Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thursday Morning Mishmash

Your Mama has a few updates and old news items that we figured we'd put in one morning mishmash rather the take the time and spend the excessive energy required to discuss each update separately.

Back in the mid-1990s, when Miz Julia Roberts' primary residence was on lower Fifth Avenue in New York City, Your Mama used to see the $20,000,000+ per film acturuss at the Bowery Bar, which used to be a quite chic downtown eatery and drinkery. This was in the post-Pretty Woman days when Miz Roberts was not the box office babe she became after My Best Friend's Wedding and long before her Oscar Winning performance in Erin Brockovich. Your Mama wishes we could say Miz Roberts was all bubbly and big toothed grin-like, but the poor thing was not on top of her game in those days, and more than once we saw the gurl slumped in a booth looking like a squint eyed and nappy haired hot mess.

Although Miz Roberts continues to maintain a New York City outpost (a Gramercy Park penthouse), nowadays, the mother of three lives mostly on the West coast with her cameraman baby daddy Danny Moder. When she and the family are not hunkered down at their big ranch in Taos, New Mexico, they are shacked up in a small compound on Nowita Place in a modest, but very desirable section of Venice, CA.
But, as anyone who has ever read a glossy tabloid knows, the environmentally conscious couple have recently completed a gargantuan "green" built house on the cliffs of Point Dume in Malee-boo (pictured above). Although property records we accessed do not disclose the purchase price of either of the two lots that were purchased late in 2003, many reports say Miz Roberts and her man paid $20,000,000 for the properties. Sounds like a lot of money, but then again Johnny Carson's cliff top compound sold earlier this year for a reported $38,000,000.

Your Mama hasn't a clue about how big Earth Mama Miz Roberts' new house is or how many bedrooms and bathrooms have been included in the craftsman style structure. But given that she's got three youngin's who all need nannies, we imagine the house has to have at least 6 bedrooms. If anyone would like to clue Your Mama in, please give us a ringy-dingy.

UPDATE: We hear from the Jack of Clubs that the house measures a relatively modest 6,144 square feet with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

Yesterday, Mister Max Abelson at the pink paged NY Observer gives us the update on the West Village townhouse that crazy rich Johnson & Johnson heiress Libet Johnson purchased from Academy Award winning actress Meryl Streep back in October 2005 for $9,100,000. Your Mama discussed the property back in April.
Mister Abelson not only tells us that Miz Johnson never moved into the West 12th Street townhouse (pictured above), but that in fact she "lent the house" to Diandra Douglas, who happens to be the ex-wifey of Michael Douglas. Lent? Seriously? The children might remember that lucky ex-Mrs. Douglas was granted a reported and rumored $45,000,000 in her dee-vorce settlement, so even if we had the piles of cash that Libet has, we'd have charged ex-Mrs Douglas and her guitar making new husband Michael Klein some steep ass rent.

Five time married Libet, who has had a very public and tumultuous romantic life including being famously and formerly hooked up with tonsorial tycoon Frédéric Fekkai, had her five floor townhouse on the market for nearly $16,000,000. While no one seemed eager to pay quite that much, Mister Abelson reports that the centrally located house did in fact sell for $12,800,000 to an investment trust.

Mariska Hargitay has finally unloaded her TriBeCa penthouse for much less than it's asking price. According to all the real estate gossips, the approximately 2,500 square foot Beach Street penthouse sold for $5,100,000, which is considerably less than the $6,495,000 that was being asked when Your Mama first discussed the property back in February.
Your Mama has received multiple and eager requests about where Miz Hargitay has moved since vacating the 3 bedroom and 2.5 bathroom building topper on Beach Street, but you know what? Your Mama does not know. Given that Law and Order continues to film incessantly around New York City, including in front of Your Mama's building earlier this week, we presume the pedigreed acturuss and new mommy has moved to a larger New York City apartment that better fits her growing family.

Sources: Pacific Coast News (Roberts' photo)

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michael klein has left Diandra Douglas and is back with his ex, raw food chef, Roxanne Klein.