Friday, September 27, 2013

Some Weekend Hook Ups

Last year someone broke in to Zoe Saldana's home in L.A.'s Los Feliz area. This week the secretly married Avatar actress listed the four bedroom and four bathroom property for $1,199,000. (Trulia Luxe Living)


Race car Jimmie Johnson may be a favorite of NASCAR's mostly suburban and rural acolytes but the 38-year old speed demon and his wife, former model Chandra Janway, favor a sophisticated urban life in New York City where they recently sold a thoroughly modern three bedroom apartment on the sixth floor of the Robert A.M. Stern-designed Superior Ink building in the West Village for $10.5 million and purchased a larger five bedroom one on a much higher floor for $14,250,000. (New York Post)


The long-time Toluca Lake (CA) compound of the late Showbiz legend Bob Hope and his wife, Dolores, was listed this week with an astronomical-for-the-locale $27,500,000 asking price. The 5.16 acre spread has a nearly 15,000 square foot main mansion done over in the 1950s by John Elgin Woolf, a guest house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, two bedroom and one bathroom staff quarters, separate offices, and both an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool. The catch? The four-parcel property can not be subdivided for at least five years and Miley Cyrus's family home is just over the back fence. (Curbed)


Speaking of that Disney-darling turned pop culture sassy-pants Miley Cyrus...According to a profile in Rolling Stone, the tongue-wagging twerker has moved back in to her family home and sent her parents to live around the corner. She goes on to dish about how her neighbor, comedian Steve Carrell, is always throwin' her "'the stank-eye'" because she drives too fast in the affluent and buttoned-down residential 'hood. (Rolling Stone via Curbed)


Rockabilly musician Brian Setzer has a kitchy-glam 3,100 square foot condo in downtown Minneapolis's Warehouse District that's filled with Grammys, gold records, pinball machines, and upsetting wall treatments. Oh, and he'd like to unload for $1,299,000. ( Blog via Curbed)


Earlier this year Your Mama spilled the real estate beans about Million Dollar Listing bad boy Josh Flagg paying Tinseltown scion David Katzenberg $1.6 million for his 1935 Spanish bungalow starter house just above L.A.'s bustling Sunset Strip. New reports reveal quirky Mister Flagg has quietly unloaded his two bedroom and two bathroom 17th-floor condo-crib at the I.M. Pei-designed Century Towers complex in Century City for $1.3 million to an unidentified buyer. Mister Flagg told the lady property gossip at the L.A. Times that he hauled in another $525,000 on the transaction as the new owner purchased all the furnishings. (L.A. Times)


In May (2013) suspended professional bat swinger and ball catcher Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez sold a custom-constructed 21,700 square foot behemoth in Miami Beach for $30 millions to a beer distribution tycoon and his German beauty queen wife and now comes word down the real estate gossip grapevine that the slugger's decided to dramatically down size to a 1,725 square foot beach front condo condo at the Zen-inspired Mei complex that he picked up for $2.1 million. (Gossip Extra)


Poor Kanye West. He and his baby momma Kim Kardashian are spending millions to customize that $9 million mac-mansion on the outskirts of L.A.'s high-toned Bel Air 'hood they bought earlier this year but the wee lamb has had to once again cut the asking price of his contemporary, art filled bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills. (Redfin Blog)


And finally, in other Kardashian real estate news—whether you want it or not, Kimmy K's older sister Kourtney and her fancy wrist watch wearing baby daddy, Whatshisface, were spotted peeping a multi-million dollar estate in horsey Hidden Hills, CA, the same guard-gated and star-saturated enclave in the western suburbs of L.A.'s San Fernando Valley where Big Momma-Manager Kris Jenner and her husband, Bruce, live.  (TMZ)


Anonymous said...

What makes Flagg a "bad boy"?? His creepy Grandma, or his even more creepy Chucky (Doll) looking boyfriend? And if my math is correct, he still lost 100K approximately on the sale with no closing costs..and I am sure there were some.

Unknown said...

This is great advertising . Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Granny made up any loss in Flagg's sale, just like she paid all the attorney's fees over the stolen art "misunderstanding".

Anonymous said...

$500,000 for two bedrooms and a great rooms worth of furniture on a $1.3mil deal? Is the furniture made of rare stones or something?
Also, kind of excited about Kourtney-the-slow-one-kardashian possibly moving.
Not only am I in love with her little maximalist tract house, but imagine what she (Jeff andrews) would do to that kinda icky Hidden Hills house

Petra's said...

$500K worth of furniture, LOL. Another lie from that slimy Flagg boy. Get real.

Anonymous said...

Mama, Kourtney K and Scotty aren't married. Yes, I hate myself for knowing this.

mrdhh said...

BOB AND DELORES HOPE were total class acts.Jade Mills damn good in real estate (i.e. Ellen and Jennifer Aniston etc.).27.5 million guys over five flat acres and a stones throw from activities with a nice house (not gaudy very good taste) and furnishings.Not really far off.

But MAMA this is what scares me.
I see sub divided (area I believe
allows to 1/4 acre) and house kissed good bye.

Only resolutions I see
1.Classify as historic landmark
2. Make it a museum
3.Some really well off people who care for what this man did for
the soldiers,comedy,etc. buy it and
enjoy the class and nostalgia.

Leave the house-lose the golf course to sub- divide.I am thinking house should push out 2 acres-high wall right behind outdoor pool.Private lane easement (gated
of course).There you go.

Jeanie Garth and ex got 3.9million for theirs (it is only 1/3 of acre,
yes 8k square feet and the late John Ritter's dad owned and built it) so money can be made-but do not be greedy.This is classic and besides more reasonable than 50 million for a 27k square foot
Palm Springs observatory

Remember around same price Mr.Ellison got that golf course
bonanza in the same area with fine homes of size and larger,200 plus acres with its own 18 hole professionally designed golf course.If you can not get into Indian Wells or Thunderbird out there and you can afford to build your own country club complete with everything and you are the only house in it around it and on it.Then you have way too much money,a very high water bill,and mama will agree we all must be adopted by these people (if one does not have them in their family tree-in that case marry).

Sandpiper said...


RE: Brian Seltzer's playhouse

I picked up that Hula Girl lamp from the pinball room for you. UPS overnight. I'm sure his wife (yikes) won't care -- much.