Monday, December 23, 2013

In Other Pre-Christmas Celebrity Real Estate Related News...

As we first learned from the long-legged blond at Trulia Luxe Living, internationally beloved bubble gum pop star Katy Perry has finally found a buyer for Park Hill, her real estate white elephant in West Hollywood (CA), also sometimes referred to as The DeWitt Mansion after the home's original property developer owner.

Miz Perry purchased the centrally located estate with her ex-hubby, British comedian and giddy provocateur Russell Brand, in June 2011 for $6.5 million. They split before they moved into the three-story, 1920s Mediterranean that was granted to Miz Perry in their divorce.

Perched on a gated promontory just about the mouth of the West Hollywood end of Laurel Canyon, the three acre estate includes a 8,835 square foot main house plus a detached garage, pool house, and—on the steep hillside above the lagoon-style swimming pool, a self-contained one-bedroom and one bathroom guest house with separate entrance.

The somber and even somewhat gloomy (and very beige) house includes 7 bedrooms, 7 full and 4 half bathrooms, a double height living room with minstrel's gallery and city view, a formal dining room with a hand-stenciled honeycomb pattern ceiling treatment.

The price eventually dropped to $5,988,000 before an as yet unidentified buyer turned up to buy the property for an as yet unknown price. Our calculations show that even even she sells if for full price Miz Perry will lose well over half a million clams when one considers the purchase price ($6.5 million), upkeep and other carrying costs, and real estate fees.

Rather than occupy Park Hill, Grammy-collecting Miz Perry opted to drop $11.2 million on a multi-residence high in the Hollywood Hills.

listing photos: Teles Properties


Anonymous said...

She is Justin B with less estrogen, when that rodent beaver has aged 15 yrs... gloomy is the very appropriate term for them both. No talent is the second description.

Anonymous said...

The only joy to be had over reading this house is sold, hopefully we will never have to see it again.
Much love and joy to Mama and all, for a safe and Happy Holiday.

doug-g said...

I think I am nearly alone in liking this estate. Three acres in LA... with a view... funky house with potential... Yeah, I like this place.

Anonymous said...

Katy didn't lose any money on this place since Russell let her have the whole kit n kaboodle.. she probably made a million if she and brand went halfsies on the purchase.

lil' gay boy said...

A sad house with a sad history; I'd hate to see it torn down, but to restore it to its former glory would most likely be prohibitively expensive, and possibly futile.

Adjacent to FLLW's Storer House, I visited it years ago; wasn't crazy about the siting then, still less now...

Sandpiper said...

In my cursory glimpse on the settlement, to Brand's credit, he (reportedly) didn't want any of her speculated $44 million earned during their sans-pre-nup bliss. It's also rumored that she finalized the papers with a smiley face after her signature. Who wouldn't!

That in mind, I astonish myself by -- mostly -- opting out on can't-help-myself meows.

Still, this house sort's creeps me out. Tiny meow.

Sandpiper said...

Merry Christmas (or related holidays) to all! It's a pleasure, 365 days a year, to be in your entertaining company.

Special greetings to Mama her better half, Linda and Beverly, mean pussy cat,Svetlana, Mama's Mama, Sister-woman and Dr's family.

Mama, may you have many colorful spandex jumpsuits, matching visors and cans of AquaNet under the tree. My warm wishes to sassy you and The Good Doctor Cooter. Bless his ever-patient loveable heart. May he have an equally Ho-ho-ho happy stack nerve pills and Talouse-Lautrec-era Absinthe, to calm Mama-driven stress (in safe, as-needed home-situation-driven doses).

And fondly to Mama's infamous Yolanda Yakketyyak, Lucy Spillerguts, Fairy Godmother, et al, happy holidays (belated or current!).

Many G&Ts on me -- with the grateful exception of designated drivers!


Cardinham | Killgrew said...

DeWitt mansion looks amazing. That pool is like and oasis

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