, Average Joe, is that your posts assume the economic crisis will have the same impact on each and every community on the United States.

There are countless neighborhoods, especially in states like Arizona, where prices tripled or quadrupled only because people thought they could make a fast investment buck, or they needed somewhere to park capital gains. It looks like this developer in Florida planned this project with those buyers in mind, but came to market too late. I imagine these places will take the hardest hit.

Then you have lower-income areas where prices skyrocketed only because banks started handing out creative subprime loans to anyone with a pulse. Again, no value-driven basis for the rise, and I agree with you that these prices will plummet.

I think there will also be a serious problem in middle-income primary residences, but not as devastating as in the other categories.

The luxury market is a bit different. Yes, everything is much pricier than it was six or seven years ago, and yes, we've already seen a drop, particularly on the lower reaches of the super-high-end. But Beverly Hills and Manhattan and Palm Beach and Aspen were crazy expensive before this all began. Because the people with the most money want to live there. Even if the clock gets reset to 2000, you're still looking at multi-million-dollar price tags. And this is a group of people who often prosper even in economic downturns, or can at least afford to wait them out.

Which is why I don't agree that $10 million houses will soon sell for $1 million.

Anonymous said...

prices rise and fall. it's all cyclical. no city is immune.

Anonymous said...

PCH I agree with you, but I think that a 10MM house will come down to 3-4 MM from todays prices not 1MM.

Just like a 4MM mansion in todays prices will come down to 1-2MM even with the rich holding off.

Many of us were caught by surprise as the usual appreciation model is 5 percent maybe 10 percent every year on a home in Manhattan, Malibu, Sunset Plaza, San Francisco (and that is if it is a good decade) and instead that turned that out to be 50 percent every year ?

I used to rent homes in the hills for 3k a month and now the same place rents for 30k a month ? I now live in a shack for 3k a month.

Most of us are not super rich but we do well, come from a large tax base, have good business and we certainly could have afforded in 2000 a luxurious home overlooking the ocean or on the beach in malibu overlooking the city lights on Sunset plaza area,or Manhattan NY in 2000, even Orange County which is known for it's cheap real estate and is now the price of a kings ransom.

Now we will have to wait before the prices come back down to realistic levels so that that we can live normally again and I am hoping that the firesale in corals gables florida, as far as it is, will start a very large trend of high end developers finally throwing in the the towel and bringing back down the asking prices to realistic levels nationwide in highend neighborhoods.

If a few developments in BH are quietly sold for 10 percent of their neighbors comps, don't you think that prices will then come down to the realistic appreciation model, for example, a 20MM home would now sell for 25MM ? vs 100MM asking price in todays market.

There is simply not enough billionaires, hectamillionaires to support this unrealistic market.

Here is a scenario that could happen today, let say that there is a millionaire has a beach house he bought in the 70's and he needs cash does not want a loan.

He paid 1MM for it back then, in todays market homes similar to his (comps) have 20MM asking prices and he sells it for 3MM cash, he still made double his investment,
would that sale seriously drive the comps around him down 50% ? more ? what if a few of his neighbors want to cash out as well ?

could their neighbors, city government sue them to stop the sales ?

I wonder if the city govt in corals gables or the neighbors are going to sue these developers to stop the firesale from going through not that they can as it would be in violation of numerous civil rights.

But unfortunately I am sure as the sun sets that the new buyers will receive a very cold welcome from the neighbors as their homes value is now down by 60% in one week, it is so bad that the comps in the entire area have to be redone.

Ironically these developers can now go back to their way overpriced mansions, penthouses in the best cities in the world, live like kings and enjoy their fantastic lifestyles, while the ones who took an enormous loss will now have to find other ways to make the car payments, finance their kids future, this is a very sad week indeed.

PCH, thank you for your input


good day to you sir

Anonymous said...

new for us normal folk

Anonymous said...

A 66% decline is the inverse of a 200% increase in prices. That's how far we have to fall.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, that's just way too math, too early in the morning.

All I know, personally, is that there is a large inventory of homes- regardless of the listing price- on the market here in Chicago. Additionally, sellers seem to be finally lowering the prices to get their homes sold, which means that homes coming on the market now are listing for less than they would have 1 year ago, just to compete.

Which means it pretty much sucks all around...

Anonymous said...

"a millionaire has a beach house he bought in the 70's and he needs cash does not want a loan."

You've used this argument before and it still makes no sense. The seller gets CASH regardless. The buyer may want to pay cash, or may get a loan. But either way, the seller is getting a check not a loan. They are getting PAID, not agreeing to PAY.

"He paid 1MM for it back then, in todays market homes similar to his (comps) have 20MM asking prices and he sells it for 3MM cash"

Why on earth would anyone be that STUPID? Seriously. I understand going 20% comps if you need to move the property quick but discounting a property from 20m to 3m??

"it would be in violation of numerous civil rights."

What? What civil rights? The right to not have property values decline? Wouldn't that mean that people in states where the property taxes are based on current values had their "civil rights" violated when property values when up and therefore their property taxes increased? Were they able to sue their neighbors for paying more for their house than they did?

You Sir, Are the King Of The Idiots.

Anonymous said...

"going 20% comps"

That should be "going 20% under comps"

Anonymous said...

I already got the 50k, now I have to find them another firesale, if I cannot I have to give them back the 50k.

The homes that were just sold were in a gated community, they looked like large homes, mansions to me, not tract homes, I know the difference, let us have this discussion in a few months, who knows maybe this firesale was a fluke.

lil' gay boy said...


Well stated, as always. Special interests, special tools.


Anonymous said...

On the 70's malibu example, what if the seller cannot get the 20MM, 15MM, 10MM, 5MM righ away for the beach house that the bank, real estate agent, brokers, appraisers tell him that it is worth but they themselves do not have the money to buy ? and they do not have qualified buyers to buy it ? banks are running out of money in trying to keep the re market as you should know.

So with that said he would have to sell it for 3MM for the short sale.

Another note, very few if any buyers can qualify for a loan over 2MM these days, banks are starting to ask for 50% down, gone are the 10-20% down days in RE.

Btw santa barbara is already down by 39% so it looks like my scenario is already in play.

The California Association of Realtors reports median prices fell 27.2% from year-ago levels in the hard-hit Inland Empire east of Los Angeles, 30.9% in Sacramento, and 39.1% in Santa Barbara County.

Now guys like Kimmell will always have buyers for their billionaire compounds to build and sell to other billionaires, but what about the average joes who are millionaires in their own right but the most they can afford to pay in cash is up to 3MM ?

There are far more average joes than billionaires and the average joes are the real backbone of the economic system.

Anonymous said...

I am not saying the market is going to tank, I am just saying that it will come down to realistic asking prices even on the high end side.

Anonymous said...

Then you didn't pay attention to the video you posted (big surprise). The large buildings were multi unit. That or the strangest "mansion" I've ever seen with several identical entrances in a row.

Here's a sampling of the square footages from their website -

2b/2b 1720sf
3b/2b 1869sf
2b/2b 1861sf
3b/2b 1677sf
3b/2b 1869sf
2b+d/2b 1900sf

No private pools. 6 community pools for 580 acres of units. Right next to the Florida Turnpike. The listings I read all had either formica or corian kitchen counters and white or almond appliances.

Thems some mansions compared to the trailer park.

Your friends are dumber than you are if they gave you 50k.

Anonymous said...

"what if the seller cannot get the 20MM, 15MM, 10MM, 5MM righ away for the beach house that the bank, real estate agent, brokers, appraisers tell him that it is worth but they themselves do not have the money to buy? and they do not have qualified buyers to buy it?"

1) The real estate agent, brokers, appraisers aren't the buyers. They are working stiffs just like anyone else. Who expects their agent/broker/appraiser to buy their house? You aren't making sense again.

2) If comps in the area set the value at 20m, he would have a buyer at 15m. He wouldn't have to lower it to 3m-5m. Any bank would be happy to loan on a house starting out with that kind of equity. Well, loan to a person with a decent credit rating and income to be able to afford the loan payments.

"So with that said he would have to sell it for 3MM for the short sale."

Now you are changing your scenario. Now you are calling it a short sale. Why is it a short sale? What is his mortgage balance? If it is the original 1m purchase almost 30 years ago, it should be close to zero. He must be really f/ked up if he is going to lose a 20m house because he can't finish paying off a 1m loan.

Anonymous said...

King Idiot Joe,

You still haven't answered how a seller ends up with a loan instead of a check when he sells his house.

Or explained what civil rights are violated when someone sells for less than you paid.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:01

yes I did get it and I have 3 months to find them a deal, of course their budgets more in the 2MM range, they want to buy the estates and use them as corporate/rental properties and they have to be in a city like BH, Bel Air, Manhattan, SF, which I know is a long shot, but you never know.

If the Dow goes down 5000 points by then I am sure we will see some deals.

In regards to the firesale in florida

are you saying it is step up from a trailer park ?

what about the 39% decline in santa barbara county ? or is that figure for trailer park homes to ?

You have to admit that the homes in the florida firesale are pretty nice even at 86k, btw you missed the 3000 sqft ones that were selling for 250k and I think they had their own pool, jacuzzi with that one.

Remember there still has to be a A 66% decline to the inverse of a 200% increase in prices. That's how far we have to fall.

The funny thing is that lets say the prices do fall that low, how many of us will have the cash or can get a loan for 2-3MM for a nice estate in the hills or a penthouse in manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:38

Yes a bank loan and cash are the same but..........

What if the seller wants to get out in 10 days ? 3 days ?

What if the seller cannot get the price 20MM that everyone and their mother says it is worth ? esp since none of them or their friends, associates can buy it themselves no matter how great a deal that is seems to be ?

The flippers and investment groups are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the prices to fall further so they will not dive in, the banks are running out of money to buy more properties so they will have to think about it.

In that case he would have to do a short sale, cash up front, now how many buyers can get 3MM from a bank ? at a moments notice ?

In case you have not been following the news lately, BANKS ARE NOT GIVING OUT LOANS TO JUST ANYONE WITH A PARTIAL DOWNPAYMENT, you need to have 50% at least to get approved regardless of your credit for loans over 1MM.

On the other question,
I stand corrected, the better term is violation of constitutional rights .

Anonymous said...

"What if the seller wants to get out in 10 days? 3 days?"

Under what circumstance would anyone who has owned the property for a couple of decades need to be out in 3 days? And leave millions of dollars on the table?

"In case you have not been following the news lately, BANKS ARE NOT GIVING OUT LOANS TO JUST ANYONE WITH A PARTIAL DOWNPAYMENT, you need to have 50% at least to get approved regardless of your credit for loans over 1MM."

That is simply a false statement. You are stating the requirements for a no qualify loan (i.e. no employment verification, no proof of income, etc.). You can get a loan for over a million dollars without a 50% down.

"On the other question,
I stand corrected, the better term is violation of constitutional rights."

What constitutional right is being violated?

Anonymous said...

anon 8:13am

I am tired of answering your stupid questions, ask a lawyer of course you will have to pay him but if you really want to know the answers you have to pay for the knowledge, I know what I know because I worked in legal for a firm that manages over 2000 properties in BH, Malibu, Manhattan, Miami and I have seen every kind of scenario out there that can happen

good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:13

can you get a loan for a million to buy a home today ?

Anonymous said...

"I am tired of answering your stupid questions"

In other words, you can't answer the questions.

Anonymous said...

"can you get a loan for a million to buy a home today?"

As a matter of fact I have. Which is why I know "average joe" is full of sh*t.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:55 am

I did not ask if you have, hell anyone could get a million dollar loan last year, I am saying here and now can you get one for a million dollars ?

Anonymous said...

I just did. I am halfway through a 30 day escrow.

Your point is?

Anonymous said...

anon 9:41am

Anonymous said...

anon 9:41am

I would not want my comments to jinx your loan check so all I will say is I hope you get it in time.

Anonymous said...

Again with the unrelated links?

My loan will fund. No question about it. There is certainly nothing your wildly off target ramblings could do to change the course.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:03 AM

yes but what if your bank is not in business the day you are to get the check or the want more money down, a bigger or a different type of a collateral ?

those links I sent are strong indicators that the loans are drying up, banks are going out of business, and for the banks that are left, loan conditions are going to be where income and credit is irrelevant. amd real tangible collateral will be revelvant.

Anonymous said...

The bank funding my loan will be in business and my escrow will close.

But really Joe (can I call you Joe since we all know it is you just posting as an anon now?), the problem is you are painting a picture with a very broad brush. You do this all the time and it is probably why so many people on the blog dislike you.

You know nothing about my financial situation. You know nothing about my income. You know nothing about other properties I own and my loan to value ratios on those properties. You don't even know the purchase price of the property that I am buying.

All I have told you is:

a) My new home loan is in excess of 1m

b) My new house is not in New York.

c) I have a 30 day escrow

The two assumtions you could probably draw from my comments are that my new house is in California, and that I am not doing a no documentation loan.

Anonymous said...

Y'all just need to stop this back-and-forth bickering, right now.

Behave yourselves!

Anonymous said...


I think we are behaving. I realize it is probably futile to try and convince Joe that not everyone has his life (or lack thereof) but there have been far worst exchanges on the blog.

I personally don't see your post as being the "blog police" but be prepared that some around here will see your comments as such.

Anonymous said...

Anon- I certainly didn't mean to be the "blog police"-- I was just hoping for more interesting discourse than the silliness (my opinion only) going back and forth in this exchange.

My attempt was to be humorous, and I obviously blew it...

Anonymous said...

anon 11:56 am

We are going in circles here.

Hire a lawyer and he will explain what I have been saying if you cannot comprehend it.

With that said, I hope you get your loan, good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

"Hire a lawyer and he will explain what I have been saying if you cannot comprehend it."

Again with the broad assumptions. I have a lawyer.

It isn't that I can't comprehend what you are saying, it is that what you are saying may be true for YOU but it is not the case for everyone.

I will admit there was a bump in the road this morning. The bank questioned why the appraisal came in at 17% more than I am buying the house for. They are happy now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

well this is one beautiful home..but I heard it was purchased not by Jessica Simpson but by one very sexy aussie..

Anonymous said...

Since you all are discussing the fire sale in Ft. Meyers. It appears to be like a subdivision near me in Fla.. A few townhomes mixed in with single family and 2 story homes. The price ranges are vast. They include community pools etc. but they are able to have their own.

They are not tract homes. It's kind of a concept in mixing older neighbors, singles, with younger familys. Building a community within a subdivision.

100 acres next to us was bought to put up single family and luxury 2 stories. A 2 story with some architecual details, coved ceilings etc..but strictly on a small plot is sold at 260,000.00. A bit over 2000 sq ft.

Because of the current market they didn't even finish building the subdivision. And started selling that 260,000 for 199,000. Another builder will take over when the market gets better.

The problem in our area..rural N. of Tampa..People losing homes to those loans they did have. Many still want to live there...And the fact that house prices are dropping, the property itself is not.

If you throw a 3 bed 2 bath house normally 160,000 to build..they still want all the money for the property..which isn't dropping so that house won't sell because it's on 3 acres and they are wanting prices of 2 yrs ago.

In Fla..the news states..because of our housing market, mortgage insurers will NOT make loanes for people with perfect credit with less that 20% down. If a loan is requested for a second home or vacation home, you will get denied even with great credit. This is where you will also need a alot higher precent down.

I do take offense that those fire sale homes were reguarded as no better than trailers. Considering a few of them are quite large and would easily garner more in the Calif, market.

The ones selling for 86,000 are no doubt the townhouses and not the 2 stories in that subdivision.

The Fla. market was well 2 years ago. My gran bought her house 20 years ago for 25,000. It's a 2 bedroom, single car garage, Fla. room and one bath. It was bought for 140,00.00 in May of 2006. The market went immediately down and the flipper is stuck with it.

Anonymous said...

Listen darling, these houses that were being sold in the video may not be trailer homes, but they are most definitely tract homes.

Anonymous said...

This house was actually purchased by Nicole Kidman, not Jessica Simpson.

Anonymous said...

I love this house so much i don't want to move to the house me and keith are renovating