Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Distressed Sale: Soap Star Jackie Zeman

SELLER: Jackie Zeman
PRICE: $2,699,000
SIZE: 2,945 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Thanks to a heads up from a fella we'll call Malibu Ken, Your Mama has learned soap story veteran Jackie Zeman, in a valiant effort to stave off foreclosure, has hoisted her Malibu, CA residence on the market with an asking price of $2,699,000.

Miz Zeman—who bless her heart, certainly appears, as Kathy Griffin would say, to see "the dentist" on a regular basis—was let go in 2010 after 30-plus years as Nurse Bobbi Spencer on General Hospital. Since then she's worked some—mostly on a web series called The Bay— but has none-the less found herself between a financial rock and a hard place. In mid-July (2012) the tabs and celebrity gossip blogs reported she'd fallen behind on the mortgage payments for her ocean view residence to the tune of $320,505. Oh dear.

Property records, unfortunately for the detail oriented children, aren't entirely clear on when exactly she bought the property or how much she paid. Blockshopper shows she transferred the property into a trust in August 2007 and Redfin shows the last time the property changed hands was in May 2005 for $3,250,000. Y'all can be the judge and jury on that one; We're just relaying our unscientific findings. All we can really say for sure is our research shows there's foreclosure activity on the Miz Zeman's spread and it's up for grabs on the open market at $2,699,000.

Current listing information shows the two-story, 1979 mock-Med mini-manse measures 2,925 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces and rights to the La Costa Beach and Tennis Club. Presumably access to the beach and tennis club requires a for-fee membership on top of the rights to pay such a membership, but we're not really sure. Can anyone in Malibu edumuhcate the children on that?

Anyhoo, a steep drive curves tightly up to a front-facing two car garage. A narrow flagstone path curls around the garage, hugs tightly to the façade as it extends along the narrow strip of land between the house and the steep slope that falls nerve-wrackingly away just a few feet from the house.

Inside, the combination living/dining room has hardwood floors, walls of windows with almost unobstructed ocean views, and a carved stone (gas) fireplace flanked by a pair of flower sprays that look to Your Mama—no disrespect, JZ—like they was bought discount from a funeral home yard sale. Seriously.

The hardwood floors and ocean views continue into the updated (if sorta out-dated) and decidedly countrified eat-in kitchen complete with center island snack counter; faux-distressed, bone-colored cabinetry, some with glass doors; bull-nosed granite counter tops; high-grade built-in appliances; a breakfast nook in a five-sided bay window; and a perplexing tile-like ceiling treatment that may or may not actually be tile, we can't tell. A nearby den with (gas) fireplace has a convenient, built-in wet bar for commercial-time booze and beverage refreshments.

Each of the three, spacious upstairs bedrooms have ship-like sea and sunset views through large (but not entirely pleasingly arranged) windows. At least one bedroom connects directly a private bathroom and at least two open to covered balconies ringed by wrought iron railings.

Besides the front door, a single sliding glass door in the kitchen is the sole egress to the backyard entertainment areas that include a long, flagstone-paved dining and sun bathing terrace night lit by a couple of (too-charming) Old-Timey street lamps and a slender, in-ground swimming pool and spa.

 Good luck Miz Zeman. Your Mama hopes you save your house and get a job soon.

listing photos: Coldwell Banker Previews International


Anonymous said...

I wonder if that "steep slope that falls nerve-wrackingly away just a few feet from the house" has anything to do with all this. If I were a buyer my nerves would be wracked to the point of saying "no thanks" immediately.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jackie. Lost her husband, then her job, now her house. And she is all of 59. Late to start all over again.

West Bourne said...

The house has incredible views.

The kitchen ceiling looks to me like wallpaper in a ceramic tile pattern.

Unfortunately, the house is in a neighborhood where a major landslide has occurred with the loss of at least one house as well as the foundations of about 15 burned down houses judging from aerial photos.

I hope a buyer is found for the property but it has two strikes against it with a history of landslides and fire nearby.

Petra's said...

Well... the views are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking house on a nice lot and the price does not seem too bad.

Carla In California said...

I agree with Anon. 4:48pm. How incredibly sad to lose so much regardless of age. I sincerely hope she has a support system (family & friends) to help her through this mess. :(

Also, Malibu overlooking the ocean at this price is amazing. Something's funny going on. I hope a buyer/developer comes along and buys this property to save Miss Jackie from financial doom.

nursedeb said...

so she worked all those years, and didn't pay off the house. seems odd.
nice place, but wayyy to near that dropoff for me.

Viva! said...

Count me in as a fan of Jackie Zeman, a lady who exudes positivity and a good nature.

Very difficult to start over at 59, I do hope she has some 'F**k You' money stored safely away.

Just a real shame this has happened to someone who, by all accounts, is a very nice person.

Anonymous said...

well beautifull house, but sad story. with 30 years of working i assume she is another victim of 'honest hard working' financial advisors 'upholding the highest degree of fiduciary duty' ...

well question is how much residuals can she be receiving after 30 years for general hospital

Buy To Let Landlord Solutions said...

Love place, such a shame.

AGC Mags said...

This is such sad news. Back when I used to watch soaps, Jackie Zeman was an actress I admired, even though I nevef bothered with General Hospital. Here's hoping things turn around for her, poor thing.

Anonymous said...

What residuals? Is General Hospital syndicated and in reruns?

Anonymous said...

I wish her the best! Hate to say this, but I would have stopped making mortgage payments too just so I can hang on to my dollars.

If her credit goes kaput, she can rent something just big enough for her. Maybe a friend will let her stay with them for a while.

At least it's not some ridiculous tacky mega mansion. Whew!

Keep your head up lady!

Anonymous said...

Find a rich husband.....

Julie said...

What a lovely and extravagant house. If only ..yes find a rich husband. :D

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John Wingate said...

haha find a rich husband for this massive house? I'm sure he may have a few ladies on the side if your going to marry him just for the money.

Lanfranco B. said...

stunning house and view, to alternate with Porto Seguro's Casa Populi

Bob said...

This seems very cheap for Malibu - is it?


Cheap for Malibu???