Thursday, May 1, 2014

Selena Gomez Lists Tarzana Starter House

SELLER: Selena Gomez
PRICE: $3,495,000
SIZE: 6,630 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 7 full and 2 half bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Your Mama would like to thank all the little birdies who chirped in Your Mama's ear today that Disney child star turned angsty and multi-talented young adult Selena Gomez put her starter home in Tarzana, CA, up for sale with an asking price of $3,495,000.

Miss Gomez acquired the property, when she was still a teenager, in July 2011 for $2,175,000.* Current listing details show the rambling, multi-winged residence—let's call it a California ranch meets rustic farmhouse meets a pastiched and more modern version of the same—sits on a gated and fully landscaped .83 acre parcel. The house spans a spacious 6,630 square feet with plenty of room to comfortably house a large family in half a dozen bedrooms serviced by seven full and two half bathrooms.

The house has horizontal clapboard siding on the lower level and vertical board and batten siding on the upper floor. The interiors are "designer done," according to marketing materials, and the center hall floor plan includes a formal living room with stone fireplace, a formal dining room with coffered ceiling, and a butler's pantry equipped and cook-friendly kitchen. An upstairs guest suite, wrapped by a balcony that overlooks the backyard, has a private exterior entry that conveniently facilitates over night house guests squirreling in strangers for—you know—whatever-whatever. (It shouldn't happen but when you got friends like Fiona Trambeau, well, these things happen. Anyways...)

Behind high fences, thick shrubbery and secured gates, lushly planted gardens border well-watered lawns and sweep around charcoal colored flagstone terracing that probably heats up like the dickens in the scorching summer sun. Listing photos show a built-in BBQ situation with sink and what may or may not be an ice maker along with a built-in fire pit next to a free-form swimming pool, an attached spa, a lighted sport court, and a pergola-shaded terrace tucked into the back corner for quiet conversations and contemplations.

Miss Gomez, now 21 and recently rehabbed, has decamped Tarzana for an even larger mansion in a small gated enclave in Calabasas that she picked up a month or two ago for $3.69 million. Before she'd even had the chance to run the dishwasher the first time some moe-ron breached the security and found his way to her guest house or some such craziness. When he got out of jail a few days later the damn fool did it again. They probably ought to keep the fella confined for more than a few days, but what do we know, you know? Naturally, young Miss Gomez subsequently installed additional security measures, probably and hopefully of the high-tech variety that will capture and really hurt a person if they so much as breathe in too close proximity to the property

*For about a hot minute Your Mama thought this house was briefly owned by Jonah Hill but upon further consideration and research that seems not to have been the case. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

listing photos: The Agency


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

no, Mama you were right the first time, This is Jonah's old house, IF the other articles you wrote are correct.
this home IS the same on in the other articles. It looks different of course because she had it redone, I think she had a Mother-in-law apartment built over one of the garages and took out those great trees there, that is why it looks so different.
Pool is same as on google and front fountain is there, just they added a paved area.
cough cough
NOT that I spent a TON of time stalking Selena's home. That wasn't me !!!! like the song says.
but I did look at it on the Google Earth, and it has the updated pool/court on there.

Unknown said...

I would not have bought her new home ! There is a school in the back yard. Wonder if she can hear the Bell??
That neighborhood as some great places for sale! She could have done much much better, even almsot behind Kendall's home is better.
Soon as I win the Texas Lottery, I will get a place there or over in Brentwood. I swear. Then I will spend my time cruising the Strip.

Anonymous said...

is this a starter home? o god!! my starter home looked a little different

doug-g said...

I liked it until the last picture. In that picture it reminded me of a bungalow colony is the Catskills, with California landscaping.

Anonymous said...

I saw some images of this house and there is one that appears to have a room that would be fit for a baby?... with crib and toys, did you guys miss that, does she have kids?