Thursday, November 21, 2013

Celebrity Rental: David Charvet and Brooke Burke-Charvet

In support of and in property gossip solidarity with the hardworking kids at Curbed and their annual "Renter's Week," Your Mama thought we'd have a brief look-see at a handful of homes in the sensationally scenic, punishingly pricey, and celeb-saturated seaside community of Malibu, CA, that are currently available for rent and owned by a high profile Tinseltowner...

So goes the proverb, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again," and that's exactly what handsome and semi-retired French actor and singer David Charvet (Baywatch, Melrose Place) and his former Baywatch babe turned Dancing With the Stars hostess wife Brooke Burke-Charvet have done with Chateau Charvet, their gated, 3.5 acre estate in the guard-gated and celebrity-friendly Serra Retreat.

In 2011 they unsuccessfully attempted to sell the five-parcel estate with its custom-constructed six bedroom and four bathroom mini-mansion with an asking price of $12.5 million. They then tried to lease the gated estate at a rate of $75,000 per month and now, according to digital marketing materials, they've drastically lowered their asking price to a still tumescent $50,000 per month.

Some of the highlights of the 6,769 square foot house include a formal living and dining rooms, a wood-paneled study, a 4,000 bottle wine cellar, a "woman's off season closet," and a hidden screening room. The gated and mostly manicured grounds include a motor court and courtyard with an 18th century fountain and gas lamps, formal gardens, a 200-bush rose garden, a citrus orchard, a fresh water swimming pool and spa, and a stone-walled poolside cabana with outdoor fireplace.

listing photos: Sotheby's International Realty


Anonymous said...

They're building a new house either across the street or behind this house on land David has owned for a long time.
There was a special on E! Where they showed it mid-construction, and she walked out her door and onto the site.

Sandpiper said...

I appreciate the goal these people were striving for, but as a shopper if I had the cash ...

Feels like there's way too much fussiness with everything, inside and out, from ground design and maintenance to straying from period-accurate architectural interest. And those awkward low ceilings. Painful.

Dunno. Maybe time for a staging code blue. Haul owners stuff out. Haul in all the tricks. White everything. More the better. Lots of orchids and bowls of lemons. A pear painting couldn't hurt. Then photo-style like your life depends on it and crop like crazy.

Then again, that's just me.

lil' gay boy said...

Not feeling the architecture, nor the decor.

But, speaking of "...a still tumescent..., does David come with the place, so to speak?


Anonymous said...

I love the pool area - gorgeous.

lilkunta said...

Their first custom house didnt sell and wont rent. Instead of learning fro that they are building ANOTHER custom house. Is it that they need more space for all the kids?

How are they paying these mortgages and maintence cost?
I guess brooke's ex husb dr fisher's child support checks are HUGE. David isnt working is he? If I were dr fisher i'd be pissed Im suporting another man and his kids.