Monday, November 18, 2013

Ricky Martin Lists Manhattan Pied-a-Terre

SELLER: Ricky Martin
LOCATION: New York City, NY
PRICE: $8,300,000
SIZE: 2,637 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: A little birdie told Your Mama that a downtown New York City apartment long-believed by property gossips to be owned by handsome, out and proud, tatted and well-built Puerto Rican pop star Ricky Martin has popped up on the open market with an $8,300,000 asking price.

This turn of celebrity real estate events isn't so surprising given that last November (2012) Kiki, a Grammy-winning vegetarian father of twin boy tots, (reportedly) paid $5.9 million for a more family-friendly, two-unit combination spread with four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms in swanky, Peter Marino-designed building directly across the street from Carl Schurz Park on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

Property records show the corporate entity that is the legal owner of the floor-through condo-crib acquired the apartment in August 2007 for $5.7 million and listing information reveals the deluxe digs, located on a higher floor of the Ian Schrager-developed and Herzon & de Meuron-designed homage to New York's famous cast iron buildings, has three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms in 2,637 square feet and carries monthly common charges and taxes that ring up to $4,694 per month.

The floor plan included with online listings shows a nearly 30-foot long entrance hall leads to a spacious, 17-foot wide south-facing great room that stretches nearly 33 feet long and has gorgeous smoked oak floors, a wall of 11-foot tall floor-to-ceiling windows, sculptural bookshelves and, tucked up into an otherwise awkward nook near the kitchen, a built-in dining banquette that seats at least eight. A sleek and expensively equipped galley-style kitchen connects through to a separate dining room that also has floor to ceiling windows.

Two guest/family bedrooms each have small closets, attached private bathrooms and giant windows. The master suite with walk-in closet, small study/office, and a compartmentalized bathroom with two sink vanity, separate crappy cubicle and a naughty-sounding glassed in "wet room" with Corian-slathered shower space and bath tub.

At least twice in the last few years Mister Martin has put the apartment out for lease, first in early 2010 at $23,000 per month and again in March 2012 for $29,500, later reduced to $28,000.

In addition to his residential holdings in New York, Mister Martin may or may not still own at least one home on the northern coast of Puerto Rico in Dorado, a house in Madrid (Spain), and a private island hideaway in Rio de Janeiro. The oft-bearded and always bubble-bootied pop star and children's book author has also owned (and sold) a handful of state-side residences that include a Beverly Hills (CA) estate—sold in 2006 for $15 million, three bay front mansions in Miami Beach (FL)—one he bought in 2005 for $10 million and sold in April 2012 for $10.6 million, and an ocean front spread in Golden Beach that he purchased in April 2007 for $16.25 million and sold in November 2012 for $12.8 million.

listing photos and floor plan: Douglas Elliman


Rosco Mare said...

I like the clean-lined day-core, but I'm wondering what happened to the other half of the Persian (???) carpet in the hallway.

Not digging the floor plan where dinner guests must traverse a busy kitchen to access the dining room. (This has got to be a major feng shui violation.) Many times I've been gathered in friend's kitchens at their parties. But for $8m, I would like the ability to avoid it.

Anonymous said...

I am rarely one to waive the rainbow flag, but Ricky is a proud gay man who lives his life with dignity. Yes he could have come out sooner, but he never overtly hid his sexuality, that I am aware of. Unlike Rosie ..remember when she was in love with her "Tommie" Cruise cough cough, and scores of other men and women who profit off of their supposed heterosexuality.

Anonymous said...

The Rabbi would bet her Lenox dairy dishes that the AWOL half of the Persian carpet, observantly reported as missing by Rosco Mare, is actually parked tandem to the photographed half in the thirty-foot entrance hall. Concerning guests traipsing through the galley kitchen, the Rabbi suspects that the kosher caterer, along with the feng shui, would feel violated. However, the kitchen photo offers a glimpse into the room beyond, which appears to be furnished as a sitting room. And along with Anonymous, the Rabbi is always delighted to learn about out and proud celebrities.

Rabbi Hedda LaCasa

luke220 said...

Looking closely at the pics, it appears that a dining alcove is set up in a corner of the living room and the area beyond the kitchen is being used as a sitting area. Also, as I see only one long hallway, the half rug is in one pic and not the other. Maybe the staging lady just folded it in half for the pic? the second hall pic shows the neutral rug (or pad??)

Anonymous said...

The Rabbi most humbly concedes her Lenox dairy dishes to Luke 220.

Hedda LaCasa
The Rabbi

lil' gay boy said...

Hold on to the Lenox, dear Rebbe; there is something definitely off about that carpet.

The listing photos can be zoomed in on, and for those of us lucky enough to have mister screens (for work purposes, natch) a stitched border ca been seen on all three edges that show in the photo, although only two of them have fringe (Nana had a similar rug for the dining area of her apartment, as the table fit up against the wall with one half vertical against it when not in use).

She used to like to tease me that the other half went under the wall into Mrs. Bazzini's apartment.


lil' gay boy said...

That would be monster screen -- (the "mister" screen is for home use).

Anonymous said...

It's definitely not a 'too many cooks in the kitchen' kitchen and the banquette is certainly an 'on paper' solution for a place to eat. However, for my entertainment dollar, this apartment suffers from a bad floor plan. It has most everything a city dweller would want, but the arrangement is jacked. Especially disappointing, since it's a newer building with access to world class architects.
As an aside: Referring to the neighbors as, Mr. or Mrs., is such a wonderful throwback to good manners and politeness. Love it and the memories of my Granite Gram Ma.

Sandpiper said...

Wait. Rabbi, if it's bone china with no gold loss, I'd at least like a chance to bid. Could you please post a pic of the backmark for valuation. Oops. I shouldn't be telling you that part.

My tiny source of fun is the drudgery associated with a banquette dining table. So awkward climbing out over others for the call of nature. Seriously, who hasn't been there, done that?

Anonymous said...

Is he still gay or has gone back to women?