Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Bit of Mid-Week Catch Up

The East Hampton Star reported this week—as we first learned via a lovely missive from BS Beaverman—that ultra-conservative fire brand and political blow hard Bill O'Reilly has "bulldozed a tiny 1940s cottage" on a scenic, 1.6 acre ocean-view bluff in Montauk, NY, that he bought last year for $7.65 million in order to erect a "custom-built home" and outbuildings that total more than 8,000 square feet.


The never-resting celebrity gossip fiends at TMZ reported that P. Diddy protégé turned music industry heavy weight Rick Ross—a man better known in the hip-hop music world as Rap King—is in the process of acquiring Villa Vittoriosa, the 30-room mega mansion in Fayetteville, GA, that belonged to troubled boxer Evander Holyfield* until he lost it to foreclosure (or whatever) in 2012.

Digital marketing materials  show the super-sized residence sits on 105 acres, spans nearly 50,000 square feet and from the air looks like a small regional airport, has 12 bedrooms and 13 full and 8 half bathrooms, nine fireplaces, and a dining room that seat up to 100. The grounds include prairie-sized terraces, a resort-scaled swimming pool that requires 350,000 gallons to fill, a separate 4,000-ish square foot house for guest or staff, and a seven-tall horse barn plus additional equestrian facilities.


Aptly named penis-sexting Democratic politico Anthony Weiner took to Twitter today to express his displeasure about yesterday's short story in the New York Post that revealed he and his stand-by-her-man-missus are on the hunt for a less expensive rental in lower Manhattan. And by less expensive, apparently, they mean something in the $8,000 range, a good four or six grand less than the $12,000 to $14,000 they're allegedly paying to lease a large, four bedroom apartment on Park Avenue South from Jack Rosen, a well-connected Democratic donor and Clinton family friend.


As we first heard from those ever-industrious kids at Curbed the asking price for the 50-acre water-front estate in Greenwich, CT, known as Copper Beech Farm has been hacked from its outlandish (but publicity generating) original $190 million, first to $140 million and now down to a still sky-high $130 million.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Mr. "Spinfree", no neighbors to the east; lots of woods before the vista pull-over; so...relatively private except for the house to the west. What a price for such a little cottage, but...such lots are rare these days and the bluff lots along Old Montauk Road essentially at the end of The End are priceless. Maybe Bill will enjoy seeing Jann Wenner and his partner around town with their boys - who also tore down and rebuilt - but further west toward Mr. & Mrs. Lauren.

Ms. Lily Pond

Rosco Mare said...

Regarding the O'Reilly story: This kind activity is a sign of an improving real estate market. Right now, sections of Beverly Hills and Bel-Air (Los Angeles) look like demolition zones with many beautiful, and occasionally historic, homes being leveled. Such as the Ira Gershwin and Bud Yorkin (Bugsy Siegal) estates. Since the 1980s, these areas have lost alot of old school, high quality style eventhough some of the new construction is amazing and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

"Copper Beech Farm," not "Cooper."

Sandpiper said...

To borrow from John Lennon, Strange days in deed -- most pecular, Mama.

Bill OReilly and Weiner in the same post?! That's a skin crawling irony -- kindred spirits with a pervy dotted line connection to sex scandals. Eww.

And for what it's worth, boxer builds, rapper buys. This is a spooky parallel to Mama's 2007 report when Fiddy Cents paid $4.1 for Mike Tyson's old Connecticut (lol) estate, and was dumping the 48,500 s.f. pile of drywall on the market for $18.5. Incidentally, it's been on and off (off again) at a still-no bargain asking price of $9.9. As art imitates life in the world of gangsta rapper rough stuff, these boys are arch-rapper rivals. Duck.

Anonymous said...

dont have these rappers more business in la to buy or build a megamansion there? would it not make more business sense?

Anonymous said...

ou boy the wify is still with weiner? hmm sounds like moneytrouble, but comeon she has/had gig at hillary well unless they poured all their money at the candidacy.

lil' gay boy said...

I cannot help thinking that, given the fact that O'Reilly's North Shore waterfront home (separated from the shore by a road) has not yet worked for the Missus, perhaps the Montauk property, with its 42 foot bluff, might better assist her in making it look like an "accident"...


One can only dream...