Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In Even More Pre-Christmas Celebrity Real Estate Related News...

As first reported by the property gossips at Zillow, Oscar-winning actor Keith Carradine and wife Sandra, have put their four-parcel property near downtown Telluride, CO, up for sale as an off-market listing with an $8 million asking price. The property previously belonged to legendary concert promoter Bill Graham.

Listing details show the 6,000-ish square foot house—of limited architectural interest as far as this property gossip is concerned—has four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a heated two-car garage, and 180-degree views of Bear Creek and the Telluride Ski Resort.

listing photos: The Agency


lil' gay boy said...

They say location, location, location -- I guess so, 'cause this is just a sad looking hut in a field to me...

Anonymous said...

Sigh, those windows

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to Mama, Dr. Cooter, and the Kinderlach!

Oy vey, is it bad feng shui, when one cannot find the front door while stone sober. No small wonder the Carradines are selling.

The Rabbi is presently on the left coast looking forward to Kung Pao Kosher Comedy, Jewish humour on Christmas eve in a Chinese restaurant! The Rabbi is truly kosher and will pass on a dinner show in favor of the cocktail show, as most booze is gratefully kosher.

The Rabbi wishes everyone joyous and blessed holidays, in every manner of religious and secular celebration! Mama, please enjoy a well-deserved and restful Christmas with your loved ones. And upon your return, the Kinderlach look forward to your celebrity real estate predictions for 2014!

With lots of love,
Rabbi Hedda LaCasa

Brendon said...

The income tax refund might be the answer to have downpayment to one of these properties.

Sandpiper said...

This property is way too confusing. No two listings read the same.

Don’t quote me but:
Might have just gone MLS.
Maybe a co-sale between him and his crazy-pants ex, Sandra.

Listings have it going for $7- or 8-mil on 7.5 contiguous lots aka 4 parcels aka .43 acres. Huh?
“Deck befitting an estate of this stature” (Um,, okay?)
“Classic Victorian architecture …” (Built in the ‘70s.)
“Atypical of many of Telluride’s residences…” (Ya, that makes sense.)
Provenance is two-degrees of separation from (RIP) Jerry Garcia.
Garage door opener.

Nicer to be had in the area for less, like this ski in / ski outthis -- and more.

Sandpiper said...

… this ski in / ski out or this ...

Anonymous said...

Or just being sold by sassy pants ex.