Monday, February 4, 2013

Are Katy Perry and John Mayer Really House Hunting Together?

For months now rumors have circulated across the celebrity gossip world that candy-colored international pop princess Katy Perry and seven time Grammy-winning musician and celebrity heart breaker John Mayer—that horn dog, children, has dated more stars than there are in the damn sky—are on the hunt for a house in Los Angeles where they can live together in unwedded bliss.

The rumors first surfaced in the British tabs last November after the newish couple had been dating just a few months and heated up again last week after the inauguration attending couple were reported to have together toured a "handful of homes" in Los Angeles two weekends ago.

Your Mama pretty much ignored these celebrity real estate whispers until our long-time gal pal Miss Anne up in San Francisco sent us a message the other day through the Words With Friends app—that beotch, dontcha know, beats Your Mama's wordsmithing butt the majority of the time—and asked if the rumors about Katy Perry and John Mayer moving in together are true.

We quickly made some queries on Miss Anne's behalf with a couple of our better connected sources inside the Tinseltown real estate game and quickly heard back from our always well-informed confrere Skipper Skuttlebutter who was adamant that the increasingly rampant rumors are not least not entirely true.

According to Skipper, word on the rock-n-roll real estate street is that Miz Perry is house hunting in the five to ten million dollar range. However, while her man-beau Mister Mayer may accompany her on her real estate related activities and although he will likely spend many of his days and nights in whatever swank and seriously secure residence Miz Perry finally purchases, they are absolutely not currently looking to buy a house together.

Property records indicate Mister Mayer still owns a 2,063 square foot, Armani/Casa-decorated New York City condo-crib situated on the busy border between the chic and trendy, boutique shopper friendly SoHo and NoLiTa neighborhoods that he picked up back in early 2005 for $2,173,690. Until January 2011 the Twitter-quitting singer/songwriter owned a decoratively decked out residence in L.A.'s Pacific Palisades community that he bought in mid-2006 for $1,750,000 and sold at a considerable loss in January 2011 for $1,291,875.

It's been widely reported that the acoustic rock/bluesy musician maintains homes in both L.A.'s super-suburban San Fernando Valley—where Your Mama was once told he used to lease a house in Hidden Hills—and somewhere in or around Bozeman (Montana) but, honestly buttercups, Your Mama doesn't know anything concrete about either of these alleged residences.

Miz Perry's real estate portfolio has been in a near constant state of flux the last few years. Just before she and her now ex-husband, the loquacious and unkempt-looking English comedian Russell Brand, were married in a decadent ceremony in India in the fall of 2010 she shelled out $2,980,000 for a quirky duplex penthouse in New York City's TriBeCa area (building exterior above) that she sold at a small loss in July 2012—right after their divorce was finalized—for $2,625,000.

At about the time they met, Mister Brand scooped up a four-story contemporary Mediterranean (above) in L.A.'s celeb-friendly Los Feliz area where he and Miz Perry camped out when they were in town. Mister Brand sold the house for $3.3 million in July 2011, just about a month after he and his then missus Miz Perry dropped $6,500,000 on Park Hill, an historic, nearly three acre gated estate in the Laurel Canyon area with a seven bedroom and nine bathroom 1920s Mediterranean fixer-upper mansion (below).

It wasn't long after the erstwhile couple acquired Park Hill that they split up. Mister Brand is widely believed (and reported) by most property gossips to have handed the keys to the property over to Miz Perr and acquired a bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills.

It's many times been whispered to Your Mama from several of our better connected informants that Miz Perry wants to unload Park Hill but—sorry Charlies—we don't have any specific intel on that quite yet. What we do know—or at least we've been told by the sorts of people who know these things—is that for some months now the globe-trotting Miz Perry been shacked up in a rental apartment in a fabled Old Hollywood-style apartment house in the heart of West Hollywood.

all images: Pacific Coast News


Shopgirl said...

I don't blame Miz Perry for wanting to unload the Park Hill residence, however, planning for one's future with Mr. Mayer is a bad idea. I did not think it was possible for her to find a worse match than Mr. Brand, but she has done it. Best of luck, you'll need it.

FalseProfit said...

Another very expensive Bay Area home, not yet on the market. Much better value than that recent sell in Woodside.ï-hillsborough-ca-94010

Anonymous said...

With all the women he has bedded she perhaps should be taking him to the local clinic than house hunting.

Anonymous said...

I believe that this is John Mayer's Livingston, Montana estate.

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Anonymous said...

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