Monday, September 23, 2013

Kid Rock Lists Malibu Mini-Compound

SELLER: Robert "Kid Rock" Ritchie
PRICE: $13,450,000
SIZE: 8,305 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Thanks to a long-time tipster we've always referred to as The Rolling Stone, Your Mama learned that five time Grammy-nominated country-rap rocker Kid Rock heaved his Bali-inspired mini-compound in Malibu, CA on the open market with an asking price of $13,450,000.

Property records (and other online resources) show Mister Rock—a rare and active political conservative in the Shobizz mecca of bleeding heart liberals—acquired the walled, gated, and no-doubt heavily fortified 1.54 acre property in the heart Point Dume in October 2006 when he shelled out $11,600,000 for the two-story residence that's tucked discreetly in to the tail end of an angled cul-de-sac. Current digital marketing materials show there are five bedrooms and five bathrooms in 8,305 square feet plus a separate guest house.

Carved wood front doors—Your Mama imagines they could have been imported from somewhere in Indonesia or were perhaps purchased at one of the gajillions of places in Los Angeles that hawk Indonesian-y architectural artifacts—serve as the primary portal to and predominant design motif throughout the airy, interconnected living spaces.

A foyer with black and white mosaic tile floor steps down in to an amply proportioned formal living room that, thanks to hidden high-tech a/v equipment, does double duty as a screening room. Mister Rock and/or his team of lady and/or nice-gay decorators did up the living/screening room with a cozy combination of earthy caramel-toned leather club chairs and an over-sized roll-armed sectional sofa heaped with a hodge-podge of decorative cushions in a variety of suzani textiles. Not surprisingly, there's a high-brow and—because Mister Rock can actually play it—fully functional grand piano set prominently in front of an impressive wall of floor-to-ceiling windows hung with cinematic red velvet curtains that frame an up-close view of verdant, jungle-like surroundings.

A double-sided fireplace, one of at least four fireplaces in the house, divides the living/screening room from a spacious, open-concept kitchen/dining room. The dining area has rustic, glass-fronted breakfronts for tableware storage and and a lengthy, picnic-type table that easily seats a dozen diners. The kitchen fittings veer towards the sleek with straight lines, a shiny stainless steel center island, and industrial-style stainless steel appliances. Slightly variegated wood cabinets and a floating wood plank breakfast bar add a necessary bit of organica to the otherwise very contemporary cook center.

Numerous wood-framed French doors in both the living and dining room allow transition the interior living areas to a goodly-size and partially covered stone-tiled terrace that overlooks a thick stand of trees and shrubs.

As far as Your Mama can tell, each of Mister Rock's four guest/family bedrooms has direct access to a terrace, patio or veranda of some sort as does the large—but not forbiddingly so—master suite comprised of bedroom with sitting area and fireplace—not to mention a rather romantic, canopied bed—two walk-in closets, and a roomy bathroom complete with two sinks, a soaking tub set in front of a picture window, and a separate, partially glass-enclosed steam shower.

A detached guest house offers additional living and sleeping space and, like the main house, opens to a deep shaded veranda and over looks the rectangular swimming pool that's sunk simply into a flat patch of very green grass. A vine-draped nook bedside the pool has built-in cushioned seating and looks to Your Mama like a wonderfully shady spot to escape the sunshine and/or whittle away a breezy afternoon with a stack of gossip glossies and a giant bowl of penny candy.

Your Mama isn't sure where Mister Rock plans to live once he sells his Malibu estate but his personal property portfolio certainly doesn't suffer from a shortage of private residences. In January of 2012 the kids at Curbed Detroit (via the Detroit Free Press) revealed that the long-haired rock star paid an unknown amount of money for an elegant but tired 6,000-ish square foot waterfront mini-mansion in Detroit. (The last known asking price was $465,000) The very next month, as José Lambiet of Gossip Extra first reported, Mister Rock dropped $3.2 million for an ocean front fixer-upper in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL, the same affluent enclave just north of Palm Beach where Olivia Newton John owns a house she almost sold to Rosie O'Donnell. Your Mama's research indicates Mister Rock also owns a townhouse-type condo in Nashville, TN, that he picked up in mid-2005 for $824,000, a 400-acre spread in Alabama, as well as a pair of adjoining, multi-acre equestrian estates northwest of downtown Detroit, in Clarkston, MI. One he picked up in October 2000 for $1,180,000 and the other a few months later for $600,000.

listing photos: Coldwell Banker


candi speling said...

"Mister Rock" Mama you crack me up. Getting a bit nippy here in the ATL. I've noticed the leaves are changing color ever so slightly, so I'm breaking out my dark liquor now that the warm summer is behind us. Raising my glass...Cheers to you and the Dr. Cooter. xoxo Candi

Anonymous said...

Oooh, nice. Never heard of Mr Rock but this is a classy joint. And quite Balinese indeed.

The Aussie

Petra's said...

Mama, I actually remember reading your post when he bought this place. It was such a dump at the time - a complete hot mess.

Don't really go in for the Balinese look but it's a vast improvement. And everything looks expensive... I'd be shocked if the asking price doesn't represent an overal loss to our Mister Rock.

Anonymous said...

Dont get me started on this hip hop hillbilly culture vulture.

He was black & touring with NWA to get on & then had a couple hits. Made some money & now he is country singing Ted Nugent clone.

Culure vulture like the CW network. He is probably using the word twerking like its new & still saying uts all good.

$13 mill for a non bluff top ocean view in miles away Point Dume ! Good Luck !!!

Sandpiper said...

Petra, I remember Mama originally covering this one too. Can't find it but, ya, back then it looked like several mobile homes drilled together.

Candi, we're on the same page, weather wise. Feels good.

I see all the work done here, how long he's owned it and the price. Something's off, and it's probably just me! Investment and calendar time plus premium on years owned. Price seems on the low side unless it was over-priced to begin with. Confusing, IMHO, perched atop my far far less grand ivory tower.

Great architectural details inside and out; lovely interior design too. Agree on the pencil post canopy, sweet Mama gurl. Had one as a kiddo. And always good to see a nice Malibu Balinese-Bohemian still standing. (House, not him ... well, maybe both :)

It's hard to leave Malibu when you can afford to stay. Wouldn't be shocked if he has contract on something else nearby.

Sandpiper said...

"... alendar time premium on years owned."

Not calendar time plus premium on years owned.

Mama, why don't you slip in here as an anon and say "I just found Mama's old post!" -- with a link ;)

Anonymous said...

2008 purchase, in the peak days of friendly mindless comment banter:

Anonymous said...

you people claiming you remember what this place looked like when he bought it are talking out of your ass, here's a link to the original website for the property back when he bought it, and as you'll see, other than some very minor interior decor/furniture changes, it is otherwise virtually unchanged both inside and out:

Raina Cox said...

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard was his nice gay decorator on this project:

Anonymous said...

He's already moved to the Denver NC area (Lake Norman) , and bought a former race-car driver's mansion- I heard it was Ricky Rudd's, but not sure of that.

Lower taxes, far lower house prices, quiet place to live- it's all good. He's seen out and about in the area.

Joanna said...

I love everything about this house. It is, by far, my favorite house in Point Dume. The way the house is situated on the 1.5 acre lot provides a great deal of privacy, and yet it is mere steps away from the private gate to the beach.

The house is bright and airy, and everything about the craftsmanship feels top notch. I love all the Indonesian or Balinese carving, especially the mantle-piece on both sides of the fireplace between the living and dining rooms, and the large carved columns that flank it. I really like that pass-through from the kitchen to the barbeque area on the porch. Everything about the house gives me the impression it would be extremely easy and pleasant to live in. As for the price, I'm shocked it's so low. It might not be bluff-top, but it's close to the Riviera 3 gate, it's gorgeous and unique, and it's on a large lot.

I didn't know that Kid Rock had bought property in NC, but I do know he has a large piece of land in Alabama where he loves to spend time hunting and living very simply. He put a large double-wide on it - which I'm sure is comfortably appointed inside - and then had the whole thing decked out in camo print siding. Here's a photo of it I came across by accident. He always has had a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

The price is silly high. He overpaid in 2006 for this dump with no view and no he wants $2 million more? Kid please!

Anonymous said...

Kid Rock, enjoy living in Detroit.

Carla In California said...

Anon. 10:06pm... thank you for the link! Spectacular website!!!!!

lil' gay boy said...

Not a fan of the overly-polished wood (especially on the ceiling)-- and the price seems somewhat laughable given no ocean view...

...but hey, that's me.

Unknown said...
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cabokid98 said...

Glad to see someone did there homework as the house does look exactly as when Kid Rock bought it as I was the General Contractor that built the house for the original owner back in 2000 - 2002. My client brought several containers of hand carved columns, beams & doors that we incorporated throughout the house and that GAY designer did NOT build this house!!!! I think he nailed up a few photos on the wall!! Anyways it was a real pleasure building this house and glad to see that Kid did not change a thing!!