Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mid Week Mash Up: Venus Williams

The long-legged blond at Trulia Luxe Living was the first to reveal that barrier busting veteran professional tennis champion (and inveterate on-the-court fashion risk taker) Venus Williams volleyed her glassy, mid-century era contemporary in the celeb-studded Nichols Canyon area of L.A. on the open market with a $1,799,000 price tag.

A quick consult with property records and Your Mama's bejeweled abacus reveals Miz Williams may be looking at a loss on the property. The current asking price is $101,000 less than the $1.9 million entrepreneurial Miz Williams paid for the 1,528 square foot post-and-beam residence in September 2005 and that's not counting carrying costs, improvement expenses, and real estate fees.

Current listing details show the single-story house sits behind gates and has three bedrooms and two renovated bathrooms plus a combination living and dining room with hardwood floors, a beamed and vaulted ceiling, clerestory windows, and a massive, stacked stone fireplace. A sky-lit, double-wide galley-style kitchen has high-quality stainless steel appliances and sleek, flat-fronted wood cabinetry. The backyard is unusually roomy and flat for a house in the hills and includes a small patch of grass and a trapezoidal swimming pool.

Miz Williams, a 7-time Grand Slam winner who's currently ranked 47 in the world, styles herself a fitness apparel designer and a bit of an interior decorator off the court and it was she who oversaw a thorough renovation of the property in 2007 and 2008. She refinished the yellow-blond wood floors, swapped out hardware and fixtures, added the fireplace in the living/dining room, and installed a poolside sunbathing deck that cantilevers over the hillside below the house.

Miz Williams may or may not own additional properties in the Los Angeles area—we really don't know—and she continues to co-own and co-occupy a sprawling mock-Med macmansion in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, with her even more badass younger sister Serena Williams, a 17-time Grand Slam winner whose currently ranked number one in the world.

listing photos: Gibson International and Coldwell Banker


doug-g said...

I love my niece
She lives in NYC.
But I never cared
For the East Coast.

Spike Lee's place
Now it's nice.
But the East Coast
don't interest me.

Venus' place?
That's West Coast.
I like that location
And the house, too!

The carport in front,
That's a big plus.
Could be a showcase
For my Cadillacs.

Curb appeal
is important
A couple Cadillacs
Speak Volumes.

Tell me, Rabbi,
Could you drop over
Measure my dining room
And Chandelier.

This long-legged blonde,
She hot?
Like old Jews
With Cadillacs?

Little Gay Boy
Stop by,
No booze though,
I don't drink.

Mama, you're welcome
Bring your bitches
But, could your BMW
Outshine my Cadillcs?

doug-g said...

@ 11:28PM

Am I retarded?
To answer is no task.
For if you thought I were,
Would it make sense to ask?

Most people here are nice
But, there always are some...
Am I retarded?
No, but I think you're really dumb.

lil' gay boy said...

Not strictly iambic pentameter, but so be it...


A lovely, under-the-radar MCM that will probably (most likely because of the flat building pad) be razed; until it is, I can see a nice Cadillac ATS parked in the drive...