Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Shannon Elizabeth Re-Lists L.A. Pad

SELLER: Shannon Elizabeth
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $2,699,000
SIZE: 4,689 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Two-time Playboy pin-up model turned American Pie sexpot actress turned jewelry designer and successful semi-professional poker player Shannon Elizabeth has re-listed her long-time residence in the celebrity-approved Los Feliz area of Los Angeles with an asking price of $2,699,000.

Property records show Miss Elizabeth acquired the 1920s era Mediterranean in August 2001 for $1,425,000 and Your Mama's research shows this is not her first trip to the real estate rodeo with this particular property. She first hoisted the house on the open market back in August 2012 with an in-hindsight optimistic asking price of $2,988,000. The price was changed twice before, in January 2013, the property was de- and then quickly re-listed for $2,694,000. The price dropped (again) to $2,676,000 before it was taken off the market in the early days of May (2013).

Current listing details show the three-story city-view residence has a street-level three car garage and a walled and gated entry courtyard. There are a total of five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms in 4,689 square feet with loads of intact original architectural details (iron work, stained glass, colorful tiles).

The step-down living room has medium brown wood floors, a wood-beamed ceiling, and an ochre and sepia sponge paint treatment. Windows flank wood-burning fireplace and there's direct access to a bowed, iron-railed terrace with long views that sweep over Atwater Village. The formal dining room is painted a rather bloody—and, hence, unappetizing—shade of red and furnished with a heavy-duty wood dining room set that looks like something out of King Arthur's castle.

The wood floors in the living and dining rooms extend into the library where there are built-in bookshelves and a long view through a trio of casement-style windows. A small sun room, with the same disturbing, blood red paint treatment as the dining room, has a vaulted, exposed wood ceiling and black-tiled wet bar on top of which, Your Mama notes, sits an Costco-sized bottle of top shelf gin.

The somewhat small-ish looking kitchen has vintage-style black and white tile counter tops, a three-stool breakfast bar, an industrial-grade range, and a glass-fronted, commercial-style fridge that Your Mama covets and can assure the children cost Miz Elizabeth more than ten grand. We're just going to look past the greenhouse window over the sink because, well, all the children surely know by now that Rule No. 17 in Your Mama's Big Book of Decoratin' Dos and Don'ts states—and we paraphrase—that greenhouse windows over kitchen sinks are, in most cases, strictly verboten.

Listing details indicate each of the three guest/family bedrooms has a private bathroom as does, of course, the master bedroom where the mustard colored walls look like they were rubbed with tea or tobacco. (Good grief, people, did Miz Elizabeth ever meet a sponge paint situation she didn't want to incorporate into her home?) Only a double-wide doorway divides the bedroom itself from the bathroom. There's no door. Thankfully the toilet appears to be in an enclosed cubicle of its own because Your Mama just can't stand these open plan master bedrooms. Call us a prude—and we've really been called so many worse things—but we do not care to wake up to a view of the bathtub nor we don't care to brush, floss and/or shower in full view of the bedroom space.

Miz Elizabeth outfitted a separate but attached, two-room flexi-use space with private bathroom and kitchenette as a roomy one-bedroom guest apartment. The walls in the living room/kitchenette area bathed in rich if jarring and arguably cockamamie vermilion hue and, in the bedroom, the walls have been covered in an only slightly less puzzling eggplant purple. (We will also not discuss the giant wall mirror behind the bed. We just can't.)

The nearly quarter acre parcel has generous terraced and landscaped gardens that include several elevated terraces and verandas, a foliage enshrouded terrace with outdoor bbq/fireplace, and a flat patch of grass for Miz Elizabeth's pooches. Off the lowest level of the house there's a multi-level terrace that steps down to an ozone swimming pool and has a long and wide, over-the-shrubbery view of the downtown skyline.

As far as we know, Miz Elizabeth does not own any other real estate—which does not mean she does not only that we don't know about it—and we have no idea where she might plan to decamp when she (finally) sells her sponge-painted home in Los Feliz.

listing photos: Sotheby's International Realty


Anonymous said...

She has that Russell Simmons money now.


Rosco Mare said...

Mama Dearest. I agree with you about the locations of terliting facilities (one of my favorite expressions of yours). A few years rago, I went to an estate sale in a beautiful traditional Cape Cod-style house on North Faring Road in Holmby Hills. The day-core of the bedrooms was beyond edgy and non-traditional. The terliting facilities were literally situated en-suite, meaning in a corner of the bedrooms. Can you imagine rolling over in bed and seeing your loved one in a private situation? I can't. The open floor plans of friends who live in lofts aren't that open!