Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Musician Dave Matthews Buys in the Bu...Or Did He?

BUYER: Unknown
PRICE: $6,575,000
SIZE: 7,000 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms

UPDATE (02-15-13): Your Mama heard word from a representative of Dave Matthews who would kindly like to make it clear that Mister Matthews did not buy this house and does not currently own a home in California. There you go, children. Straight from the mouth of the horse's paid representative. Disregard all below that specifically relates to Mister Matthews buying the discussed property.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Truth be told, Your Mama wouldn't know a Dave Matthews ditty if it walked up and whacked us across our damn kneecaps. We may be, however, in the minority in that regard. For the decade starting in 2000 Mister Matthews and his band—that would be the eponymous Dave Matthews Band—were the overall top grossing concert act in North American and raked in more than $529 million in gross receipts and ticket sales. That's right, butter beans, more than half a billion bucks spent buy music consumers and concert goers over ten years to watch and listen to this. And this.

Anyhoo, given the way Mister Matthews mints music industry money it should come as no surprise to the children that he maintains an impressive property portfolio that bulges with a modest bungalow in Seattle's Wallingford 'hood as well as extensive holdings in scenic Charlottesville, VA that include a winery (Blenheim Vineyards) and Haunted Hollow, a private state-of-the-art recording studio set on 140 remote acres.

Mister Matthews also owns more than 1,000 rural farmland acres near Scottsville, VA and, according to our ever-knowledgeable informant Yolanda Yakketyak, in late December (2012) the South African-born acoustic guitar playing tycoon shelled out $6,575,000 for a low key but luxurious gated estate on Malibu's celeb-studded Point Dume.

Mister Matthews purchased the property, according to records we peeped, from Maura Kaplan—a real estate investor and the daughter of two time Emmy nominated comedic actor Leslie Nielsen—who picked up the property in April 2007 for $4,125,000.

Listing details originally provided to Your Mama by Miss Yakketyak shows the gated estate spans 1.78 mostly flat and usable acres with a recently renovated six bedroom and 5.5 bathroom "European Country" style residence that frames two sides of a massive crushed granite (or maybe gravel) motor court and measures in at about 7,000 square feet.

The interior spaces include a center entry hall, a large step-down formal living room with fireplace and a bank of French doors with direct backyard access, a sun-flooded adjoining den with polished concrete floors and a formal dining room that comfortably seats eight or more. Pale wood floors—we think they could be white oak—and Rustic wood beams criss-cross the ceiling in the spacious and expensively equipped kitchen that's spill out to a breakfast area and family room.

The ceilings pitch and slant in many of the upstairs bedrooms including the master suite that includes a country-chic attached bathroom with wide plank wood floors, a soaking tub for two and a room subway tile lined shower enclosure.

The back of the house opens up through numerous French doors to a multi-level terrace that's partially shaded by a pergola and overlooks an expanse of lawn. Beyond the grass patch there's a nascent apple orchard and, set at a slight angle to the house, an exceptionally long rectangular swimming pool and spa with contemporary concrete coping and sunbathing patio.

Listing information indicates there's a two car attached garage and that the property is large enough to accommodate a tennis court and/or a couple of horses. Marketing materials from the time of the sale also stated that permits were already in place to add a separate (approx.) 900 square foot guest house.

Although not situated on the beach, listing information does show that the property includes deeded Riviera III beach rights to access Little Dume Beach, an essentially private sliver of sand over looked by swank estates owned by saxophonist Kenny G and movie star Julia Roberts and where late last year a dead and decomposing 40,000 pound whale washed ashore.

listing photos: Prudential Malibu Realty


lil' gay boy said...

Kinda references a Hugh Newell Jacobsen, but not in a good way -- instead of being taut & sleek, it's just plain.

The former home was even plainer, the aerial showing the garage to be originally a detached, free-standing structure joined to the residence later with a large two-story addition; another large addition is shown to the right of the entry.

Around the corner & down the street from Cameron Park it's not too close to the water either; no walking to the beach from here.

Even given the maxim of location, location, location I still think he paid too much -- it's gonna take a lot of dough to make this Plain Jane a Jane Russell.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Mama to end with the dead whale tidbit whaaaaw whaw

nursedeb said...

rather blah. needs some color....
loved the 'dead whale" comment!

Anonymous said...

I am assuming that is getting torn right down in the next few days, right. Awful.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

At least the bath tub isn't in the middle of the bedroom.

Marina Development said...
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Marina Development said...


Anonymous said...

I think this type of place is for owners who have toured exhaustively and extensively for the past 13 years and are ready to zone out and look at nothing. Just soft tones and crisp lines.

Someone who is tired. Tired of looking and wants to just come home and not be distracted and zone out. Perfect buy for him or someone like Kenny Chesney. Let my eyeballs rest.

People who buy modern art like to buy these places and display the art. The house doesn't draw your eye away or dominate the art. Just like an art gallery. Just a clean canvas on a bigger scale.

Sort of boring for the rest of us who can't conjur up 48 million dollars in art.

Yeah, it's boring. It sort of has an 80's bu feel. Buther block counter tops, white everything. The window trim/frames are boring.

The driveway, whatever the material, can't tell from pics, goes right up to the house. Too much. Overkill of that solid surface. A good drought tollerant landscaping plan could really spice things up.

This looks like a tudor stripped and whitewashed.

Okay, I'm done. But boring. Just boring. But, like I said, the dude is gone 360 days a year so he pays 6 mil to zone out for 5 days a year. He'll do this for 5 years and sell it. That's just the state of mind he is in and where he is at right now. For him it works. It's his medicine.

Mama's black sheep in Weho,
Still here.

Happy Valentines day Momma!

Your mini succulents in a modernish slate square pot is on it's way....tell me if it doesn't get there!

Jumpin' Jejosephat said...

"a dead and decomposing 40,000 pound whale washed ashore"
Not unlike her acting career.

Wonders of Point Dume said...

Speaking of Point Dume – does anybody know to whom does that house on Zumirez Drive nextdoor to Barbra Streisand's house belong to? It was featured on The Bold and the Beautiful and from what I've heard in some behind-the-scenes video it was said that it belonged to a producer from that daytime drama.

Candy Spelling said...

Hello darlin'

Yes, that house belongs to Brad Bell - son of Lee Phillip Bell, one of my oldest and dearest friends.

The modernish house next to that is owned by the lovely fashion designer James Perse.


Wonders of Point Dume said...

Hello, Carla, thank you so much! At first I thought it must be him, but somehow the house wasn't all that great so I thought it cannot be. Goodness, the real estate portfolio the Bells own, yum! Especially that Bel Air Wallace Neff mansion Lee's older son owns and Brad's house. Delicious. I cannot wait for one of them trying to sell something and I'm guessing the first thing on the chopping block will be Lee's house just north of Michael Ovitz residence.

Or perhaps Bill Jr. & his wife will sell their house and move to that mammoth they're building in Malibu.

Worthy of one of Your Mama's Let's Talk About... posts.

Anonymous said...

I like the house. The exterior looks very South African, or at least like the South African architecture I've seen in shelter mags. Once the staging furniture goes and is replaced with some 1stDibs/DWR,BDDW,B&BItalia/PasadenaFlea/HDButtercup/ParisianFlea/ABCHome + lots of pricey art, it will no doubt be lovely.

Lady J

Estate Agents in W2 Area said...
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Anonymous said...

Dave Matthews didn't buy this house mama. You should fire Lucy Spillerguts. ;)

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Mama, you are too intelligent to have missed this: (in the original first paragraph)... half a billion bucks spent 'by' music consumers... Although the subtle pun of 'buy' did make this jaded girl smile.

Marble Restoration said...
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Icon brickell rentals said...
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Unknown said...
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